Champions: The Mutant Chronicles

Knight Ops

The Hunt for Genocide & American Paranormal and Superhuman Registration Act

Campaign Date: 12-9-16
Actual Dates: 12/28/2016
Sessions: 1

PCs Involved:

Street Angel

Notable NPCs:

Silver Avenger Webster
IMAGE Murdock and Locks



Game Synopsis

Street Angel assembles the team at The Keep for a mission. Genocide has gone to far and it is time to go to war. He hands out assignments to everyone including Myrlyn.

The objective is to gather intelligence from multiple sources on Genocide, its organization and equipment.

XP and Rewards

Amber receives 2 XP
Psi-Kick receives 1 XP
Street Angel receives 1 XP
Twister receives 1 XP


No MVP for this scenario as it was informational only.


Genocide operates as a clandestine cell system, with strong financial support.

Genocide has covert support in the Military and Government.

Genocide sympathizers with in PRIMUS (DoJ).

Genocide is organized around a chess motif.

Genocide may be moving away from Minute Man Robots to cybernetically enhanced agents.

The Institute for Human Advancement is a front for Genocide.

Genocide buys Arms from ARGENT.

American Paranormal and Superhuman Registration Act. (APSR) – Bill January, 01, 2017. (Sponsored by Senator Glassman of Wyoming and Senator Mathieson of California.)

Senator Phillip Glassman of Wyoming. (Sanctioned)
Senator Richard Mattheson of California – Mayor Douglas of (City). The early Hollywood Knights met him. Pro-PRIMUS. (Lost his daughter to a superhuman battle.)

Hollywood Knights (Mister Expeditious, Locks, & PSI-Kick)

Anarchy Inc. attacks the gathering

Shatter attempted to break Anarchy out of custody.

US Military SHOCK. DoD. Only in a case of Just Cause.

Street Angel asks the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) for help fighting the ASPRA as unconstitutional.

He also looks into forming the Mutant Civil Rights Movement (MCRM).

He tries to get into contact with the mutant I.Q. and defender of the Mutant Island Sanctuary of Genowa


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