Champions: The Mutant Chronicles

Love Struck

Campaign Date: Feb 14, 2017
Sessions: 1
GM: Tom

  • Session 1: Wed, Mar 28, 2017 – 1800 PST

PC’s Involved:
Agent Storm
Street Angel

Notable NPCs:


Session 1 – Narrative:
In the wee hours of the morning of February 14, 2017, just as the Hollywood Knights were wrapping up after foiling the attempted robbery of the CA Bank & Trust by the Masters of Speed, Merlyn informed the Knights that they might want to get to FaZe night club ASAP. According to Merlyn, Honey had opened a Facebook account under the pseudonym ‘Honey Childe’ and was uploading selfies of herself at FaZe.

Upon arrival at FaZe, the Knights found two men, Blackstar and Onslaught, fighting on a now-vacant dance floor. Storm went over the bar top, instructed a bartender to kill the power, and then began directing patrons to exit the facility for their own safety. Meanwhile, Amber took a seat at the bar next to an appletini-sipping Honey while Hardcore engaged the brawling men and Street Angel backed him up.

It soon became obvious to Amber that Honey had instigated the fight, apparently after telling the two men that whichever of them won a fight (against one another) … would get to take her home. When questioned as to why, Honey indicated she had been reading a Harlequin romance novel and that, from it, she learned two men fighting over a woman was a sign of affection — something she desperately desired.

Amber shared this information with the team and, armed with this knowledge, Street Angel began dancing on the dance floor, enticed Honey to join him, and, upon taking her hand, teleported Honey back to The Keep. Hardcore, in his element, held is own against Blackstar and Onslaught, in part because Onslaught failed to notice Honey’s departure and remained fixated on defeating Blackstar in order to win his evening with Honey. After successfully knocking Blackstar out, Onslaught was, in turn, is subdued by Hardcore … but not before Blackstar recovered, desolidified himself, and exited by flying upward through roof.

Twister, arriving late after inspecting the slagged Masters of Speed semi truck for clues, spotted Blackstar and followed him to his vehicle … which Blackstar abandoned by remaining desolidified and flying down through the asphalt and into the ground.

After Onslaught was arrested and put in nullifiers by PRIMUS for transport to Stronghold, the Knights returned to The Keep to find Honey sitting with Street Angel, who was apparently her ‘date’. Storm demanded an explanation from Honey, looking for a single good reason she should not be brought up on charges as an accessory to the crimes committed at FaZe, and, surprisingly he received one, as Honey indicated that: a) she had not been herself, b) someone had been inside of and tampered with her mind, and c) she did not know who it was.

Hardcore’s sister, Tweaker, was quickly contacted, and she remotely confirmed that someone had, indeed, tampered with Honey. Soon after, Tweaker arrived at The Keep in order to inspect Honey and determine the extent of the problem. During her assessment, she learned that Honey had become self-aware and that she had been given both moral and ethical subroutines intended to cause Honey to seek out love and, upon doing so, to amass the strongest collection of paranormals she could find in order to build a team that would ultimately be used to destroy the Knights.

Tweaker revised Honey’s programming to something more ‘normal’, reported what she’d found to the team, and the team gave some thought as to who might want to do such a thing. Two names came to mind: Interface and Cybermind.

Interface (real name: Rutger Eisenman) was a cyborg with few organic parts. He was once a mercenary who worked for ARGENT. In 2009 he studied The Champions, learned and exploited their weaknesses, failed in his mission, was captured, and then spent 6 years in jail. He was released in 2015 and kept a low profile, thereafter.

Cybermind (real name: Dan Simowitz) was a cyberkinetic who hacked into Defender’s armor in 2009, experienced feedback that sent him into a coma, and was imprisoned at Stronghold, thereafter. A call by Storm to PRIMUS to inquire as to Cybermind’s status revealed that he had sprung himself the day before (Feb 13, 2017) along with Requiem and Frost (real names: Damian and Adrian Demort) and two or three others. Storm asked for a secure update from PRIMUS as soon as the names of the others were known.

The timing of the breakout from Stronghold suggested that what happened to Honey was Cybermind’s doing. When the team kicked around who might know that the Knights had recently acquired a hot android receptionist, Amber indicated that PRIMUS knew, and implied that Cybermind might have learned of it from PRIMUS since PRIMUS has a number of leaks. Troubled by this, Storm asked the Knights to route all future PRIMUS-related communications through him so that he might begin to try to suss out the mole.


XP and Rewards

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