Dr. Fiasco

Former? Mad Scientist turned General Manager of Speed E Scrap


Dr. Fiasco was brilliant inventor who was bitter that he was not receiving the recognition that he felt he deserved. He began to use his inventions to commit robberies until he was tracked down by Mr. Expeditious. A deal was made, Mr. Expeditious and his marketing firm would represent Dr. Fiasco in his patent applications as well as give him meaningful work and access to all of the raw materials that he could dream of. Dr. Fiasco is now the General Manager of Hollywood Knights’ cover business, Speed E Scrap. He uses the scrap yard for all of the materials for his inventions and though he was worried about recognition previously, he seems so involved with his new toy it consumes most of his time now.

Doctor Fiasco died tragically in a Genocide raid on the Knights’ base. Hollywood Knights remember him for the many things that he gave to the team and as a result, back to society. While his legacy is somewhat muddled given his villainous career he will always be a hero in the hearts of the team.


Dr. Fiasco

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