Supervillain Terrorist Group


Anarchy is a well known Terrorist group who is determined to destroy the governmental control of the U.S. Their current membership consists of…

Blight – The leader and philosophical inspiration of the group. Blight is a carrier of a large number of deadly diseases and seems to be extremely resistant to them. Touching him exposes the individual to his infections and woe to the person who he actively targets. He has been noted to possess tremendous recuperative abilities and survived an impact of over 400MPH!

Blaze – Noted as being able to control fire by launching large fireballs and jets of flame. She is able to fly and protect herself with a fireshield. Note that touching her could be painful when she sets herself ablaze. She is the sister of Haze.

Haze – Able to cover an area in a thick acrid smoke that leaves everyone within it incapacitated. This is intensified if he concentrates it against a specific person. He is able to fly and become insubstantial. Brother of Blaze.

Quartz – An 8 foot tall crystalline man who is both extremely strong and durable. Has been noted as being vulnerable to mental attacks.

Harpy – A mysterious and bestial woman/bird hybrid who seems to possess the abilities of her eponymous mythical creature. She has proven strong, fast and agile. Her talons can be especially deadly against unarmored targets.



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