Genocide Eradication Agents

Genocide Frontline Agents


Until recently the organization known as Genocide was relatively unknown. Recent incidents in Southern California have brought their intentions to PRIMUS’s knowledge. They seek nothing short of the complete eradication of Mutantkind.

The agents of Genocide have not proven to be the zealots that the organization would wish. They seem to be recruited from the criminal underworld and their capabilities may vary widely. Leadership seems to be another matter entirely as they do seem driven toward the organization’s goals. At least that is the intel received when interviewing agents and heroes that opposed the organization in the Victorville incident.

Genocide agents seem to be moderately equipped but not trained at an elite level at least from the very little exposure PRIMUS has had with them. Not enough information exists to create a firm determination on the organization as a whole just yet.

They seem to have sunk most of their capital into the giant, Mutant hunting robots used by the group. See the Minuteman Mk IV entry.


Genocide Eradication Agents

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