Powerful Biokinetic and Troubled Teen


Carcass is a very powerful Biokinetic. He is capable of killing even superhumans with little effort. So far two superhumans have fallen to his powers, both powerful legacy heroes. Captain Stalwart, formerly of the Freedom Squad and his sidekick Kid Whiz, more recently known as Mr. Motion of Hollywood Knights. Carcass’ powers have allowed him to increase his own physical capabilities to superhuman levels though he is still in his late teens.

Carcass is David Morgenson the son of a mortician in the Harris Landing suburb of Los Angeles. He had a emotional breakdown when his father killed his mother during which he discovered his powers. His normally dark and brooding personality gave way to a thoroughly murderous and sadistic outlook.

Hollywood Knights was able to defeat him and he is currently incarcerated at Stronghold, where he is being held pending his trial.



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