Champions: The Mutant Chronicles

IQ Laboratories

Work In Progress

Campaign Date: 28/12/16
Actual Dates: Wed, Jan, 18, 2017 – 1800 PST
Sessions: 3 so far

PC’s Involved:
Midnight (Missed 3rd Session)
Street Angel
Twister (Missed 3rd Session)

Notable NPCs:
Kinematik (MLF)
Murdock (IMAGE)
I.Q. (Genowa) – 9yr old Mutant w/Mimic Superpower w/Supertechnology
Holocaust (Independent Mutant Mastermind)
Lancer (Formerly of PSI)
Lux (Street Angel’s Mom)
Ambush (Independent Supervillain)
Tachyon (Independent Supervillain)
Cheshire (GRAB)
Portal (Mutant Underground)
Shatter (Stronghold Prisoner)
Nox (Street Angel’s Uncle)
Pooka (Sanctuary)

Kinematik (MLF)
Holocaust (Independent)

Game Synopsis:
PSI-Kick interrogates the MLF members we defeated at The Reef Nightclub in Genowa before the GPD arrived to take them into custody.

The Hollywood Knights walk the few blocks to I.Q.’s Research Labs and location of Kinematic and the missing Teleporters.

Upon arrival the Team tries to ring them bell. When that fails they try to break in, but we later learn the door is made of Questionite.

Before they can decide what to try next they are attacked by members of the MLF. After a short exchange the Hollywood Knights are victorious.

Then Kinematic appears, after a brief scuffle Holocaust appears and calls for everyone to stand down.

Everyone goes inside and we find most of the Teleporters walking around free while a few others. We also find I.Q., Murdock, and a few others.

I.Q.’s mutant powers it to Mimic mutant powers with technology.

Kinematik wants to return to his Dimensions Earth. He want to assemble a Mutant Army to free mutantkind from extinction.

Street Angel offers his assistance in saving mutantkind from extinction on Kinematiks’s Earth.

Holocaust asks Lux about Street Angel’s parentage. (Note: Apparently Lux got around 25yrs ago.)

The Teleporters are set free and Kinematik’s threat has been neutralized.

When Murdock, Kinematik, and Holocaust ask where the Hollywood Knights stand on APSAR?

Street Angel’s reply is he will never register.
Amber reply is she is an ex-con and is already preregistered.
Street Angel

Street Angel asks if they will answer the call if The Hollywood Knights locate Genocide.

Mission accomplished, but what next? In just a few days the APSAR comes into effect.

Teleporter’s could not travel to other Dimensions.

Professor Paradigm and the Paradigm Pirates.
Mysterious goals, Random attacks, and Unexpected appearances.

Street Angel help Kinematik and the others get home.

But, possesses power of Dimensional Travel.

Where will we stand? Where will you?



966deadman TheQuestionMan

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