The California Patrol

Loosely Banded Group of Heroes that Defend Southern California


Over the past decade and a half the California
Patrol has achieved several notable successes,
though its loose form of organization and
frequently-shifting membership has kept it from
providing the sort of “coverage” that teams like the
Champions and Sentinels can. It’s smashed two
major DEMON plots, exposed and defeated a San
Diego VIPER Nest, battled the Ultimates and the
Crimelords on several occasions, and in 2006 got
involved in a fight-turned-teamup with China’s
Tiger Squad when the Patrol traveled to the Far
East in an effort to defeat a Chinese organized
crime group run by superhumans. In addition to
Downshift and Firewall, as of 2015 the members
include: Faultline (an earth manipulator); Meteor
Man III (wielder of powerful cosmic energy like
his more famous forebears); Sequoia (a young
woman able to grow over 100 feet tall); the Silicon
Kid (a moderately-powerful cyberkinetic, no
longer a kid but stuck with the name); and the
Zodiac Man (a shapeshifter).


Southern California was the home of several
superteams in the Sixties and Seventies, but the
last of these eclectic groups, the Justice Collective,
broke up in 1989. For over a decade there
were no superteams protecting California outside
the Bay Area. That changed in 2000 when several
heroes from the Los Angeles and San Diego
area, including Downshift (who can create small
timewarping effects, speeding up or slowing
down time for herself or others) and Firewall
(a fire/heat manipulator), decided to create an
informal group to respond to threats too big for
any of them to handle. Basically they arranged for
anyone who wanted to be part of the “network”
and who received a vote of approval from the
existing members to receive a special communicator
(disguised to look like a watch) so the other
members could contact him whenever necessary.

The California Patrol

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