Champions: The Mutant Chronicles

Speed Kills

Campaign Dates: Feb 6-14, 2017
Sessions: 4
GM: Tom

  • Session 1: Wed, Mar 1, 2017 – 1800 PST
  • Session 2: Wed, Mar 8, 2017 – 1800 PST
  • Session 3: Wed, Mar 15, 2017 – 1800 PST
  • Session 4: Wed, Mar 22, 2017 – 1800 PST

PC’s Involved:
Agent Storm
Psi-Kick (Missed Sessions 2 & 4)
Street Angel (Missed Sessions 2 & 3)

Notable NPCs:
Agent Dixon (PRIMUS)
Citizens Against Crime in The US (CACTUS) Members
David Epstein – Manager of CA Bank & Trust (Hollywood, CA Branch)
Silver Avenger Webster (PRIMUS)


Session 1 – Narrative:
On Monday, Feb 6, 2017, the Hollywood Knights returned from Warth to a plethora of email and voicemail messages, a number of which threatened legal action for the Knights’ past misdeeds. Silver Avenger Webster had also left a message indicating he desired a meeting with the Knights to present them with some options. His call was promptly returned, and a meeting was set.

At the appointed time, Webster arrived at The Keep for the meeting … with a PRIMUS agent in tow that the Knights had never before seen. During the meeting, Webster directed the Knights’ attention to the various levels (Bronze, Silver, & Gold) of official government sponsorship available to the Knights, describing the pros and cons of each during his presentation. Afterward, he suggested the Silver Level might be the best fit for the Knights and introduced Agent John Storm as the Knights’ potential PRIMUS liaison officer associated with Silver Level sponsorship.

Storm, a typically stuffy but impressive G-Man type, then provided a brief but thorough explanation as to why he, too, felt Silver Level was a good fit. Afterward, he underscored the typical and very real problems associated with continuing to operate as a vigilante group without (or with inadequate) government sponsorship. He suggested the Knights make their choice (and to choose wisely) … a message the Knights actually took seriously … largely because of their impending legal troubles.

Thus, after much debate, conspiracy theory, and general back/forth, all members of the Hollywood Knights agreed to Silver Level sponsorship by PRIMUS except for Street Angel, who had misgivings and needed to take some time to himself.

Session 2 – Narrative:
On Tuesday, Feb 7, 2017, after provision of the Knights’ official PRIMUS IDs to them, John Storm was settling into his room when he stopped and surveyed the punitively-assigned space, considering it for a moment. From its small size and distance from the Knights’ rooms, it was obvious the Knights neither trusted nor liked him, but he didn’t take it personally. He was the new guy they believed had been forced upon them by the United States federal government, so all they saw was his age, his suit, and his badge. If this group of kids was incapable of seeing the numerous benefits and upside to involvement with PRIMUS, so be it — because only the mission mattered. Frankly, such behaviour was expected, since the Knights were all impetuous, unseasoned, idealistic types, anyway…

Storm mentally chuckled to himself. The room, while small for The Keep, was sheer luxury compared to the on-base domiciles to which he’d grown accustomed. As an officer, Storm always had opportunities for nice on-base housing, but he consistently chose the options nobody else wanted — much like this assignment to the Hollywood Knights. There was, of course, always a silver lining, if one bothered to look for it. Take Storm’s room, for instance: it had storage right next to it and a library with twin terminals less than 10 feet away — perfect for John’s operational needs. And working with the Knights? Well, time would tell as to what silver lining might present itself.

Throughout the week, John got to know The Keep’s layout and began to get a sense for some of its occupants. Honey was the perfect receptionist while Merlyn played the part of a useful but snarky butler. Except to rib someone, Hardcore mostly kept to himself, while Amber busied herself behaving like an entitled child doing its best to act like a grown-up. The other adults of legal drinking aged looked the other way when she drank, so Storm would, too. This was, after all, their home … and it was easy enough to do given that she was obviously unnerved by Storm’s perpetual note taking.

That left Twister, whose narcissism was obviated by how accustomed he was to ladies fawning over him. The kid would probably be crushed if a more attractive male ever stole his thunder for even a moment, but he was ‘pretty’ enough that the possibility was, at most, remote.

Psi-Kick was away attending PRIMUS-mandated legal training for telepaths, while Midnight and Street Angel were apparently out and about attending to personal matters. Storm suspected Street Angel might be sulking … which was the nicest way he could think of to describe a Millennial with trust issues taking a moment to come to grips with joining the grown-up world. John hoped he’d come around, soon enough.

On the evening of Sunday, Feb 12, 2017, Special Agent Dixon from PRIMUS called to request the Knights’ assistance with the Masters of Speed (MOS), a seven-man villain group that recently robbed a bank in Reseda. Dixon indicated that the MoS membership consisted of: Hellbent, Cheetah, Fullbore, Whiplash, Whirligig, Blur, and Slo-Mo.

Storm’s training as a profiler and propensity for note-taking yielded the following one-page synopsis of the MoS [which has been steadily updated by Storm as more info was learned]:

Masters of Speed

Hellbent (leader)

  • Real Name: Drake Zarik
  • Known Aliases: Devon Savik
  • Known Skills: Financial/investment genius, gifted electronics engineer
  • Known Powers: Super speed, vampirism (a la life force absorption)
  • Criminal History: Patricide, breaking & entering, grand theft, evading arrest, breaking out of prison, conspiracy
  • Notes: Among the fastest of the group, Cheetah is his girlfriend


  • Real Name: Dyan Sagan
  • Known Powers: Super speed, claws
  • Criminal History: Breaking & entering, grand theft, evading arrest, conspiracy
  • Notes: Fastest of the group in short bursts, Hellbent is her boyfriend, has never killed an innocent


  • Real Name: Harry Coyle (wanted by Canadian government for desertion)
  • Known Powers: Super speed, increased strength & toughness
  • Criminal History: Breaking & entering, grand theft, evading arrest, conspiracy, desertion
  • Notes: Poor control of speed, crashes into things, Sergeant in the Canadian Army who volunteered for a classified military experiment, only survivor of experiment, experiment triggered latent mutation within Coyle’s genome and is the origin of his powers, Coyle ran rather than become a government lab rat


  • Real Name: Jackson Sieber (Classified by CIA)
  • Known Powers: Super speed, clinging
  • Criminal History: 7 homicides, breaking & entering, grand theft, evading arrest, conspiracy
  • Notes: Former CIA asset, government training, was slated to be retired by CIA for unnecessarily taking orders too far; caught wind of CIA setup and went off reservation before CIA could aggressively terminate his employ, most violent member of MoS, has issues with other MoS members


  • Real Name: Carl Winsong
  • Known Aliases: Kid
  • Known Powers: Super speed, whirlwinds
  • Criminal History: Breaking & entering, grand theft, evading arrest, conspiracy
  • Notes: From Germany, has a German accent, loves hockey


  • Real Name: Jake Fenton
  • Known Powers: Super speed, desolidification, vibration-based attacks
  • Criminal History: Breaking & entering, grand theft, evading arrest, conspiracy
  • Notes: Among the fastest of the group, always emits a low hum, potential earthquake abilities, is a construction worker from NC, comes off as a prankster, wants to be normal, convinced a meteor that fell near him while operating a jackhammer is the source of his powers, has parents James and Sue Fenton, has a sister Jennifer who is married to David Nesmond and has two kids (Teddy and Tammy), is from Stallings, NC


  • Real Name: Johnny ‘Fasthands’ Blue
  • Known Powers: Slows others, flight (via jetpack)
  • Criminal History: 2 homicides, breaking & entering, grand theft, evading arrest, conspiracy
  • Notes: Only member of the group without super speed, sometimes carried by others if needed, former professional boxer

After Dixon’s call, Hardcore, Amber, Twister, and Agent Storm put on their thinking caps and reached out to both CACTUS and their collective contacts to formulate the beginnings of a team profile for the Masters of Speed. Storm’s profile notes on the subject were as follows:

  • 23 bank robberies total, with only 6 of them involving super groups other than the Masters of Speed
  • Each of the past robberies was tied to armor deliveries — such that the banks were at their most flush with cash
  • MoS never hits safe deposit boxes or individuals; they go straight for the safe, clean it out, and depart
  • MoS does not bother with subtlety or stealth, they simply trip the alarm and are in/out of the vault and building before police can respond
  • MoS hits a localized area for a brief period and then moves on to another major city; so far, they have ravaged the southeastern US and major metro areas and appear to be moving west
  • Blur likes to brag about potential bank hits online before they occur

Blur’s need to brag was a tip learned from CACTUS, which had previously had a run-in with MoS that ended badly. This tip resulted in detection of a recent online post by the Knights that led them to believe the California Bank & Trust in Hollywood would be hit by the MoS on Feb 14, 2017 — approximately late morning or mid-day. This suspicion was strongly supported by the bank’s scheduled receipt of an armor delivery on Feb 13 … and by its relative proximity to a major highway. Twister and Storm cased the bank late Sunday afternoon, and Storm planned to speak with bank manager early Monday, Feb 13 — while the Knights prepare to intercept MoS when they hit the bank on the 14th.

Session 3 – Narrative:
During the wee hours of the morning of Monday, Feb 13, 2017, Agent Storm’s search for information regarding named members of the Masters of Speed revealed some new information about Fullbore and Whiplash that storm added to his one-page synopsis (above).

Later that morning over breakfast, Amber, Hardcore, Psi-Kick, Twister, and Agent Storm discussed options regarding the MoS. Storm presented a profile to the Knights that strongly suggested the thieves might be relying on a mobile safe house — one that would easily blend into an urban environment, such as a tractor-trailer truck. Merlyn was engaged by the Knights to monitor L.A. traffic cameras for all such vehicles that entered and remained within a 5-mile radius of the targeted CA B&T branch for any length of time, especially those near overpasses of the 101.

Two trucks were identified by Merlyn as potential matches. The northernmost of the two was a Peterbuilt tractor-trailer with a sleeper cab, a ‘ROADWAY’ branded trailer, and CA plates. The southern-most of the two was an unmarked tandem-trailer truck with a sleeper cab and UT plates. The team decided on a three-pronged, plain-clothes investigative approach, and Psi-Kick offered a Mind Link to Agent Storm to allow for communication while the team was split up. Storm declined and noted the irony of a masked woman expecting others to trust her with mind-to-mind contact when she won’t trust them with her real name or a glimpse of her face. Psi-Kick acknowledged and responded by dropping her mask and introducing herself. Moments later, after tuning his earpiece to the team’s comm frequency, Zeke & Amber were off to check out the CA truck, John was off to meet with the bank manager as planned, and Tommy & Nicole headed out on Tommy’s bike to check out the UT truck, with Storm reminding all that Blur always emits a low humming sound.

The CA truck was, in short, a bust: a Hispanic man had been snoring in the sleeper cab until Zeke caused a foul gust of wind to overwhelm the vehicle, awakening the driver who, cursing, fired up his rig and drove off to find a less odious place to park and sleep. Similarly, Nicole and Tommy’s inspection of the tandem-trailer truck with UT plates bore no fruit; someone was sleeping within the sleeper cab, but Nicole could only sense wanton dreams of female company … with nothing seemingly untoward going on in the truck or its tandem trailers.

John’s meeting with Mr. David Epstein, the bank manager, was quick, businesslike, and high-level. Storm informed Epstein of a credible threat to banks in the area that matched the known MoS pattern of robberies that follow armored car deliveries … and asked Mr. Epstein to take precautions that might help reduce losses, slow a robbery, and track the perpetrators should a robbery occur. Epstein confirmed Storm’s identity, agreed to comply with the requests, and thanked Storm for the heads-up. As their meeting was adjourning, Epstein informed Storm of a ‘glitch’ the bank’s security personnel were investigating in the security camera footage and, after a quick review and discussion, Epstein gave Storm an unofficial copy of the camera footage for Storm’s use.

Upon returning to The Keep, the team shared their findings and the camera footage was reviewed by all. The team agreed that it appeared the cameras had been put on a loop for a short window of time — something unusual for the MoS, since they typically did not bother trying to tamper with or defeat security systems. During the review, Merlyn expanded his search radius and reported that a truck stop was approximately 8 miles away from the bank. Tommy & Nicole headed to the truck stop to try to determine if potential vehicle might be located there, but came up empty-handed. Shortly after they had completed their round trip, Storm’s mobile number rang and he was informed by David Epstein that a listening device had been found in his office. John thanked him for the call.

Suspecting all that was discussed with the bank manager had been overheard by the MoS, Storm informed the Knights of the problem and suggested the team stake out the bank that night, as the Masters of Speed might accelerate their time table. The Knights agreed and positions were taken up at the bank. Shortly after 2am on Tuesday, Feb 14, 2017, a tremendous noise was heard from within the bank — specifically on the side closest to the vault, where a contiguous dry cleaning business existed.

The team moved toward the noise, with Psi-Kick, Hardcore, and Agent Storm heading to the alley-side door of the dry-cleaning business … which Psi-Kick found unlocked, with the interior security gate open. Meanwhile, Twister and Amber went for the street-side door, the lock to which Amber picked. Both groups entered the dry-cleaning establishment to find Slo-Mo standing in a wall’s opening that lead directly into the bank vault. The team engaged Slo-Mo, apparently without attracting the attention of the other MoS members — Blur, Fullbore, Whiplash, and Whirligig — all of which were in the vault.

Session 4 – Narrative:
The Knights continued to attack Slo-Mo. Noticing something was amiss, Blur verbalized to his teammates that Slo-Mo was behaving strangely and then generated a shockwave from within the vault. Slo-Mo, Psi-Kick, and Agent Storm were affected by it, with Storm landing on his ass. Twister immediately entered the vault and let loose a wind vortex that knocked out Slo-Mo and knocked down the rest of the MoS members. Blur then bolted from the vault while informing Hellbent the gig was up, with Twister shortly behind him. Meanwhile Storm got to his feet while Hardcore, Psi-Kick, and Amber intercepted Whiplash, who was quickly dispatched. Whirligig soon followed after Blur, a tornado of Benjamins in tow. He cruised past the blockade, raced out of the dry-cleaning establishment, and unexpectedly collapsed into unconscious in a heap of cash before Twister.

Twister used his wind control to scoop up Whirligig and the loose cash, which he carried back into the dry-cleaning establishment as Merlyn informed the Knights that a truck was approaching the bank. Street Angel, who was arriving on the scene, chased after Blur and, upon noticing Blur was headed for the inbound truck, he moved to intercept it.

Psi-Kick entered the vault and covered Fullbore while he stood at parade rest and stared at the vault wall. Whirligig had been playing opossum and tried to escape but was quickly put back down. Hardcore grabbed both Whiplash and Whirligig to prevent another potential escape. Back at the truck, Street Angel opened fire on it and caused its engine to cease functioning. Hellbent exited the truck to engage Street Angel — who promptly disappeared. Concerned, Hellbent elected to flee the scene and instructed Blur to do the same.

As Blur fled, Agent Storm got a psychic lock on him and probed him for memories pertaining to the names of the Masters of Speed, their operations, safe house(s), and the like. Apparently each MoS member is a millionaire in his/her own right, as a direct result of Hellbent’s financial investments and use of off-shore accounts. In addition, the MoS currently have a headquarters set up in Kansas City, Missouri under a dummy company. A nearby safe house is set up at 6520 Aura, Reseda, CA — which Storm radioed in to PRIMUS as soon as he lost the lock.

While Storm was probing Blur, a self-destruct sequence activated inside the semi truck, slagging the vehicle. Twister, who had hung back with Psi-Kick to debrief with PRIMUS as the captured MoS members were put into nullifiers for transport to Stronghold, elected to inspect what was left of the truck for clues. All he found was a stamp on what remained of the robotic driver that read: TechnoSmith CQR7.

PRIMUS showed up at 6520 Aura, Reseda, CA soon after — but when they arrived, they found the place hastily emptied…

The next day, Storm updated his one-page synopsis (above) on the MoS and added the information to the dossiers of each MoS member within the PRIMUS database.


XP and Rewards

Amber receives 5 XP
Psi-Kick receives 3 XP
Street Angel receives 3 XP
Twister receives 5 XP
Agent Storm receives 5 XP
Hardcore receives 5 XP


Twister is Voted MVP for his quick action against The Masters of Speed.


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