Champions: The Mutant Chronicles

Professor Paradigm and the Paradigm Pirates

Campaign Date: 29/12/16
Actual Dates: Wed, Jan, 25, 2017 – 1800 PST
Sessions: 4 of 5

PC’s Involved:
Street Angel

Notable NPCs:
Kinematik (MLF)
I.Q. (Genowa) – 9yr old Mutant w/Mimic Superpower w/Supertechnology
Frederic – Teleporter
Holocaust (Independent) – Street Angel’s Dad?
Lux (Mom)

Professor Paradigm
Avant Guard

Game Synopsis:
The Team returns to IQ Laboratories then next morning for a meeting with with IQ and Kinematik.

IQ presents a possible solution. Professor Paradigm and Paradigm Pirates possess Dimensional Travel Powers. Their modus operandi is unpredictable, but they show one pattern, the film series Celestial Conflicts. Professor Paradigm is a big fan.

The Celestial Conflicts III premier at is tomorrow evening at The Chinese Theatre. Kinematik recommends the Hollywood Knights interact with them. IQ will give them Scanning Devices, Commlinks, and a teleport from Frederick to the Keep (Home of the Hollywood Knights).

Afterwords Street Angel and Holocaust have a man to man discussion about leaving Lady Blue alone. Being very respectful and careful he manages to get Holocaust to agree to leave Lady Blue alone. Street Angel has to politely remind him not to give away her secret identity.

Frederick teleports the team back to the roof of The Keep. The make a plan for getting the team on site and will improvise from there. Twister’s girlfriend gets 4 press passes for Twister, Midnight, PSI-Kick, and Hardcore. Street Angel set up outside on overwatch.

The event is underway and Professor Paradigm and the Paradigm Pirates arrive by Limo. As the LAPD move to take them into custody all heck breaks loose.

Tesseract’s constructs entrap everyone at the center of on the Red Carpet. The team moves to protect the innocents. As the team attacks many of the cosplay extras in the attack the Hollywood Knights. Only later we discovered that Avant Guard was hiding among the extras with Dimensional Duplicates dressed as film extras.

Displacer’s attack manages to hurt Hardcore. Then he opens a gateway over the center of the entrance. An intense heatwave stuns the crowd.

Avant Guard’s duplicate cosplay extras attack the LAPD and the Hollywood Knights with Blasters set to Stun and Laser Swords to kill the them.

Hardcore determined assault is slowed, but not stopped by the Professor Paradigm or the Paradigm Pirates.

Midnight trades energy blasts with Displacer.

PsI-Kick draws the attention of many of Avant Guard’s duplicates attacks and is nearly killed before Street Angel heals her.

Twister attacks Avant Guard’s duplicates. Then tries to stop Professor Paradigm from stealing the Celestial Conflicts III film, but is forced to retreat from Displacers attack.

Street Angel blasted Displacer, healed PSI-Kick, and as Professor Paradigm and when Paradigm Pirates retreated with their prize. He managed to knockout Avant Guard and Displacer. Professor Paradigm and Tesseract managed to recover Avant Guard and escape, but left Displacer in our custody.

IQ’s shout of joy “We got it!” means mission accomplished.

Street Angel heals those in need and takes Displacer into custody. Calling IQ for transport back to Genowa and containment for Displacer.


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