Champions: The Mutant Chronicles

Teleportation Trouble

Kinematik's Master Plan

Campaign Date: 12/28/16 –
Actual Dates: Wed, Jan, 04, 2017 – 1800 PST
Sessions: 3 so far

PC’s Involved:
Midnight (Missed 3rd Session)
Street Angel
Twister (Missed 3rd Session)

Notable NPCs:
Silver Avenger Webster (PRIMUS)
Doc Sonic & Huntsman (Protectors)
Lady Blue (Independent Supervillain)
I.Q. (Genowa)

Sanctuary Staff
Charcoal (Daughter of Hyperion) –
Pooka – Teleporter
Strikeforce – Duplicator
Dayna Watson – Normal
Rush II (Daughter of Rush) – Speedster
Corona – Body of Energy
Metalla – Body of Metal
Peacekeeper (Reprogrammed Mechanon Robot) – Chef


Red Racer

Game Synopsis:
The Keep, Santa Monica Bay, Los Angeles County, California

Hardcore, PSI-Kick, and Twister are at the bank to cash their action figure residual checks. Unfortunately Tachyon decides to rob the bank at the same time. Just as the super battle really got started the super villainess Ambush teleported next to Tachyon and they teleported away.

Later the Hollywood Knights investigation revealed that Tachyon and Ambush appeared several blocks away. The camera shows that the pair is whisked away rapidly west. PSI-Kick correctly identified the powers as Gravity, not Super Speed based. They suspect the culprit as Kinematik, a mutant supervillain, a mutant supremacist, and leader of the Mutant Liberation Front.

Street Angel chuckles when he checks his action figure residual figure for $2,100 (Note: Roll a “3” made by 11). Myrlyn’s by the book rules hinders our investigation. As does PSI-Kick’s reluctance to us her Mental Powers openly , but I will continue to respect their positions and try not to hassle them.

Myrlyn puts through a call from Stronghold Prison. A woman asking for Mr. Motion. I regretfully informed her that he was killed in action several weeks ago. She informs them that “Shatter” has broken out of his special cell. Security cameras recorded a figure, grabbed Shatter and teleported out of the cell. Outside, they were again seen whisking away rapidly west.

Street Angel’s theory is that Kinematik is collecting Teleporters. He contacts Lady Blue and assures her they are continuing their pursuit of her stalker, Holocaust. He asks her if she can contact GRAB and inquire if Cheshire was alright… Apparently he is on a job.

Street Angel contacts the Protectors and informs them about about Kinematic is collecting Teleporters. Doc Sonic and Huntsman report that innate (Mutants/Mutates/Magic) Teleporters have superior accuracy compared to technological Teleporters. Technology as it exists needs a transfer device and long range teleportation commonly requires both a transmitting and receiving device.

Street Angel’s mother Lux calls and informs him Nox (his adopted uncle) has gone missing from their bungalow at the Sanctuary Resort on Kiritimati Island (Christmas Island). I offer her the teams assistance, but she declines.

Afterwords Street Angel contacts Silver Avenger Webster and informs him of his suspicion is that Kinematik is collecting Teleporters.

We deduced Kinematik’s westward direction triangulates towards Kiritimati Island. Street Angel tries calling his mother, but she does not pick up. Unable to reach his mother he calls the Sanctuary Resort, making reservations for for the Hollywood Knights and asking for clearances for the Skycruiser.

Myrlyn’s database information on Kiritimati Island reveals the it to be a former nuclear testing ground, but the radiation levels are almost normal. It is also home of Genowa, the mutant city state.

Street Angel assembles the Hollywood Knights, boards the Skycruiser, and has Myrlyn charts their course for PSI-Kick. Racing across the early morning sky. They arrive local time in the early morning.

They are met on the airfield by Strikeforce, a member of the Sanctuary staff, with a transport vehicle. We get in and takes us to the Resort. Informing Street Angel that Lux and Nox are missing from their bungalow. We can review the security records at the Resort. On arrival we are met by a duplicate of Strikeforce, and by another as we enter the lobby.

The receptionist at the desk is introduced as Dana Watson. We check in and then Street Angel informs them of their secondary purpose. Teleporters have been disappearing and our prime suspect is the mutant supremacist Kinematik of the Mutant Liberation Front.

At Lux and Nox’s bungalow they find it empty and Street Angel finds his mother’s cellphone with 12 missed calls from his number. Unfortunately he cannot unlock it.

When Strikeforce learns this he tries unsuccessfully to contact Sanctuary staff member Pooka, a teleporter. It appears that he is missing too. He assembles the Sanctuary staff. Including Peacemaker, the chef, a reprogrammed Mechanon Robot.

List of Missing Teleporters:
Tachyon (Independent Supervillain) – Aided by Kinematik
Ambush (Independent Supervillain) – Aided by Kinematik
Portal (Mutant Underground)
Shatter (Stronghold Prisoner) – Suspect Kinematik
Cheshire (GRAB) – Reportedly on a solo job. (Lady Blue)
Nox (Street Angel’s Uncle) – Reported missing by Lux (Street Angel’s mother)
Pooka (Sanctuary) – Discovered missing upon arrival.


Good write up Eddie. I will edit for accuracy before the next game. Thanks.

Teleportation Trouble
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