A former popular actress and pyrokinetic mutant who escaped custody and now fights for The Mutant Underground.


Cindy Jasper was a popular actress in Hollywood. Her last film, Blaze of Glory, was a blockbuster which truly made her among the A-list in Hollywood. To support Mutant rights she came forward as a mutant and confessed to actually doing much of the pyrotechnics in the film with her powers. Unfortunately the tide was turning and she became a target for mutant haters and hunters. She hired the respected bodyguard Armstrong knowing that she had become a target. When Genocide attacked she and Armstrong were able to take them out. Unfortunately she wasn’t ready for what came next. She was apprehended and put into a mutant detention camp. With the help of Armstrong and several others they were able to escape and made their way to Vancouver. There she found a group of like minded individuals and now uses her powers to protect mutants from Genocide and other haters everywhere as Cinder.



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