Jennifer Drake

Investigator, Brick and former Superhero. Killed in Action


Jennifer Drake grew up in a pretty rough neighborhood in inner-city Los Angeles, the Silverlake district. When she discovered her powers she was elated and couldn’t wait to become a Superhero, heaven knew that her area needed one. At about 16 she donned a bathing suit and set out to protect her neighborhood as Gem. For three years she actually did make an impact taking on drug dealers, gang-bangers and other street level crime. That was until one local shot caller got sick of putting up with some frickin’ glamour girl in a bathing suit stomping on his action. He hired a couple of actual Supervillains to knock some sense into her..and boy did they. Even with her superpowers she spent most of a year in the hospital in a coma. When she woke up her drive to protect the streets hadn’t diminished but she set out to do it in a different way. She became a private investigator…and a drunk. She still has her strength to rely on but her flying abilities are a little rusty. Most of the time she hovers somewhere between sobriety and total intoxication but that is life in the big city.

Jennifer was killed facing off against a group of Genocide Knights who were attacking a young mutant that The Mutant Underground was trying to recruit. Hollywood Knights showed up and Jennifer fought alongside them valiantly but was cut down by one of the Mutant Hunting Cyborgs.


Jennifer Drake

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