Champions: The Mutant Chronicles

Into The Looking Glass

Mirrorverse Mayhem

Campaign Dates: February 12, 2018
Sessions: 6 so far
GM: Jason

  • Session 1: Wed, Feb. 28, 2018 – 1800 PST
  • Session 2: Wed, Mar. 7, 2018 – 1800 PST
  • Session 3: Wed, Mar. 21, 2018 – 1800 PST
  • Session 4: Wed, Mar. 28, 2018 – 1800 PST
  • Session 5: Wed, Apr. 4, 2018 – 1800 PST
  • Session 6: Wed, Apr. 11, 2018 – 1800 PST

PC’s Involved:
Agent Storm
Witch Hazel
Nuke (Missed Session 6)
Psi-Kick (Missed Sessions 1-3, 5-7)

Mirrorverse PCs
Headstrong (Mirrorverse Hardcore)
Slacker (Mirror Universe concept)
Widowmaker (Mirrorverse Witch Hazel)
Fallout (Mirrorverse Nuke)
Psi-Kick (Mirrorverse Character)

Notable NPCs:
Rebecca The Ghost

The Mysterious Witch
Minutemen Robots
The Ultimates

Session 1 – Narrative:
Alright look, I am not much of a writer so don’t give me any shit about tenses, punctuation, grammar or any of that crap. I am just gonna tell you like I remember it, okay?

So I woke up two days before Valentine’s Day and remembered that I still had to get something for Nicole. When I got out to the lounge some of the others were watching news reports of flowers around the LA area looking like crap and everybody was freaking out. Personally I just figured that I would have to find something other than flowers for Nicole. I guess Jeremy must have really thought that the issue warranted our attention because he set out like a fiend. With Hazel’s help he went out into the city to get some samples then locked himself in the lab to try to figure out what was going on.

After a while he apparently found some type of mutant signature on the flowers and then came up with a tracker to track down where it was coming from. The fact that it came from a mutant intrigued the old man and he had Hazel send him to Stronghold so that he could speak with Blackthorn, the plant dude that we spoke with a while back. Well, Blackthorn didn’t know shit and Jeremy and Storm decided that they would have to take a trip to the flower market to begin the trace. When they got there they found that the ugly flowers were turning people into plant creatures and the stakes had gotten a lot higher.

They came back to the Keep to get the rest of us and we set out looking for the source. Jeremy was able to track the signature out into the boonies of Castaic and a quick portal by Hazel took us out there. What in the hell did we do without that chick’s ability to get us anywhere we need to go? We track the mutant signature to a little hut out in the middle of nowhere and walk up to the gate. We can hear someone sobbing beyond the gate. I couldn’t help myself, it sounded like someone was in trouble, I jumped into the compound.

I found the woman who was crying and she kept sobbing and apologizing. The rest of the team followed me in and when Hazel met her she confirmed that she knew her as Weeping Willow. She could only continue to apologize to Hazel. We finally decided to go into the small shack. The shack in itself was a bit of a shock as it was far bigger inside than out.. Inside an old mysterious woman said to us that we had been spending so much time correcting bad things that it was causing issues. According to her we had fixed things that were supposed to stay broken.

John reached out and tried to get control of the old Witch but found her mind too difficult to grasp hold of. She, in turn, cast a spell on me that immediately put me to sleep. Now I didn’t actually see what happened next but from what the rest of the team told me it went something like this…

Nuke and Hazel attacked the Witch to no effect. Jeremy grabbed her with telekinesis but she promptly teleported out of it and she cast a spell on John which knocked him on his butt. In general it didn’t seem like the team could do anything to the Witch but she systematically put each one of them down. Obviously this was someone that we were not equipped to deal with…damn magic.

Session 2 – Narrative:
When we all finally came to we found ourselves in a rather small apartment that we had never seen before. But the really crazy thing was that none of our minds were in the right body. I found myself in Nuke’s body and he in mine. Hazel had control of Storm’s body and he found himself in hers. Most upsetting was that Nicole was in Jeremy’s body and that little shit was in hers. Jeremy was actually extremely pleased by this and immediately took off for the bathroom. What he was doing was pretty obvious to all of us and I was able to use Nuke’s ability to reduce his density to move through the wall into the bathroom. Jeremy immediately took off for the bedroom and locked himself inside. None of us were very skilled using the powers of the body that we were in but each of us practiced a bit to try to get the hang of it.

It turns out that the practice would be put to use pretty quickly. Jeremy-Kick spotted a group of PRIMUS agents surrounding the building and jumped out to see what was going on. They said something about Jeremy-Kick being in some group called the Myrmidons and they attacked on sight. Both of the agents that attacked missed Jeremy-Kick but Jeremy-Kick sure didn’t miss them. He lashed out with Psi-Kick’s blunt Psi-weapons and knocked both of them out. I flew out the window and attacked one of the agents after using Nuke’s ability to increase his mass. I clobbered him pretty good and I didn’t think he would be getting up anytime soon. The rest of the team began to come out of the apartment to join the fight. Nuke came leaping out in my body, which I have to say was weird to watch. He threw one of the agents into another one and it looked like he took them both out of the fight. They tried to put up a fight but it didn’t last long once all of the team were outside.

We were pretty confused and all of us wanted back into our own bodies….well with the exception of Jeremy who was having a good old time in Nicole’s. He had a vision of some nightclub in a downtown area and we used some tech magic to find the place. Hopefully it would lead us to someone who could help us out.

I don’t believe that you could accurately perceive us as an entirely altruistic group but The Myrmidons do try to do what’s right…well most of us that is. When we discovered the anomaly with much of the flora in the city it fell to us to investigate. It didn’t take long for me to assess the source of the anomaly and I gathered our rag-tag bunch together. What we found was somewhat startling to say the absolute least.

The Myrmidons are a loosely organized band of Mutants. Our roster is comprised of myself, Sarge, a giant blowhard of a man but an exceptionally strong one; Widowmaker, a mysterious woman with the ability to become invisible in addition to her tremendous pugilistic capabilities; Fallout, a literal nuclear battery with the ability to condense his form into an extremely dense state or become insubstantial; Justice, a moderately capable combatant with the ability to generate a lethal psychic lightning barrage; and Slacker, who in spite of being the culmination of his name is extremely fast and lucky. A ragtag bunch as I said previously.

We proved no competition for the Mysterious Witch that we found ourselves in battle with and to speak of the battle would be as much an exercise in futility as the battle itself.

Afterward we found ourselves in a small apartment. I quickly deduced that we had undergone some sort of dimensional shift. A group of large robots that we had never previously encountered soon laid siege to the apartment. The ensuing battle was a relatively quick one and I would be remiss if I didn’t call out the combat prowess of my teammates. Though calling them that is somewhat galling to say the least. I found it somewhat odd that the robots continued to address us as other entities and said that our temporal signatures were off. Well at least I knew that I was correct. In the wreckage of the robots I was able to find that there was someone who may be able to make sense of this and get us back to our dimension, Tesseract.

Session 3 – Narrative:
So we found our way to the nightclub in Jeremy-Kick’s vision. It was a “Gentleman’s” establishment (read Titty Bar) called The Asylum. Needless to say Jeremy was in heaven and immediately started dancing. When he started drinking and making an absolute fool of Nicole’s body I had to put a stop to it. We finally drew the attention of the proprietor of the place who came over and looked at each of us.

When she spoke to Jeremy-Kick she said: “What do we have here? Another scrumptious young plaything straight out of life and into my club? You smell new, like fabric softener dew on freshly mowed Astroturf. Ooh, I’m not frightening you, am I, duckling?” What a nut.

When she spoke with Hazel-Storm she said, “Well Jane, it looks like we have a real page turner”. Whatever that meant.

When she talked with us she was somehow knew whose mind was in each body and continued with: “I… am… Jeanette. An this bit of chaos crammed in a certifiable giggle is my club. Oh, I’d just love to give you funny feelings all night, sweetheart, but I really must trouble with some business.”

Even I was able to tell right off the bat that we were dealing with a certifiable nut-job but she was our only lead. She left for awhile to let us think about things and keep Jeremy-Kick out of trouble. When she returned she said that she could help us get back into our correct bodies but she needed us to do something first. She had an artifact that she needed from someone who had stolen it. She gave us the area and a quick John-Witch trip and we were at the intersection where the man was supposedly located.

Not being one to spend a bunch of time looking around I, using Nuke’s flight, went to the middle of the intersection and yelled, “Alright, which of you is Trask?” When he tried to take off we spotted him and immediately started to duke it out. The guy was tough and seemed to be a Wizard of some sort. To throw a complete curve-ball into the mix, Jeremy-Kick decided to split because he didn’t want to be turned back…little shit! Unfortunately we had Trask to deal with before we could track down Jeremy-Kick. We traded blows with Trask and were doing fairly well except that Trask’s Flaming Sword was slowly transforming my body with Nuke inside it. We finally whittled Trask down until he gave up the trinket, a silver key of some sort.

Happy with what we accomplished we headed back to the Asylum. We weren’t quite prepared for the fact that Jeanette wasn’t there and instead we spoke with her sister Angelica. Fortunately Jeremy-Kick had returned to the club as well and we were able to rein him in. Angelica was Pissed (yep capital P). Apparently she had given Trask the key to do a job for her and we had screwed that up. She had just bought a house that was apparently haunted and she wanted him to exorcise the spirits from it. Guess who that task fell to now? I wasn’t having it. That just pissed me off. We were able to talk Angelica into swapping Jeremy and Nicole back to their own bodies as an act of good faith before we set out. Thank goodness.

With Jeremy and Nicole back in their own bodies we headed to the supposedly haunted house.

The key got us inside and after a period of time we met the spirit who was haunting the place. It was the ghost of a little girl named Rebecca. We tried to coax her into relocating but had to do a couple of errands for her first. We had to first find her doll which after scouring the place we finally did. Then she wanted us to track down her dog’s toy and I, personally was starting to get tired of this. We did what she wanted and then had a long conversation with her that ultimately brought out that she was not the little girl that she had been portraying. She was actually an adult and in order to leave the house she wanted to possess Nicole’s mind while we had sex. Fuck that, I wasn’t having it. Nicole has been through too much especially with possession shit. Rebecca finally agreed to possess Hazel while the old man gave it to her. Holy Crap! Way to take one for the team Hazel! I have to laugh because I wonder just how much Viagra Storm took to fulfill our part of the bargain?

Session 4 – Narrative:
With our part of the bargain complete and the ghost relocated we headed back to the Asylum. Angelica had the balls to actually try to get us to do something else for her. Um…hell no! She finally held up her side and switched us back. Ahhhh! My own body. No offense Nuke but I like it a lot better. My first order of business was to give Jeremy a nice little flick in the head. Fucker! Use my girlfriend’s body as your plaything your lucky I didn’t snap your damn neck.

Locating Tesseract was a relatively simple matter of scouring this world’s version of our Data-net. It did take some time but I had an address. When we arrived at the address, it was a small apartment in the midst of a large city they call Los Angeles. As we stepped up to the door a female voice beckoned us in. Tesseract informed us that we were indeed in another dimension and would need the assistance of one of her compatriots if we were to get back to our own dimension. It appeared that we were about to become felons in this dimension. I felt somewhat bad for those whose place we had taken but necessity dictated that we do as the woman wished.

We arrived at the PRIMUS facility and managed to convince them that we were The Knights, the group that Tesseract explained that we had replaced. Oddly enough they seemed to react best to our most belligerent and foul mouthed member…Sarge. I guess he finally said something right as we were escorted into speak with Displacer and a collection of minions that were being incarcerated. They allowed us into the common room and we put our plan into action. We managed to unlock the cells which of course set off the alarm. As the PRIMUS response team entered we were able to overpower them relatively quickly and get Displacer and a handful of minions away.

We returned the group to Tesseract and were informed that we would need to seek the audience of a very rich, intelligent and corrupt individual named Mister X. We were enroute to the location we were given when we were accosted by a group who apparently calls themselves “The Ultimates”. A bit arrogant if you ask me but I felt that we might be taking them down a peg or two.

During the midst of the melee Justice nearly killed one of their members. I heard him referred to as Binder. I will give them accolades for taking down Sarge, something I hadn’t seen very often. They apparently overloaded his ability to adsorb the damage done to him and overcame his rather enormous defenses to take him out of the fight.

Session 5 – Narrative:
Again I find myself needing to give a nod to Slacker who did a magnificent job of taking down their most elusive member. Widowmaker and Justice both added their prowess as well and even I felt that I held my own pretty well taking down the one known as Blackstar as he was trying to escape. In the end we were victorious. Ultimates indeed.

Session 6 – Narrative:
- Coming Soon -

XP and Rewards

Agent Storm receives 7 XP
TKKid receives 7 XP
Nuke receives 12 XP
Hardcore receives 7 XP
Psi-Kick receives 1 XP
Witch Hazel receives 7 XP

Jason receives 7 GMXP for running the adventure
Deadman receives ? GMXP for the Adventure Log (we’ll wait until I am done)


Hardcore is voted MVP for the Knights receiving 1 additional XP.
Slacker is voted MVP for the Myrmidons for which TKKid receives 1 additional XP.


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