Champions: The Mutant Chronicles

Blame It All On My Roots
Five Decades of Influences

Campaign Dates: July 1-3, 2017
Sessions: 5
GM: Tom

  • Session 1: Wed, Jul 12, 2017 – 1800 PST
  • Session 2: Wed, Jul 19, 2017 – 1800 PST
  • Session 3: Wed, Jul 26, 2017 – 1800 PST
  • Session 4: Wed, Aug 2, 2017 – 1800 PST
  • Session 5: Wed, Aug 9, 2017 – 1800 PST

PC’s Involved:
Agent Storm
Amber (Missed Session 2)
Psi-Kick (Missed Sessions 1 & 2)
TK Kid (Missed Sessions 1, 2, & 3)

Notable NPCs:
David Brody
Deputy Robert “Bobby” Turlsom
Dr. Albert Jackson (aka Black Thunder)
Dr. Wraithe of The Protectors
Lt. General Leland Montague
Peter “Ol’ Pete” Gottman (Twister’s Grandfather)
Sheriff John Lewis
Silver Avenger Frank Hartigan
Silver Avenger Robert Webster
Special Agent in Charge Terrance Fisher
Victory Girl

Amok (aka Warren)
DEMON Agents (Brothers, Devil Dog, Evil Eye, Initiates, & Morbanes)
Genocide Agents (Brick Busters, Dampeners, Eradicators, Swatters, & Trackers)

Session 1 – Narrative:
So, Webster is planting a new super in the midst of the Hollywood Knights, tomorrow, for them to take under their wings. Amber will love this! At least Webster didn’t blind-side me on it. I don’t agree with keeping the Knights in the dark, but I’ll say nothing, as ordered. Leaving a picture from the dossier in a place where it will be noted in the morning, however, is wide open … and should spark some interest.

[The next morning]

As expected, the reprobate found it first. Quite the distraction, too, as it kept her busy enough that she forgot to siphon away all of the coffee; clearly I need to add ‘attention deficit’ to her profile. Today’s meeting ought to be interesting since Twister’s on vacation and Psi-Kick is mentally indisposed — which means … Hardcore … is in charge. Well, at least he makes reasonably sound decisions, unlike Little Miss Trouble. Why the hell is he staring at me like that?

“I know what you’re thinking,” Storm say to Hardcore. That got his attention…

“You do?” Hardcore asks, after which Storm proceeds to tell Hardcore exactly what is on Hardcore’s mind, followed by a smug, “How am I doing?”

A quiet, private conversation between Hardcore and Storm ensues on the topic of Storm’s mental abilities, their inobvious nature, and the fact that Storm has been secretly using them to assist the Hollywood Knights all along. Something in Hardcore’s demeanor toward Storm changes.

Hours later, a quick dispatch to PRIMUS HQ to advise of inbound transport, and Hardcore, Amber, and Storm arrive for their scheduled meeting with Webster — which is stupidly brief because of a super mess downtown. A 12 foot tall homeless man named Amok is apparently yelling and violently throwing cars all over the place. Victory Girl and AMorph are already on site but need assistance, so the Knights will get to see their new flunky first-hand. Storm straightens his tie — just another day at the office.

Teleporting to the scene, Storm observes that Amok’s mind is a steel trap that’s clamped shut in single-minded fashion. Attacks only seem to make him stronger, so Storm blinds him while Amber works with the on-site PRIMUS agents to get innocents off a bus and out of harm’s way. Meanwhile, Hardcore, Victory Girl, and AMorph work together to repeatedly hold and subdue Amok. A huge pothole, a broken bus, and a shockwave later, the massive homeless man shrinks down to an emaciated version of himself in a confused daze. Agent Storm introduces himself and convinces him to accompany the PRIMUS agents to Stronghold where he’ll be fed, provided a place to clean up, and clothed. The man, whose name is Warren, agrees.

Twister and Dana arrive at his grandparents’ house in Thomaston, Georgia to find police tending to a home invasion. A blast that left a sticky residue appears to have gone off in the dining room, and Twister’s grandfather, Pete, is being tended to by EMTs. Three man-size impressions can be seen in the drywall of the dining room, and a cuckoo clock that was knocked from the wall reads: 10:34.

Deputy Bob finds a Galaxy S7 and suggests to the Sheriff that it be sent to the lab. Twister and Dana accompany Twister’s grandfather to the ER.

Session 2 – Narrative:
Eventually, after Pete is stabilized, a hospital room is assigned. Twister and Dana camp out in the room to provide support and after what seems like an eternity, Pete fights for breath and says, “Hey boy, they took your Gram. There is some stuff you should know about your Grandma. Check the gun safe in the barn by my workbench, combination is your birthday. Dunno who they were but they had some pretty crazy ordinance and a patch with a white king, like from chess. Don’t do anything crazy just get the information to the law.” Hey, boy. They took your gram. There’s some stuff you should know about her … in the gun safe … combination’s your birthday.” And with that, he was out, again.

Leaving Dana to attend to his grandfather, Twister returned to his grandparents’ house, located the gun safe in the barn, opened it, and discovered a full-size M1911, a Smith & Wesson Model 19 .357 Revolver, a Remington 700 bolt action 30-06 with a brand new Bushnell Trophy Xtreme scope, a Colt M-16, a Winchester Model 101 12 gauge over-under, the Marlin Model 60 .22lr that Zeke learned to shoot with, several neatly labeled ammo containing an estimated 8,000 rounds, and an accordion file labeled simply ‘NAM’. Within the file were photos of a young Pete with members of the Freedom Squad (Mr. Motion, Captain Stalwart, Major Flagg) as well as some independant heroes like Wind Dancer, Lynx, Black Thunder, Rocket Man, and Lady Wonder.

Twister calls Bob and Silver Avenger Webster and tells both that his grandmother is Wind Dancer, that she’s missing, and that he’s looking for assistance. Bob indicates his only lead is the burner phone and that it’s still being worked, while Webster suggests working through military channels to learn more about Wind Dancer’s past … and then reminds Twister that Agent Storm is a retired full bird Colonel.

Twister then calls The Keep and informs the Knights of what has happened, after which he proceeds to search the house for things the local police might have missed. With Psi-Kick still mentally indisposed and Amber MIA after scrapping with Amok a day earlier, Hardcore and Storm board the skycruiser with AMorph in tow, and make a beeline for Georgia. While in route, Storm assembles a quick mental profile of the known facts surrounding Wind Dancer, old Pete, and the individuals in the photo, best summarized as:

  • Captain Stalwart – recently deceased (killed by a supervillain called Carcass)
  • Major Flagg – Deceased (KIA – Operation Desert Storm) by Saddam Hussein’s military arm
  • Wind Dancer – Only active during Nam and never made domestic appearances (wartime superheroine – quit after Tet offensive
  • Lynx – MIA
  • Black Thunder (Dr. Albert Jackson) – Became a black rights activist
  • Rocketman – Deceased (KIA – Battle of Detroit)
  • Lady Wonder – Not seen in 3 decades
  • Mr. Motion – Deceased (KIA – by Carcass during Hollywood Knights activities)
  • SHOC – Super Human Operations Contingent
  • SAG – US Army Security Agency Group – department which coordinated and escorted superhuman assets during the Vietnam War. Now called the ASA. If anyone has knowledge of SAG activities during the era where Wind Dancer was active, it would be Lt. General Leland Montague (Ret.), as he was active from 1960 to 2009.

A quick call by Storm to Dr. Albert Jackson (aka Black Thunder) yielded no leads. A follow-up call to General Montague urgently requesting a visit resulted in a call-back an invitation to meet at his ranch in Texas. Storm, Hardcore, and AMorph diverted to the ranch and, after being verified by General Motague, were rewarded with a full set of date-organized SAG records on a thumb drive.

Twister’s search turns up a ring-bound phone/address book that isn’t in its proper place. It contains names/addresses kept by his grandparents, and he observes that no pages seem to be missing. Hardcore, Agent Storm, and AMorph arrive on site and share what they’ve learned. Twister shows the book to Storm, who quickly reads it and notes that a different number for Dr. Albert Jackson (Black Thunder) than the one they used … is in the book. AMorph sniffs the pages and requests permission to remove the white-out from one entry; Twister agrees.

Deputy Bob calls back and informs Twister that the burner phone has only one text and nothing else. The text lists Twister’s grandma and her address … and also lists the following: David Brody, Decatur, GA. A quick Google on a smartphone reveals that David Brody is a kid who is uncannily good at sports — so good that he’s become a local celebrity in the paper due to his winning streak.

The team locates Brody’s house using some cross-references, flies there, sets down nearby, and learns from the baby sitter watching his sister that neither David nor his parents are home; they are, instead, at an award ceremony taking place at the school. The group packs up, again, heads for the school, does a single fly-over, and observes that there are armed men on the rooftop of the school.

AMorph becomes a dragonfly and exits the vehicle to fly into the school and do some recon. He observes there is an out-of-place, empty UPS vehicle that is clearly an urban troop transport — suggesting a squad is on-site. Storm radios PRIMUS indicating the currently known state of things at the school and requesting covert backup on site.

Session 3 – Narrative:
The skycruiser’s teleportal shimmers and Psi-Kick appears. Another shimmer takes places as Amber materializes. Storm provides a sit-rep and Amber notes the rooftop sentries have spotted the skycruiser. Hardcore zips away to a field approximately 5 miles away and lands, after which Twister flies the team back to the school…. except, of course, Amber, who runs … because she just has to be difficult, like that.

Combat ensues when one of the rooftop Genocide agents spots Twister and attacks. Despite being outnumbered and outgunned by some absolutely amazing technology produced by TechnoSmith… the fight is over almost as quickly as it begins, and the Hollywood Knights manage to preclude David Brody’s abduction. Psi-Kick’s telepathy reveals that an abandoned warehouse (Lewis’ Auto Parts ) in Atlanta is where Wind Dancer was dropped off … and where David Brody was to be delivered … and that this effort by Genocide was a paid engagement … funded by Devos, a DEMON cell.

Session 4 – Narrative:
“Aggregate and catalog all of their gear in the van in which they arrived, but do NOT remove any of it from the scene,” Agent Storm barks at the PRIMUS field team as it arrives to mop up the scene at the school. “We may yet have need of it. All of it – so lock them up in PRIMUS-provided smocks. And keep the media off the scene until after I’ve given an all-clear — including aerial coverage.” Before any of them can protest about freedom of the press, he adds, “Cite the usual safety and national security reasons. We have an opportunity here to leverage the media for some disinformation, and we need that option on the table or we may lose a life … and one of our heroes from Vietnam.” Special Agent in Charge Terrance Fisher, being relatively new to his position, acquiesces to Storm’s orders given both his presence and persuasiveness, even though Fisher technically outranks Storm. It is 4:35pm.

As the Genocide agents are stripped of their gear and processed, Agent Storm delves into the minds of each and determines that the trackers are the leaders (first and second in command). Probing both deeply with Thought Transference while performing the usual field questioning to bring deep thoughts to the surface, Storm learns their names, ranks, meeting and resupply locations, and orders, which entail delivering David Brody to an abandoned Lewis’ Auto Parts warehouse at 2556 S. Sunset Ave. by 6pm … alive.

With this information Storm hatches a plan entailing the Hollywood Knights wearing the Genocide agents’ equipment … with AMorph in their ‘custody’ posing as young David Brody … while the Brody family is safely under PRIMUS protection … and the media reports an abduction. Immediately following a briefing wherein he shares what he’s learned with the Hollywood Knights and one Silver Avenger Frank Hartigan, Storm proposes his plan to the Knights. “Why beat down the doors of an abandoned warehouse when we can drive right in wearing helmets and body armor … and deliver the expected package?”

The Knights, having no better option, agree that Storm’s plan will do, and by 5pm the team is suited up, in the Genocide agents’ van, and on its way to the abandoned warehouse. They arrive at the warehouse with 5 minutes to spare, and Hardcore pulls the van to the back of the warehouse and backs it up to the right-most loading dock. No sooner than the engine is cut than the roll-up door at the loading dock opens, and someone from within mutters, “Well, at least you’re punctual.”

The team shoves AMorph (posing as David Brody) forward, and he makes a good show of resisting and being frightened while one of the people within the warehouse mutters something and gestures at the boy. Seconds later, a cry emanates from within the warehouse, “We’ve been duped!” and the individual slams AMorph with some sort of spell. The gig being up, Psi-Kick, Amber, Hardcore, and Twister spring into action, with all but the last of these piling into the warehouse.

Amber, noting a pentagram on floor and an altar in the center of it to which Wind Dancer is chained, defiles the pentagram, drawing the ire of the DEMON agents. Most of the DEMON initiates and brothers attack, the Eldritch Blasts from their wands crisscrossing the warehouse in a hail of spell-driven, laser-like fire. Those who don’t have a clear shot move in for a better one. Storm waits for an opening and darts into the center of the warehouse, dropping a Mental Paralysis that freezes all but 3 of the Knights’ opposition in their tracks while AMorph shapeshifts into a demonic, insect-like creature proceeds to break the chains confining Wind Dancer’s unconscious body to the alter on which it rests. This draws the ire of one unparalyzed Devil Dog, who runs up to AMorph and hammers him so hard that he is momentarily KO’d.

Outside, a telekinetic force shoves the van away from the loading dock as if it were a Tonka Truck, taking Twister with it. Amber immediately grabs Wind Dancer’s body and bolts from the warehouse, radioing PRIMUS for a pickup once she’s far enough away to feel safe to do so. Storm rapidly exits the warehouse, as well, in order to create an opening for Twister to use his area wind powers. The Knights then proceed to pick off the DEMON agents, most of which offer no resistance due to the Mental Paralysis. A lone, unaffected DEMON Brother drops his wand and surrenders without a fight…

Session 5 – Narrative:
While waiting on PRIMUS to both show up and mop up, Hardcore confronts the individual who shoved the van out of the way — a boyish figure dressed in a raggedy, homemade costume. He demands of the kid, “Who the hell are you?!” as he’s about to attack, but Tweaker stops him, indicating that she brought the kid and he is their cousin, Jeremy Harding. She notices Agent Storm removing a Genocide uniform and inquires as to why the team is wearing them. Without waiting for an answer, she immediately changes the topic by noting aloud that there is a body camera sending a signal back to Genocide.

Raggedy Andy surmises that the camera signal can be traced back to Genocide, but before anyone can investigate further, two of the still-conscious DEMON agents break loose from their holds. Both Morebanes, gesturing and incanting, cause a portal to appear and then dive through it, tossing two figurines on the ground as they disappear. AMorph attempts to follow but isn’t quick enough to make it to the portal before it closes.

The team suddenly finds itself confronted by two large, troll-like creatures where the figurines came to rest. Each smells horrible and wields a massive club. Without hesitation, Psi-Kick and Hardcore attack one of the trolls while Twister fires a Pneumatic Lance at the other. All three immediately note the unusual toughness of their targets as the trolls retaliate in unison against the closest Knight, Hardcore. AMorph blocks one of the trolls’ clubs while Agent Storm blinds the other troll mid-swing. The latter grunts out, “Can’t see!” as it misses Hardcore, scoring a home run with the Evil Eye — piling her into a wall. The new kid on the block unexpectedly lets forth a pair of telekinetic punches that both land on the blinded troll, sending it careening through a wall and into the next room. It doesn’t get up.

Psi-Kick switches to the blunt end of her weapon, striking the remaining troll solidly three times while Twister rips into it with another Pneumatic Lance and Hardcore lands another hook kick. The combination is devastating enough to drop the remaining troll into unconsciousness.

Twister quickly turns his attention back to the crime scene and finds some official-looking papers which he asks Storm to read and summarize. They turn out to be financial in nature and suggest that the warehouse is presently abandoned due to a long-term mismanagement of funds that ultimately resulted in bankruptcy.

While delivering the financial info to the Knights, Agent Storm nonchalantly picks up and pockets the surrendered Brother’s wand, questioning him immediately after finishing his summary report. The Brother offers no resistance and informs the team that the warehouse was chosen because it is on unholy ground — land Tweaker reveals was once home to a slaughter house. Storm continues his inquiry while casually traversing the warehouse to the altar, unwrapping the fingers of a DEMON Initiate from around the dagger that was nearly used to kill Wind Dancer, wrapping it up in the financial papers, and pocketing it. The surrendered Brother, watching this, indicates that the Knights know not the power that they wield, after which his brooch glows and then consumes him in a ball of green fire.

Concerned that there might be another escape by the remaining DEMON agents, the underoo-wearing boy who introduced himself as ‘TK’ wraps the still-frozen agents in some sort of telekinetic chains and holds them until PRIMUS finally arrives. As the PRIMUS investigative and processing teams fan out to do their work, Silver Avenger Frank Hartigan again makes an ass of himself ordering Storm and the Knights around, almost as if he’s overcompensating in order to mask or hide something. However, upon Storm’s introduction of Twister as the leader of the Hollywood Knights, Hartigan’s demeanor softens and becomes almost acquiescent, much like most women behave when they meet Twister.

Hartigan, of course, demands a debrief, so Storm provides a ~2 minute sitrep on behalf of the Knights that appears to satisfy him. The Silver Avenger then barks, “Get the hell off my crime scene! And leave that gear!!” to the Knights, receives a crisp “Yes, sir.” from Storm, and the Knights remove the Genocide uniforms in compliance, as ordered, and depart. Twister ferries the team to the skycruiser — except for Amber, who insists on getting there on her own. Once arrived, they board, and Tweaker checks to make sure there are no audio or video transmissions from within. The Knights’ privacy confirmed, Storm removes the wand, dagger, and papers from his inner suit pockets, places them on the floor of the skycruiser, and tells the team that the objects might be useful for further investigation and that, absent any volunteers, Twister will be their new steward, as a) he is the leader of the team and b) it was his grandmother’s life that was almost taken by the dagger. No one volunteers…

The Knights then fly to Twister’s grandparents’ house where most of them await Mrs. Gottman’s return. Twister and Psi-Kick visit Mrs. Gottman at the Atlanta PRIMUS HQ where they find her tightlipped and awaiting debrief. They return to the farm house shortly thereafter, and Mrs. Gottman shows up a few days later – glad to be home, thankful for the Knights’ help, and as hospitable as one would expect a well-mannered southern woman of her generation to be. Zeke has a heartfelt discussion with his grandmother, and a bit later the same day, the whole team enjoys a rare, homecooked meal — even Raggedy Andy.

Soon after, the Knights fly back to L.A., saying little more to one another about the exhausting ordeal. Upon arrival they pay Dr. Wraithe of The Protectors a visit, show him the wand and the dagger, and ask a pile of questions about DEMON. In doing so, they learn that the genes that give mutants their powers are generally dominant, but can also be recessive … and that DEMON is considered to wield real/actual magic – although one man’s magic is always another man’s science. Interestingly, the magic in question is apparently based on the premise that mutants carry powers that are descended directly from ancient gods … and that they pass these powers on generationally via their blood lines.

Dr. Wraithe also speculates that with the proper ritual, the horned dagger may be able to release magical energy contained within one mutant in a way that allows it to be be transferred to another individual. i.e. The genetic material possessed of magical abiliaties moves from one corporeal body to another … but the original mind and body remain otherwise unaffected by the transfer. More than likely, this was what the DEMON Morebanes had planned for Wind Dancer and David Brody.

Psi-Kick shudders at this last bit of information, recognizing that her abilities stem from a long and unbroken line of Osbournes who had abilities similar to her own. At the same time, Storm takes an unusually long look at the Harding family standing before him, each of which have their own gifts. And then there is Wind Dancer and Twister’s common connection which was just revealed to all of the Knights. While not definitive, the anecdotal evidence all around the Knights suggests to each that all are DEMON targets … and that no mutant is safe.

Worse, the outstanding matter of the camera feed to Genocide, remains. What did it capture and who was learning from it? Presumably it transmitted both the school fight with the Genocide agents as well as the warehouse fight with the DEMON agents – right up to th point where the Knights shed their Genocide uniforms per Hartigan’s order. If Genocide continues a for-profit bag and tag operation leveraging DEMON as a mutant disposal unit, the symbiotic relationship would make both organizations far more dangerous than either of them operating independently. And Genocide just gained a pile of useful information about the Knights – especially the Hardings.


XP and Rewards

Agent Storm receives 5 XP
Amber receives 3 XP
AMorph receives 10 XP
Hardcore receives 5 XP
Psi-Kick receives 3 XP
TK Kid receives 4 XP
Twister receives 5 XP

Surrealone receives 5 GMXP for the Adventure Log


Amber is voted MVP receiving 1 additional XP.

Holy Crap!
Knights in the Barrio

Campaign Dates: June 7-8th, 2017
Sessions: 3
GM: Erik

  • Session 1: Wed, June 14, 2017 – 1800 PST
  • Session 2: Wed, June 21, 2017 – 1800 PST
  • Session 3: Wed, June 28, 2017 – 1800 PST

PC’s Involved:
Agent Storm

Notable NPCs:
Father Calhoun
Monsignor Dietrich
Sofia Mariana de la Santisima (aka Abuelita)

DEMON Initiates

Session 1 – Narrative:
I was kind of hoping to spend some quality time with Nicole today. Shit’s been a little crazy lately and she has not really been herself since the whole Nevermind thing. Well honestly that probably isn’t true. Now that she has her memories back she may be more herself than ever. The psychic bond that we share gives me a lot more insight to her moods than any of the others have. I think the biggest change is a more pronounced feeling of regret. I mean hell, she just found out that she was a ninja and was a member of the Black Dragon Society. I don’t know if the mental manifestation of the leader was accurate but if it was, that dude is a fucking bad ass. Well I am just doing what I can to help her through this whole transition and hope that things turn out okay. So anyway, of course my plans get screwed up. Zeke calls and apparently his date with Dana is more important than anything that I had planned. I guess that he had already planned for the time so I shouldn’t bitch about it too much.

Twister asks Nicole to help out a friend of his with a missing person thing and I tell her that I will tag along. We head to the Teleporter pad and are in downtown LA at the PRIMUS HQ as fast as you can say, “MYFUCKINGATOMSAREBEINGBROKENUPANDSHOTACROSSTHESKY”. I generally leave Sophia, my Harley, at the parking structure so we jump on that and head out to East LA. Fuck! It’s Wednesday, I guess that means that Tacos and Tequila Tuesday is out. Oh well Whiskey Wednesday it is. So we head out to Abuelita’s Pawn Shop in East LA. This is when I am really thankful that I spent so much time with James’ family. I am not fluent in Spanish but I can get by. We walk in and the kid behind the counter calls out “Abuelita”. She takes Nicole and I into her office and explains that one of her employees has gone missing. The missing dude’s name is Jorge Solare and from what she tells us the guy is a saint. I go out to get the real story from his co-worker up front but it is just more of the same. Apparently he volunteers a lot at the local church and doesn’t really have any close friends.

I have never been much of a church guy but I walk into Saint Alphonsus hoping not to get struck by lightning or something. Nicole makes nice and crosses herself with the holy water at the door. Maybe she is looking for a little redemption for her past life. I don’t know what she is worried about, she is a great woman. Best I’ve ever been associated with anyway. Nicole goes to speak with a priest and I head up to listen to another one talking about some artifacts that they have on display. Nicole’s talk with Father Gilbert doesn’t elicit very much information and all I am able to gather from the other is that the artifacts belong to Saint Faustina. It has become readily apparent that we aren’t really cut out for this investigation shit. Time to call in reinforcements that actually know something about investigation. We start heading down to the motel that Jorge lives at and see a couple of bars along the way. I figure that no one is as clean as Jorge has been made out to be and stop at a bar named El Pollo Loco (I wonder if they’ve been sued for trademark infringement yet?). By that time The old Fed and Li’l Miss Conspiracy show up and who do they have with them? Quindy. It looks like the past few months have been good for her as she manages to actually walk by me without brushing her tits against me. I kind of think that she has always been a little jealous of Nicole and I. I’m really glad that she met Grim. He’s a pretty decent guy all things considered. Hell even if he beat her she would like it anyway. To each their own I guess.

I talk with the bartender, Jose, for a while (about 6 beers worth of time…so not long) and he is actually a bit helpful. It seems that Jorge really is something of a choirboy. I find it strange that he is somehow VERY good at diffusing problems that come his way. Sounds like he could be a meta of some sort (I know, I know…but given the world we live in anything is possible). Apparently he also spends a lot of time with Father Calhoun in a back booth (How old is this guy again? 10? Okay, I am going to Hell.) I let everyone know what I find out and Amber, Midnight, Nicole and I head over to the dump…er? motel this guy stays in while Grandpa Government goes to the church. Lo and behold the front door is open (wink) to the room and we go in to investigate. We search the room and Amber finds some clothes stashed under the bed. HOLY CRAP!…quite literally actually. It looks like the stole that Saint Faustina is wearing in some of the pictures…it’s a Stolen Stole! Meanwhile, the Secret Agent Sexagenarian is interrogating the priests back at Saint Alphonsus. Say what you want about the old man but he does know how to question someone. Apparently Jorge is in the U.S. illegally and fears that someone is after him.

Session 2 – Narrative:
The group decides to head back to the church to confront Father Calhoun with the stolen stole that we found in Jorge’s room. When we get there Fossil Fed is waiting for us at the door looking very Government like. I know that the parishioners must be thinking we are a motley looking crew especially with Nicole in a black mini skirt and Quindy’s tits spilling out all over the place. Okay, okay I may not help with my wife beater but it is comfortable. Amber makes a beeline for Calhoun and she and Quinby start in on him even before Ancient Agent and I can get there. Nicole chooses to be a bit more stealthy about it and goes around the side. Father Calhoun is somewhat standoffish with us and it takes a bit of persuading to finally get him to take us to the rectory (LOL…I can’t help myself!) so that we can meet with the other Priests. We get there and wait around while Calhoun goes to talk to the Monsignor. Well most of us wait around, Quindy can’t keep still and starts wandering all over the place. We are finally taken to a private chapel to speak with Monsignor Dietrich. I find it a bit odd that our Elderly Liaison seems to be tracking Calhoun even through the walls. Are those mirrored X-Ray shades or what?

It takes some time but we finally get to the bottom of this whole thing. Dietrich is from Poland and actually remembers Jorge being a Seminary student from Madrid who came to Krakow. Dietrich was the one who accompanied the artifacts here. We find out that in addition to speaking with our Geriatric G-Man and Nicole, Calhoun spoke with another woman. Nicole finds that he has some sort of mental block where that woman is considered and has to probe (Hahaha…probing in the Rectory) him deeper (Oh shit, I am dying here!) for information. She finds out that the woman who spoke with Calhoun left some post hypnotic suggestion for him to leave a door open to the church. Our local AARP member contacts PRIMUS to arrange for the artifacts and Dietrich to be secured at the regional office and when the church closes its doors about 9pm Grandpa escorts Dietrich and the artifacts to PRIMUS. Quindy and I stay in the Rectory (hehe) while Nicole and Amber take positions in the church. The thought is that if the person that spoke with Calhoun has a way of seeing minds Nicole and Amber are both protected while Quindy and I are not. I don’t have any idea where the Senior Citizen goes but he checks in and tells us that he is watching from outside. At about 1:30am Calhoun does a walk through of the church and leaves the side door open as the post hypnotic suggestion dictated.

At about 2am shit starts happening. The door opens and a bunch of guys in robes come in with two gargoyles and two others that I recognize as Cloaca a DEMON supervillain and Talisman, Witchcraft’s evil sister. When they get fully into the church Quindy and I make ourselves known. Cloaca attacks Midnight with no effect and just as Talisman goes to attack me Psi-Kick lets her have it with her Kasura-gami. Talisman is hurt but continues to wave her hands in the air, then Amber shoots some goo at her. The witch hits me with some spell that doesn’t seem to do anything but it stays on me. I jump into the middle of the DEMON guys and yell out, “BRING IT BITCHES!” Which of course gets every one of them to attack me…including the Gargoyles. I guess they didn’t read the memo that I am invulnerable and I punch one of the Gargoyles who attacked me, sending him flying across the church. Psi-Kick lashes out at Talisman again while Amber surrounds the artifact decoy with a barrier. The thing that Talisman put on me keeps trying to do something and has no effect while she surrounds herself and much of the church in darkness. Ya know one thing that I have to say is the damn old man just stands around and watches the whole thing. I mean c’mon Grandpa, didn’t PRIMUS teach you to use a gun. Do something

Session 3 – Narrative:
Midnight opens up on Cloaca with a focused blast as I leap out of the darkness to where I knocked the Gargoyle and wrap him up. Meanwhile, Papa PRIMUS stands around looking at everyone while Amber and Psi-Kick team up against Talisman and take her down which also drops the darkness. The DEMON initiates scramble out and a few of them fire at Midnight doing more damage than I would have thought. Finally finding the will to move Senior Citizen Storm steps forward and yells “Freeze, or the big buy will rip your arms off!”. No shit he really did. Oddly enough it did seem to work as all of the initiates freeze in place. Midnight crashes into Cloaca nearly bringing down one of the support columns and shaking the entire church. Amber uses her power to reinforce Midnight’s defenses and Psi-Kick makes certain that Talisman isn’t getting up any time soon. I rip the arm off the Gargoyle I am holding and scream out, “Who’s Next!”. The other Gargoyle attacks me but doesn’t even leave a scratch. Amber does me a solid and attacks the one I am holding with a giant amber needle and busts the shit out of it. Psi-Kick moves into range and starts kicking the crap out of the DEMON initiates while Midnight attacks the other Gargoyle flying next to me. I turn around and get ready to wallop the Gargoyle when I am distracted by something moving…it’s our Ancient Agent actually moving into the fray!! The shock makes me miss the Gargoyle though. Amber fires at the Gargoyle while Psi-Kick keeps mopping up the Initiates and Midnight smashes one of them into the ground. I have to chuckle when Geriatric G-Man finally pulls his gun to cover…Talisman? Um, dude she was knocked out a long time ago…get with the program. Amber goos up the Gargoyle while Midnight blasts away at it and I grab the damn thing. Grandpa Government keeps covering Talisman…hahaha…I can’t help myself and I say something snarky and suddenly he is in my head. WTF! I knew something was up with that guy.

We finally crush the last Gargoyle and I notice that the initiates are burning while they are laying on the ground. We can’t let them die so we take them outside and wait for PRIMUS to show up. Monsignor Dietrich shows up with them and he and Storm get into it over whether he can be detained to answer some questions. Apparently the guy has diplomatic immunity. It ends up with Webster not backing Storm’s play but it seemed to me that the old fox kind of got what he was looking for. So maybe Storm has been helping us this entire time and not just standing around. I am definitely going to have to find out more.

Post-Session 3 Wrap-Up:
Monsignor Dietrich thanks the Hollywood Knights and returns to Europe with Jorge. Agent Storm learns that Talisman ha a rivalry with her sister, Witchcraft, that she feels she’s winning … and that her greatest fear is being stripped of her powers/abilities and having to live life as a normal, again.


XP and Rewards

Agent Storm receives 3 XP and a favor from Sofia Mariana de la Santisima (aka Abuelita)
Amber receives 3 XP and a favor from Sofia Mariana de la Santisima (aka Abuelita)
Hardcore receives 3 XP and a favor from Sofia Mariana de la Santisima (aka Abuelita)
Psi-Kick receives 3 XP and a favor from Sofia Mariana de la Santisima (aka Abuelita)
Midnight receives a favor from Sofia Mariana de la Santisima (aka Abuelita)

Drone receives 3 GMXP for playing Midnight
Deadman receives 3 GMXP for the Adventure Log
Lectryk receives 3 GMXP for GMing the Adventure


Hardcore is voted MVP receiving 1 additional XP.

Possession Is Nine Tenths of Ownership
Head Trip

Campaign Dates: Apr 24 – May 21, 2017
Sessions: 5
GM: Tom

  • Session 1: Wed, May 03, 2017 – 1800 PST
  • Session 2: Wed, May 10, 2017 – 1800 PST
  • Session 3: Wed, May 24, 2017 – 1800 PST
  • Session 4: Wed, May 31, 2017 – 1800 PST
  • Session 5: Wed, Jun 07, 2017 – 1800 PST

PC’s Involved:
Agent Storm
Street Angel (KIA)

Notable NPCs:

Hollywood Knights
Shadow Dragon

Session 1 – Narrative:
Psi-Kick awoke unusually early … drenched in a cold sweat after having having dreamt of Nevermind attacking the Hollywood Knights. She jotted it down in her journal and then headed to the kitchen for breakfast — and said nothing of it over coffee with Agent Storm.

Meanwhile, Street Angel, who was on patrol, heard an alarm coming from Jake’s Jewelry Store. Eager to be the hero, he entered invisibly and found Shadow Dragon busily stuffing a duffel bag full of merchandise. He moved in close to Shadow Dragon, became visible, and asked, “Found anything interesting?” Shadow Dragon replied, “Quite a bit, actually. You’re so predictable…”

Immediately thereafter, Bulldozer stepped from one of Shadow Dragon’s shadow disks and said, “You know that Agent Storm is just a pawn of the government, and they are working with Genocide to destroy mutant kind. Why would you ever let such a person into your group? He is also a very powerful Mentalist and has taken control of Nicole and Amber. Hardcore and Twister know the truth as well. They will meet you tonight at 6pm to take down the insurgents. You know that this is the only way.”

Street Angel left the jewelry store with the alarm still going. No theft was halted. No arrest was made. He simply went about the rest of his day as usual … with no thought of having met Bulldozer.

Twister while out and about, received a call from Jake’s stating the place was being broken up. He and Hardcore met at Jake’s, soon after, and from outside they heard a scream from Jake. Rushing into the establishment, both saw Jake standing behind the bar protecting his face with his hands …from nothing. Bulldozer stepped out from behind the bar, and Jake stopped screaming long enough to look at Bulldozer, and demand, ‘Who the fuck are you?’

Courteous, as usual despite ignoring Jake, Bulldozer replied, “Zeke. Tommy. It’s good to see you.” He then hit Twister and Hardcore with a mental paralysis, stopping both in their tracks. Looking at Twister, Bulldozer said, “How could you abandon your friends and let them be controlled by Agent Storm? You must protect them. Psi-Kick and Amber are under Storm’s mental control. Tonight at 6pm you, Hardcore and Street Angel have to strike back.”

Turning his attention to Hardcore, Bulldozer then said, “You were supposed to protect her, and now that PRIMUS goon has taken control of her. You have to team up with Street Angel and Twister tonight at 6pm to take them down. It’s the only way to save Nicole.”

The rest of the day was uneventful … until 6pm, when the post-hypnotic suggestions kicked in. Twister attacked Amber in the AV room without warning. Soaking the damage, she entangled Twister and made a beeline for The Keep’s exit. Street Angel went after Storm in the hallway, while Hardcore attacked Psi-Kick in the hanger.

Merlyn locked down The Keep as the three battles raged …until Hardcore knocked out Psi-Kick. Immediately afterward, Storm noticed a non-corporeal Nevermind descend the elevator shaft … and settle into Psi-Kick.

Session 2 – Narrative:
Psi-Kick seemed to regain consciousness just as Nevermind’s post-hypnotic suggestion lost its grip on Hardcore. However, the relief was short-lived, as it was Nevermind’s poisonous words leaking from betwixt Psi-Kick’s lips that lashed out at Hardcore, questioning aloud what Psi-Kick saw in Hardcore.

Recognizing she wasn’t herself, Hardcore immediately opened comms and called for support against Nevermind in the hanger. Storm replied indicating that The Keep was on lockdown, to which Hardcore retorted, “Use the damn stairs!” Merlyn, overhearing Hardcore and Storm’s dialog, brought The Keep off lockdown with exception to Psi-Kick. He then flooded the hanger at Amber’s request, who then made her way to it from (underwater) outside.

Nevermind, as Psi-Kick, quickly took control of Hardcore and directed him to defend her, go to the first floor, and beat down anyone who got in his way. Complying, Hardcore entered the elevator as Street Angel invisibly exited it. Storm, seeing that Hardcore was again under Nevermind’s influence, radioed to inform the team of the situation … and waited in the elevator with Hardcore — prepared to act, if needed. The elevator ascended to the first floor and both exited — with Storm heading to a guest room while Hardcore made his way toward The Keep’s entrance/exit.

Back in the hanger, Amber had Merlyn open the hanger’s outer doors while Street Angel overrode the vestibule door between the hanger and the elevator — flooding the vestibule. Nevermind, as Psi-Kick, quickly opened up on the pair, readily dispatching both in a matter of seconds. Sensing the fight through his bond with Psi-Kick, and with Storm helping to counter Nevermind’s hold on him, Hardcore broke free of the mind control and headed down the stairs with Twister to save Psi-Kick. Storm elected to remain on the first floor and monitor the situation remotely.

Before Hardcore and Twister could even enter the hanger, Nevermind detected both, induced pain in each, and instantly dropped them into unconsciousness. Sensing this, Storm hit Nevermind with a psychic crush … and he and the rest of the non-conscious Knights suddenly found themselves standing in a Japanese garden — which Storm gathered to be a construct on the mental plane.

Moments after the Knights’ arrival, the disembodied voice of Nevermind echoed from within the garden and condescendingly welcomed the Knights to such an unexpected occurrence within Psi-Kick’s mind. … and then condemned them (again) for aligning with PRIMUS. Storm shouted back, “Kiss my PRIMUS-clad ass!”

Session 3 – Narrative:
Nevermind continued… “Your firs’ time in Ne’zach I assume? It is known by many names; Talatala, Svarloka, Manas but to mos’ I’ is simply the Plane of the Mind. It is a wonderful place as once you mas’er it you can mold it to your will. As so”….He raised his arms and eight Ninjas seemed to grow and appear out of the foliage. He said simply, “Good Luck.” and vanished.

The ninjas advanced on the Knights, resulting in an immediate and severe response from Amber, Hardcore, Psi-Kick, and Storm that ended with the quick dispatch of all eight of them while Twister and Street Angel remained frozen in place. Ansatsusha, Psi-Kick’s old master, appeared shortly thereafter, taunting Psi-Kick as Twister faded from visibility.

“Well the prodigal daughter has returned. What is the matter blossom? You do not recall your master? Surely you have asked yourself about the tattoo? I am known by many names; Ansatsusha, Kuroi Ryu, Black Dragon. We trained you, and you were ripped from our grasp before you could fully become one of us. It is of no consequence; we will now see what you and your protectors are capable of. Take care little one; I am sure that you can imagine that dying here will have severe repercussions on your prime self. Defeat me and you may exit the garden.”

Amber and Storm took up defensive positions behind Hardcore, as Amber conveyed shimmering shields to both Psi-Kick and Storm. Hardcore moved to attack and was rewarded with a flurry of focused attacks that nearly KO’d. Ansatsusha turned his attention to Psi-Kick, taunting her, again. She successfully defended herself and then responded in kind, but couldn’t connect. Her old master unleashed another flurry of kicks that dropped Psi-Kick in her tracks and sent Street Angel flying into a wall. Street Angel’s body immediately dissipated into nothingness, prompting Storm to alter reality in a way that left Psi-Kick able-bodied and conscious without any sane explanation as to why or how.

Ansatsusha belted out a proud, “Well done!” to Storm and then gave him a dirt nap for his trouble. Amber and Hardcore both fell within seconds, too, leaving only Psi-Kick and her former master to continue. Psi-Kick went full-defensive, but eventually she, too, succumbed to her former master’s prowess. Impressed with her new skills, Ansatsusha applauded Psi-Kick, telling her she had learned much, gained powerful allies, and judged them worthy to pass. A door appeared in a section of the garden, disjoint and out of place, and all of the Knights except Street Angel passed beyond its threshold after licking their wounded pride.

On the other side lay a flat, within which dishes could be heard clanking from the floor, above. It felt familiar and inviting to Psi-Kick, who recognized it as her childhood home. Psi-Kick ascended to the second floor with Hardcore, Amber, Twister, and Storm in tow. There, they found Psi-Kick’s mom, Mrs. Osbourne, in the kitchen.

“Comin’ in a wee bit late are we lass? Sit back while I put the Barmbrak in the o’en. I’ve missed you mah baybeh. `T seems so long ago tha raht bastahrd took ye’. Ah guess tha good news is tha’ this is your opportuniteh ta be done wit hem once an’ fur all. Ah see ya have some friends wit’ ya. Thass good, as it will nah be an ehazy task. "

Psi-Kick introduced each of the Knights to her mom. As if on command, Hardcore’s headstrong swagger instantly vanished, leaving only polite, nervous discourse in its wake. Amber and Twister made themselves at home at the table while Storm nervously cased the points of ingress/egress, ever the government snoop.

Mrs. Osbourne went on to explain, “Cullen is powe’ful heah an’ takin’ hem down will take all of ya workin’ as one. En Natzach each of ya has a wakeness tha’ con be taken advantage of. S’good thing tha it is na all tha apparent. I am aware of Cullen’s weakness here as we do ba’elle daily. Y’see, when in Netzach the landscape changes based on the host mind, an raht now you are tha host, love. A‘parently you an’ Cullen spenta good deal o’ time in Japan, an’ much o’ the landscape reflects thaht. Ya be’er ge’ a move on lassy, hea won’ be in this state for long. Ya need to hi’ `em in tha solar plexes righ’ under his sternum if a’ all possible; tha’ll be the quickes’ way ta bring hem down. In order to trap him heah, you will haveta kill him, though. Take off his armor and tha’ shouldn’ be much o’ a chore. Tha’ will trap his mind within is’self, an since tha’ is all he has, he won’ exis’ anywhere bu’ Netzach. I love you baybeh, don’ e’er fo’get ya mum…”

Sessions 4 & 5 – Narrative:
Upon exiting Psi-Kick’s childhood home, the Knights found themselves outside the gate of a Japanese house from within which Frank Sinatra’s “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” could be heard playing. Agent Storm sat down on the bench and cracked his knuckles loudly while Psi-Kick stared at the home, noting it was both compelling and oddly familiar.

Impatiently, as usual, Amber opened the gate and passed through it, causing a chime to ring out and announce the Knights’ presence. She found herself in a small, well-manicured garden with a pond, and noting two doors, opened one that lead into a mud room. Worried about the little deviant, Storm got up and followed with Twister close behind; Psi-Kick and Hardcore also followed, hanging back a bit.

Continuing into the hallway beyond the mud room, Amber noted a staircase leading up and some sliding doors that led into a courtyard. Curious about the courtyard, she moved closer to it while Twister, Storm, Psi-Kick, and Hardcore assumed positions nearby. Uncomfortable with the surroundings, Agent Storm excused himself and seemed to disappear.

As the team fanned out, Nevermind’s voice echoed throughout the house, “Well I’s abou’ time yauv come, I’ been wai’in’ ‘round fureveh. Di’ ya bring ya playmates, I’d be an awful shame if they were to miss ou’ on the fun. I’ll say iam sorry now lass for once you are dead in here your mind forever belongs to meh. Play wi’ meh frien’s the shou’ sof’en ya up a bit.’”

Immediately thereafter a small horde of flying gargoyles appeared in the courtyard and began streaming into the house. Amber granted a shimmering shield to Psi-Kick, and two of the gargoyles crashed through the sliding glass doors, attacking Psi-Kick and Twister as they flew by. Psi-Kick blocked her attacker and Twister’s attacker simply missed. Two more followed suit, smacking both Amber and Hardcore as they flew past. Psi-Kick retaliated with her psi blades and missed. A third pair flew inside and hit both Amber and Hardcore, again. Amber took a moment to recover while Hardcore landed a frustrated jab on the last gargoyle that injured him.

Sensing a tough fight, Agent Storm invisibly moved to a position granting him cover from the fields of view of most of the gargoyles and then focused on his avatar to add accuracy, speed, and stamina to it. A final pair of gargoyles flew into the house, one attacking Psi-Kick as the other attacked Hardcore — neither of which seemed to do any harm to their targets. Psi-kick retaliated again with her psi blades, ripping into two of the gargoyles right before Twister formed a wind vortex in the middle of the hallway that sent Psi-Kick and most of the gargoyles crashing in all directions through the walls of the house, wounding a number of them

Obviously annoyed with Twister, three of the gargoyles ganged up on him and gave him a beat-down that left him bloody and unconscious. Two more flapped back up to Hardcore and raked angrily at him, irritating him more than anything else. Amber, having regained her bearings, was struck again by another pair of the gargoyles. Meanwhile, in another room, Psi-Kick got up, dusted herself off, and re-engaged, nicking one gargoyle with her psi blades.

Taking close aim at one of her attackers, Amber unleashed a barrage of shards that obliterated it … causing its form to fade into the mental plane’s ether like a red mist dissipating in a strong wind. Frustrated at being outnumbered, Storm imposed his will on the reality at hand, bending it to make a friend of the nearest gargoyle foe. He fixated again on the one nearest Amber, making a turncoat of it, as well. Once done, he yelled to the team, “I’m handling the one closest to me and the one closest to the plant in the foyer.” Amber followed her shards with a burning hot splat to a nearby gargoyle, massively injuring it just before it barreled into Storm, stunning him.

Meanwhile, Storm’s first turncoat gargoyle flew past one of its injured brethren, hammering it hard enough to send it back to its place of origin … and then it slammed full-on into another gargoyle in the courtyard, knocking massive chunks from its target’s body. The injured target immediately retaliated, and eliminated its attacker with its talons. The remaining turncoat went after the gargoyle that stunned Storm, destroying its charred body with wing slams as it flew by.

Psi-Kick and Hardcore ganged up on the gargoyle closest to them, quickly carving it into red dissipating mist while Amber granted a shimmering shield to a recently-awakened Twister. A gargoyle close to Amber tried to hook her with a wing as it flew past, but missed. The remaining turncoat gargoyle laid into Amber’s attacker and finished it off, then returned to Storm and hovered protectively as he added accuracy, speed, and stamina to his avatar, again.

Laughing, Nevermind appeared in the courtyard wearing a suit of samurai armor; a translucent, protective dome phased into existence about him within moments of his appearance. Storm’s turncoat gargoyle instantly attacked, ripping through the dome almost casually, to which Nevermind let out a surprised, “What?!”

Sensing an opportunity and remembering Mrs. Osbourne’s advice, Hardcore told Psi-Kick that Nevermind would make an easier target if he could grab and control him. He launched himself at Nevermind intent on doing just that, but couldn’t get the better of his foe. Working together, Twister and Agent Storm coordinated the impacts of a pneumatic lance and blast on Nevermind, injuring him only slightly. Psi-Kick attacked with her psi blades, as well, but did no damage.

Almost as if to make a statement, Nevermind turned and punched Hardcore with a telekinetic fist attack, knocking him backward through a wall and stunning him for the first time in his life. He then turned his attention to Storm’s friendly gargoyle, destroying it in a single shot with a telekinetic lance attack. Sensing an opening, Agent Storm advanced on Nevermind and set up for a called shot while Psi-Kick attempted a leg sweep and Twister took a recovery. Amber, realizing what Storm was up to, covered Nevermind in sticky goo to try to make his shot easier.

Unable to break free, Nevermind found himself stuck squarely in Storm’s sights. Storm, desperate to end things quickly while Nevermind was vulnerable, called his shot on the solar plexus, pushed his blast, and unleashed a near-perfect hit that blew through Amber’s sticky goo, knocked Nevermind back into a courtyard wall, and stunned him. Psi-Kick immediately followed up with called shots of her own using her psi blades, rendering Nevermind unconscious.

Storm let forth another blast into Nevermind’s unconscious form just to make sure he wouldn’t get up … and then reminded the team that Mrs. Osbourne warned them Cullen would need to be killed in the mental plane in order to be defeated. He then focused on the Samurai armor and willed it to be as protective as paper armor. Noticing the armor’s change and untroubled by the idea of killing something that wasn’t real to begin with, Twister let loose a pneumatic lance that devastated Nevermind’s body. His armor … crumbled … and from it arose the hazy but recognizable form of Cullen … which then dissipated into the mental plane much like the gargoyles had.

Looking around, it soon dawned on the Knights that they had won … but were stuck on the mental plane with no idea how to leave it. Amber went to the study and began flipping through its books. Most were empty, something Amber took to be a sign of what’s typically going on in Psi-Kick’s head. Psi-Kick, on the other hand, ascended the stairs and took a look around on the second floor. Drawn to a familiar-seeming bedroom, she entered it and took stock of its contents. A small, locked chest caught her eye, and when she touched it to pick it up, it released a blast of energy that sent her flying across the room.

Through her mind link with Hardcore, Psi-Kick told him she needed everyone’s help, which resulted in Hardcore fearfully telling the team, “Psi-Kick needs our help!” and bolting up the stairs. The rest of the Knights followed suit and found Psi-Kick picking herself up from the floor. With a worried look on her face, she explained what happened when she touched the chest. While the team pondered what to do, Little Miss Trouble grabbed the box without any reservations or fear and began tinkering with its lock. No longer worried what the box might do to others, Agent Storm focused on the box and willed its lock into a simpler rendition of itself in order to help Amber get it open.

Seconds later, a ‘click’ was heard from the chest, and Amber cracked a knowing smile. She opened it and from it flew bolt of energy that slammed into Psi-Kick’s forehead, cold-cocking her. She awoke a few moments later and shouted, “What the hell?! Fuck! That hurt!!!” And then her jaw nearly hit the floor…

Curse words? She could curse? And what was she doing back in the house she lived in for more than two years while working for the Black Dragon cult? The memories came flooding back … and with them … the memory of how to leave the mental plane.

The Knights awoke in The Keep exactly where they were prior to their activities on the Mental Plan — except for Street Angel, whose body was found to be braindead. Twister had Merlyn take The Keep off lockdown, and PRIMUS was contacted to effect repairs. Psi-Kick also contacted Dr. Wraith regarding Street Angel, and Wraith referred her to Dr. Kine, a mentalist working for Angel Stone Laboratories. Dr. Kine visited The Keep, listened as Psi-Kick described how Street Angel came to be in such a state, and expressed an interest in Street Angel’s case because of the challenge of it. Contacting Street Angel’s mother because she was his listed next of kin, Psi-Kick determined his mother’s preference would be for Street Angel to be housed and treated at Angel Stone Laboratories, so his body was released to Dr. Kine.

Following up on other fronts, Storm learned that Bulldozer was hospitalized for dehydration and arrested once his treatment was complete. Claiming no knowledge of his recent actions, he is arraigned, exonerated by telepathic expert testimony arranged by his attorney, and released. Boa Constrictor, Esper, Freon, and Oculon are also similarly-arraigned and they, too, try to claim no knowledge of their actions, but telepathic expert testimony shows that they were paid for their actions at the Hilton, and all of them are imprisoned except Esper, who apparently could not be read by the telepathic experts.

Psi-Kick did some research on things experienced within the mental plane and learned that the Black Dragons date back centuries, possibly even millennia. Only recently did their dealings become insidious: they have sought to overthrow the Japanese government since WWII. Looking into ‘Ansatsusha’, Psi-Kick was unable to find any information…

Hardcore reported that Edge is settling into a leadership position within the Mutant Underground and that his sister, Tweaker, is pleased with this, as she’s the thinker of the group and never wanted to be the leader. He also informed the Knights that Maquillage is helping mals moved by the Mutant Underground better fit in with society, at large.


XP and Rewards

Agent Storm receives 4 XP
Amber receives 4 XP
Hardcore receives 4 XP
Psi-Kick receives 4 XP
Street Angel is apparently Brain Dead
Twister receives 4 XP

SurrealOne receives 4 GMXP for the Adventure Log


Agent Storm is voted MVP receiving 2 additional XP.

Mind Games

Campaign Dates: Mar 14-25, 2017
Sessions: 2
GM: Tom

  • Session 1: Wed, Apr 19, 2017 – 1800 PST
  • Session 2: Wed, Apr 26, 2017 – 1800 PST

PC’s Involved:
Agent Storm
Street Angel

Notable NPCs:
Dana Rupert

Boa Constrictor
Shadow Dragon

Session 1 – Narrative:
Early on the evening of Tuesday, March 14, 2017, Dana Rupert of SyperHype contacted the Hollywood Knights to invite them to a gala being held at the Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles. The planned date was for March 25, 2017, and the unofficial purpose of the soiree was to honour and thank the Hollywood Knights for all they have previously done for the city. She went on to explain that SyperHype CEO Timothy Preston and the mayor of L.A. would both be present to express their personal gratitude … and that SyperHype reserved the rights to any/all exclusives during the event. His interest piqued, Twister graciously accepted the invitation, and made sure it was on each of the Knight’s calendars: “4:30pm – March 25 – Rupert, pickup at Keep.”

The next day passed surprisingly uneventfully given that it was Psi-Kick’s 21st birthday. Unlike most people who take a now-drinking-age friend on a bar crawl in order to get him or her sloppy drunk, the Knights gathered at The Keep and made a quiet day of enjoying an obligatory birthday cake, a few alcoholic beverages, and one another’s company. Bars apparently aren’t terribly interesting to someone who regularly worked a pole in one…

Storm, as usual, remained fairly detached. He and Honey Chylde had been spending a lot of quiet time in the library, and were slowly growing accustomed to one another’s presence. She was studying material for a Director of Operations role, while he was clearly engrossed in some PRIMUS-specific research about which he said absolutely nothing. This went on for the better part of a week, with Tweaker stopping by occasionally to monitor and adjust some bots she had created and set loose in The Keep.

Interesting news was sparse that week; only two things caught the Knights’ eyes. The first item was the arraignment of the Masters of Speed: it was held as scheduled and entailed a failed escape attempt by the MoS team which, of course, made national news. The second item was more significant but less detailed; an escape from Stronghold that was only mentioned in a Friday news dump, suggesting the authorities wanted to meet their duty to alert the public while burying their embarrassment under the usual Friday fluff.

Looking into the escape, Storm learned that Blaze, Cybermind, Esper, Frost, Psimon, and Requiem had managed a breakout. The initial PRIMUS-restricted report indicated that Cybermind came out of his coma and overcame Stronghold’s power inhibitor system. This, in turn, allowed Psimon to take control of Dr. Mosby while Esper made sure the guards didn’t interfere. Using Mosby without interference meant that Psimon was able to walk the villians right out of Stronhold, unimpeded. Another PRIMUS-restricted after action report noted that Cybermind had also shut down the Stronghold security system, which further explained the villians’ ease of exit. The same report also suggested that Blaze may have flown the villains to Albuquerque, NM where they likely split up to go their separate ways.

Agent Storm shared this news with the Knights and then dug deeper, learning the following (which he also shared with the Knights) about the escapees who were new names to him:

Blaze: Class B female pyrokinetic; member of Anarchy, a group the Knights got into it with on their very first adventure
Esper: Class B female mentalist who can control minds but is not a true telepath; shares her body with an alien mind (the source of her powers) that took control of her over a decade ago
Frost: Class B male cold/Ice controller; co-founder of Deathstroke and brother of Requiem
Psimon: Class A male mentalist/psionic with telepathy and the ability to manifest psionic powers into a ‘psi titan’
Requiem: Class B male sonic projector; co-founder of Deathstroke and brother of Frost

At 4:30pm sharp on March 25th, a black stretch Navigator arrived to pick up the Knights. Dana waved from within, her upper torso popped out of an open sunroof at just the right angle to accentuate her assets as she bounced excitedly around and welcomed the Knights to the beginning of a fun-filled evening. John had other ideas. He knew this kind of event would make the Knights a target, so despite Psi-Kick’s welcome into the fold, Storm elected to behave like the help; the bimbo reporter certainly wouldn’t know the difference. Thus, Storm opened and held the door for the Knights before the driver had a chance to exit the vehicle. Once all were inside, he entered, himself, and closed the door behind him with a reassuring thunk.

After approximately an hour and a half of excited, seemingly never-ending bimbo chatter amidst more traffic than he cared for, Storm was relieved to exit the Navigator and again hold the door for the Knights. They exited the vehicle onto a red carpet, sized up the place, and took their first unaccustomed steps toward celebrity, the reporter yammering all the way. Storm closed the limo’s door, sized up the guards, and noted they were obviously from Executive Control Solutions, which let him breathe a little easier.

As the Knights entered the Hilton they were greeted by the Mayor, who showed them to their table while ingratiating himself all the way. Storm didn’t follow. Instead, he stepped just to the right of the guards inside the door and made himself a part of the scenery, just as they guards were trained to do. As the evening dragged on, a fine meal was consumed, after which the mayor commenced a speech to show his and the city’s gratitude for the Hollywood Knights and all they had done.

As the Mayor’s speech was nearing its end, Storm spotted Brad Powers (aka ‘Bulldozer’) at the bar. Moving in for a closer look, Bulldozer was observed to be uncharacteristically dressed in a suit. Worse, he was speaking with an Irish accent and was nearly charming the dresses off five (yes FIVE) highly attractive women. On his lapel was a pin, something Storm noted to be a family crest of some sort. Its position above his heart suggested to John that this was somehow important to the man, as it was exactly where Storm would have placed his American Flag pin on his own lapel.

Backing off, Storm informed the guards via his earpiece that Bulldozer was on the premises — knowing full well the Knights would be apprised, too. The nearest guard confirmed Storm’s observation and confronted Powers, challenging him for an invitation, which Powers readily produced. Dumbfounded, the guard indicated that Powers was not on the guest list, but Powers insisted he was, so the guard left with the invitation, returned shortly thereafter, and rendered his apologies, confirming that Powers was, indeed, on the list.

Storm also noted that something was mentally wrong with Bulldozer; there were two minds present behind his eyes when there should only be one. The second mind, Storm noted, was exceptionally powerful — unlike anything he’d ever seen. In order to avoid any uncomfortable questions, John kept this information to himself while endeavoring to disrupt the connection between the two minds, an attempt that was ultimately shrugged off like a dog might scratch at a flea — i.e. no real effort was applied to deal with a simple surface nuisance.

Shortly thereafter, Bulldozer, or whatever this was, went into action; it initiated a telepathic connection to Hardcore and began rooting around in his brain for something, with Hardcore none the wiser. Storm instructed the guards to clear people out while Psi-kick reacted to the mental attack on her lover by informing the Knights that Nevermind was present in Bulldozer.

Bulldozer, still noodling around in Hardcore’s brain, got up from the bar and left his harem to approach Psi-Kick, telling her aloud that she could have done better when choosing a mate. Irritated by his words, Hardcore moved to deck Bulldozer but found he could not. Psi-Kick, now angered at the attack on her lover, informed the Knights she was about to attack, to which Storm suggested she should mentally blast him. Psi-Kick agreed and commenced the attack on a three-count from Storm, not knowing Storm was going to try to augment her attack. However, the target mind … or whatever it was … was so elusive that only one of their attacks landed, and the entity behind Powers’ eyes made Powers’ mouth tsk Psi -Kick for bothering to resist.

Strangely, rather than fight back, the thing controlling Bulldozer made a smarmy exit, but not before mocking the Knights by telling them they needed to be tested to see if they were worthy, and not before Psi-Kick confirmed Nevermind’s identity via the pin bearing the Osbourne family crest on Bulldozer’s lapel.

Just as things were about to return to normal, a portal opened up on the west end of the hall. From it emerged six figures: Boa Constrictor, Esper, Freon, Oculon, Shadow Dragon, and ViperX. A quick mental run-down by Storm of those not covered by information provided after the Stronghold breakout revealed the following:

Boa Constrictor: brick with grab/squeeze powers
Freon: cold/ice controller; able to create ice barriers
Oculon: blaster with alien eyes from which blast powers emanate
Shadow Dragon: martial artist
ViperX: Kevin Armstrong; a defected Silver Avenger employed by Viper; leads the Dragon Branch; uses a jetpack and a futuristic rifle

A battle ensued with Freon erecting an ice wall, Shadow Dragon laying dibs on Street Angel while dropping areas of darkness, Oculon taking pot shots at Street Angel, and Esper controlling two guards such that they are protective of her. Psi-Kick fired back and dropped Oculon on his ass, while Storm mentally assaulted Esper, Street Angel teleported behind Esper, and Amber provided a shimmering field to both Psi-Kick and Storm.

Session 2 – Narrative:
The battle continued with Boa Constrictor moving into range of Hardcore, who promptly decked him, knocking Boa Constrictor back into the ice wall. Meanwhile, ViperX shot at Street Angel and missed, while Esper yelled for her newfound guards to ‘Do Something!’, which resulted in both chucking flashbang grenades at Storm, who was blinded by one of them.

Boa Constrictor got to his feet, moved back to Hardcore, and grabbed him while Freon ice slid past his own ice wall in order to hit Twister with a deep freeze, searing him with frozen pain. ViperX and Psi-Kick commenced hand-to-hand combat but missed one another, while Amber slung a burning hot splat at Freon which dropped him (into unconsciousness) like it was hot. Oculon recovered …only to be slammed into unconsciousness by a pair of elbow strikes from Street Angel after he activated a blinding light. Hardcore struggled to get loose but could not escape Boa Constrictor, despite Twister’s use of Boa Constrictor as an air punching bag.

Esper, her ‘guards’, and Shadow Dragon, also blinded by Street Angel, began to act. Esper released a unimind and then established a mind scan lock on Street Angel as her guards groped their way out of the effect of the light toward Agent Storm. Shadow Dragon teleported away and enveloped Twister in a wall of darkness. At the same time, Agent Storm informed PRIMUS of the situation and then informed the friendly ECS agents that two of their number were under Esper’s mental influence. Boa Constrictor applied a crushing squeeze to Hardcore.

ViperX failed to connect again with Psi-Kick who, worried about Hardcore, ignored ViperX in favor of stabbing Boa Constrictor with her Psi Blades. At the same time, Street Angel stopped emitting bright light in order to hurl three bolts at Esper, one of which connected and stuns her. Her unimind retaliated by mentally paralyzing Street Angel, a situation which Agent Storm promptly mitigated. Attacking again after moving for position around the ice wall, ViperX lost his grip on his sonic rifle, which was handily snatched out of reach by Psi-Kick using her chain. Amber, concerned with the unimind, hit it with a burning hot splat, knocking it through a window.

Free from the paralysis thanks to Storm, Street Angel knocked the daylights out of Esper with three more bolts; she went down for the count. Storm, however, had to unzip his proverbial fly to free Street Angel, and the ECS guards lobbed more flashbangs at Storm, blinding him again. Boa Constrictor continued crushing Hardcore, who headbutted him while Twister and Street Angel focused fire on Boa Constrictor, knocking him out.

His weapon in Psi-Kick’s possession, and with Oculon, Freon, Esper, and Boa Constrictor unconscious, ViperX moved to meet Shadow Dragon so that the two of them could make a tactical retreat by teleporting away. While waiting for PRIMUS to mop up and take possession of the captured hostiles, Storm dug around in Freon’s mind and learned that the attack was a job — paid for by Bulldozer (under Nevermind’s influence). He conveyed this to the team and with this info, Psi-Kick suddenly realized Nevermind was doing something unusual: these villains already had it out for the Knights because of their disruption of the recent VIPER online training endeavor (see Serpentine School Daze) — and Nevermind had leveraged that!

PRIMUS arrived to mop up and take possession of the captured hostiles…


XP and Rewards

Agent Storm receives 2 XP
Amber receives 2 XP
Hardcore receives 2 XP
Street Angel receives 2 XP
Twister receives 2 XP
Psi-Kick receives 2 XP

SurrealOne receives 2 GMXP for the Adventure Log


Street Angel is voted MVP receiving 1 additional XP.

Serpentine School Daze

Campaign Dates: Mar 8-9, 2017
Sessions: 2
GM: Archie

  • Session 1: Wed, Apr 5, 2017 – 1800 PST
  • Session 2: Wed, Apr 12, 2017 – 1800 PST

PC’s Involved:
Agent Storm
Amber (Missed Session 2)
Street Angel (Missed Session 2)
Twister (Missed Session 2)

Notable NPCs:
Arianna Corazon de Sosa
Tateklys, Praetor of the Lunar Games

Hardcastle (of VIPER)
VIPER Agents

Session 1 – Narrative:
Late on another seemingly ordinary afternoon at The Keep, Agent Storm was finalizing paperwork related to Honey’s recent escapade when Merlyn informed the Knights that something was amiss with Psi-Kick. Hardcore immediately investigated to find Psi-Kick zoned out in front of her computer. Moments later, Twister, Street Angel, and Amber joined him, and Amber noticed a desperate series of inquiries emanating from the headset strapped to Psi-Kick’s head: “Guys, are you there?! Can you hear me?! Hey, can you hear me?! Is anyone there?!?!”

It quickly became apparent to the Knights that Psi-Kick was trapped as a NPC in a computer driven game of GTA V. Ever the prankster, Amber took control of the keyboard and caused Psi-Kick’s avatar to drink a few beers, stopping only to sign off on paperwork Storm presented to her after joining the group. The situation being a computer-related matter, Hardcore called his sister, Tweaker, and requested her help. Twister fetched her by way of flight not long after.

Upon arrival, Tweaker complained to the group that the PlayStation Network had crashed, however, upon seeing Psi-Kick she quickly ascertained something else had occurred — a takeover of the network by someone … or something. Street Angel suggested calling the FBI to investigate, but Storm reminded him that the Knights were the equivalent of the FBI and that the FBI was even less equipped to deal with the situation than the Knights were.

Scanning police channels, Street Angel ascertained that the problem wasn’t limited to Psi-Kick; another player reportedly died while playing GTA V on the PlayStation Network. Sensing a possible clue, Street Angel immediately headed to the morgue to investigate further, where he found the body of the dead player walking around and behaving strangely — as if it were still playing the game.

Frustrated at being able to do nothing, Hardcore asked Tweaker to get him into the game, and she obliged by connecting his consciousness to the rogue network. Unfortunately, Psi-Kick vanished from her in-game apartment, appearing at a club several blocks away. Hardcore tracked her to the club and found that she was incoherent — with no memory of herself.

Scanning for an alien mind that might have taken over the PlayStation Network, Agent Storm was somehow sucked into the game, as well. He arrived in Psi-Kick’s apartment just as Hardcore and Psi-kick returned to it, and the trio deduced that Psi-Kick could only communicate with the team when she was not around other players or NPCs. Hardcore found that his usual powers were gone. He did, however, have an activate-able Impotent Rage power that made him look ridiculous when used. Storm found himself similarly limited to a gun-related power that allowed him to select any gun in the game. Both noted that their powers had cooldowns.

Tweaker connected Amber to the game, as well. She arrived just as an in-game announcement instructed all players to get to the school or face a 5-star wanted level. Complying, Hardcore, Amber, and Storm went to the school where the principal, Hardcastle, informed all ~1700 ‘students’ that VIPER was teaching what it had to offer. Amber leveled by lockpicking while Storm perused the user and faction lists looking for non-conformists with atypical faction names akin to their own.

Session 2 – Narrative:
After ‘school’, Hardcore rode Psi-Kick’s motorcycle back to her in-game apartment while Amber and Storm walked the three blocks back to it because stolen vehicles in the parking lot had been rigged to explode. Soon after Psi-Kick teleported back to the apartment and noted that a whiteboard and maps of the city had appeared.

Pondering this change, a disembodied voice spoke within the room and bade greetings to those within. This non-corporeal alien intelligence claimed to have previously run the simulation that VIPER had hijacked, and also claimed to desire the Knights’ help. Amber disconnected from the system while Hardcore and Storm questioned the entity, seeking to understand its request. They learned that by redirecting the in-game observatory computer to a specific set of coordinates … and within 5-10 minutes also redirecting a pair of in-game telescopes to any position other than the current one … they could shut down the GTA V simulation provided someone on the outside located and disabled the moving vehicle that was being used to hijack the system and override the alien intelligence.

Just as Psi-Kick was whisked away to run a triathlon as a NPS, in Amber-like fashion, Storm inquired as to why trust should be shown to the entity. As a show of good faith, the entity provided the names and in-game contact information for two other users who, like the Knights, did not belong in the game and would eventually be discovered unless they, too, could escape the system. One was a female bow wielder dressed in green whose name was Headshot, while the other was a female tanking type dressed in red who went by Arianna Corazon de Sosa.

In addition, the entity indicated temporarily displayed a mini-map to Storm and Hardcore that allowed them to see the locations of all players within the game … with typical users shown as red dots and VIPER agents shown as yellow dots. Approximately 5 VIPER agents were located at the observatory, with another 35 positioned about the telescopes.

Armed with this information, Storm and Hardcore developed a plan:

  • Hardcore would drop Storm off at the Observatory
  • In route, Storm would contact Headshot and Arianna and enlist them to create a diversion
  • Also in route, Hardcore would engage Tweaker to help Storm at the Observatory, and then depart with Twister to located and shut down the real-world conveyance
  • Upon successful drop-off of Storm at the observatory, Hardcore would head to the telescopes, himself, and address their redirection
  • If everything went according to plan, the simulation would halt and all trapped within it would be free of its grasp

Needing a vehicle, Hardcore called Psi-Kick to ask about options and learned that she had an armored car that would spawn upon invocation. Hardcore asked to use it and Psi-Kick invoked it, resulting in its spawning at the airport. That out of the way, Hardcore picked up the (pink and black) armored car and returned to the apartment … just as Amber reconnected. With a vehicle and plan in hand, the team headed out to execute its plan, taking Amber with them to help Hardcore with the twin telescopes.

Storm was dropped off at the observatory, as planned. He had no difficulty infiltrating it unnoticed, and easily found the main console to which he cabled his in-game phone. Contacting Tweaker, Storm waited for her to use his phone link to set the system’s coordinates to those specified by the alien entity, and then disconnected and made a quick exit. As he departed the observatory he noticed a helicopter landing to pick up VIPER agents, and moments later, the agents scattered as the pilot shot up the chopper’s cockpit in a hail of gunfire.

In the real world, Twister and Tweaker departed The Keep to locate the vehicle from which the game grid was being hacked and controlled. Tweaker had trouble locating it, and they caught up with it quickly thanks to Twister’s flight speed.

Meanwhile, back in the game, Hardcore had reached the grounds where the telescopes were located, immediately calling on Headshot and Arianna to do their part. Moments later, explosions rocked the central portion of the in-game city and 5-star warnings drew the authorities toward the ruckus — including VIPER agents that had been located at the telescopes. Sensing their opening, Hardcore and Amber made a break for the telescopes, noticed a central control unit for both, accessed it, and redirected the telescopes.

Once done, a call from Hardcore to Tweaker had the real-world vehicle hacked and out of commission in no time. However, the simulation did not end, as hoped. Tweaker informed Hardcore that a lone vehicle was heading up t he 101 within the game, and, wasting no time, hardcore jumped in the armoured car, drove off-road to intercept the vehicle, and rammed it. Crashing through the armoured car’s window, Hardcore dusted himself off to see Hardcastle dragging himself from the twisted metal wreck in which he’d previously been traveling. He didn’t suffer aches or pain very long, thereafter; Hardcore one-punched him without a second thought!

Game over! Simulation halted! But not quite as expected…

Instead of finding themselves back at The Keep, Amber, Hardcore, Psi-Kick, and Storm found themselves in an arena on the moon … with about 40 VIPER agents nearby, one of which was a now-conscious Hardscastle. A booming voice rang out within the arena demanding, “Humans, cease your activities and listen — so says Tateklys, Praetor of the Lunar Games.” As this wasn’t anyone in Storm’s immediate chain of command, he issued a demand of his own — specifically for an explanation as to why anyone should listen to what Tateklys had to say. Tateklys responded by explaining that VIPER had wronged him when they hacked and controlled the non-corporeal alien presence and that VIPER must be punished, as a result.

Hardcore, unwilling to let this alien dispatch justice to fellow humans, demanded that the Knights, not Tateklys be the ones to take custody of the VIPER agents in order to mete out appropriate justice, as they had broken human laws and, thus, should be punished per human laws. Tateklys agreed — contingent upon successful trial by combat between the team and their VIPER agent opposition. Storm consented, contingent upon Psi-Kick being properly and safely exited from the arena, a requirement that Tateklys found agreeable.

Both sides content with the arrangement, Tateklys declared the Lunar Games open, and was nearly bored to tears by Storm and Hardcore making quick work of their opposition. Hardscastle turned on his own men while the bulk of the agents stood stock still as Hardcore treated them like pins in a bowling lane. It was ugly and painful to watch, but at least it was quick.

With victory secured, Tateklys indicated that he would honour his agreement and that now that humans knew of him, he would have to move on to hold his games elsewhere. The VIPER agents were manacled and the next thing Amber, Hardcore, and Storm knew, they were outside the downtown LA police precinct HQ, with a number of copes wondering how the hell they arrived.

The team oversaw the booking and processing of the VIPER agents (including Hardcastle) and then headed back to The Keep to get some rest. After a short respite, Psi-Kick and Hardcore awoke and Hardcore noticed a ‘new’ dragon tattoo on Psi-Kick’s upper back. I It was shown to Storm later in the morning, and he recognized it as a tattoo of the Jade Dragon Clan … a clan of the Yakuza. Stranger still, the ink is old, while the surrounding skin is fresh/new.


XP and Rewards

Agent Storm receives 2 XP
Amber receives 1 XP
Hardcore receives 2 XP
Street Angel receives 1 XP
Twister receives 1 XP
CptPatriot receives 2 GMXP for running the adventure
SurrealOne receives 2 GMXP for the Adventure Log


Hardcore is voted MVP for his decisive takedown of Hardcastle.

Love Struck

Campaign Date: Feb 14, 2017
Sessions: 1
GM: Tom

  • Session 1: Wed, Mar 28, 2017 – 1800 PST

PC’s Involved:
Agent Storm
Street Angel

Notable NPCs:


Session 1 – Narrative:
In the wee hours of the morning of February 14, 2017, just as the Hollywood Knights were wrapping up after foiling the attempted robbery of the CA Bank & Trust by the Masters of Speed, Merlyn informed the Knights that they might want to get to FaZe night club ASAP. According to Merlyn, Honey had opened a Facebook account under the pseudonym ‘Honey Childe’ and was uploading selfies of herself at FaZe.

Upon arrival at FaZe, the Knights found two men, Blackstar and Onslaught, fighting on a now-vacant dance floor. Storm went over the bar top, instructed a bartender to kill the power, and then began directing patrons to exit the facility for their own safety. Meanwhile, Amber took a seat at the bar next to an appletini-sipping Honey while Hardcore engaged the brawling men and Street Angel backed him up.

It soon became obvious to Amber that Honey had instigated the fight, apparently after telling the two men that whichever of them won a fight (against one another) … would get to take her home. When questioned as to why, Honey indicated she had been reading a Harlequin romance novel and that, from it, she learned two men fighting over a woman was a sign of affection — something she desperately desired.

Amber shared this information with the team and, armed with this knowledge, Street Angel began dancing on the dance floor, enticed Honey to join him, and, upon taking her hand, teleported Honey back to The Keep. Hardcore, in his element, held is own against Blackstar and Onslaught, in part because Onslaught failed to notice Honey’s departure and remained fixated on defeating Blackstar in order to win his evening with Honey. After successfully knocking Blackstar out, Onslaught was, in turn, is subdued by Hardcore … but not before Blackstar recovered, desolidified himself, and exited by flying upward through roof.

Twister, arriving late after inspecting the slagged Masters of Speed semi truck for clues, spotted Blackstar and followed him to his vehicle … which Blackstar abandoned by remaining desolidified and flying down through the asphalt and into the ground.

After Onslaught was arrested and put in nullifiers by PRIMUS for transport to Stronghold, the Knights returned to The Keep to find Honey sitting with Street Angel, who was apparently her ‘date’. Storm demanded an explanation from Honey, looking for a single good reason she should not be brought up on charges as an accessory to the crimes committed at FaZe, and, surprisingly he received one, as Honey indicated that: a) she had not been herself, b) someone had been inside of and tampered with her mind, and c) she did not know who it was.

Hardcore’s sister, Tweaker, was quickly contacted, and she remotely confirmed that someone had, indeed, tampered with Honey. Soon after, Tweaker arrived at The Keep in order to inspect Honey and determine the extent of the problem. During her assessment, she learned that Honey had become self-aware and that she had been given both moral and ethical subroutines intended to cause Honey to seek out love and, upon doing so, to amass the strongest collection of paranormals she could find in order to build a team that would ultimately be used to destroy the Knights.

Tweaker revised Honey’s programming to something more ‘normal’, reported what she’d found to the team, and the team gave some thought as to who might want to do such a thing. Two names came to mind: Interface and Cybermind.

Interface (real name: Rutger Eisenman) was a cyborg with few organic parts. He was once a mercenary who worked for ARGENT. In 2009 he studied The Champions, learned and exploited their weaknesses, failed in his mission, was captured, and then spent 6 years in jail. He was released in 2015 and kept a low profile, thereafter.

Cybermind (real name: Dan Simowitz) was a cyberkinetic who hacked into Defender’s armor in 2009, experienced feedback that sent him into a coma, and was imprisoned at Stronghold, thereafter. A call by Storm to PRIMUS to inquire as to Cybermind’s status revealed that he had sprung himself the day before (Feb 13, 2017) along with Requiem and Frost (real names: Damian and Adrian Demort) and two or three others. Storm asked for a secure update from PRIMUS as soon as the names of the others were known.

The timing of the breakout from Stronghold suggested that what happened to Honey was Cybermind’s doing. When the team kicked around who might know that the Knights had recently acquired a hot android receptionist, Amber indicated that PRIMUS knew, and implied that Cybermind might have learned of it from PRIMUS since PRIMUS has a number of leaks. Troubled by this, Storm asked the Knights to route all future PRIMUS-related communications through him so that he might begin to try to suss out the mole.


XP and Rewards

Addressed in previous Adventure Log


No MVP for this scenario

Speed Kills

Campaign Dates: Feb 6-14, 2017
Sessions: 4
GM: Tom

  • Session 1: Wed, Mar 1, 2017 – 1800 PST
  • Session 2: Wed, Mar 8, 2017 – 1800 PST
  • Session 3: Wed, Mar 15, 2017 – 1800 PST
  • Session 4: Wed, Mar 22, 2017 – 1800 PST

PC’s Involved:
Agent Storm
Psi-Kick (Missed Sessions 2 & 4)
Street Angel (Missed Sessions 2 & 3)

Notable NPCs:
Agent Dixon (PRIMUS)
Citizens Against Crime in The US (CACTUS) Members
David Epstein – Manager of CA Bank & Trust (Hollywood, CA Branch)
Silver Avenger Webster (PRIMUS)


Session 1 – Narrative:
On Monday, Feb 6, 2017, the Hollywood Knights returned from Warth to a plethora of email and voicemail messages, a number of which threatened legal action for the Knights’ past misdeeds. Silver Avenger Webster had also left a message indicating he desired a meeting with the Knights to present them with some options. His call was promptly returned, and a meeting was set.

At the appointed time, Webster arrived at The Keep for the meeting … with a PRIMUS agent in tow that the Knights had never before seen. During the meeting, Webster directed the Knights’ attention to the various levels (Bronze, Silver, & Gold) of official government sponsorship available to the Knights, describing the pros and cons of each during his presentation. Afterward, he suggested the Silver Level might be the best fit for the Knights and introduced Agent John Storm as the Knights’ potential PRIMUS liaison officer associated with Silver Level sponsorship.

Storm, a typically stuffy but impressive G-Man type, then provided a brief but thorough explanation as to why he, too, felt Silver Level was a good fit. Afterward, he underscored the typical and very real problems associated with continuing to operate as a vigilante group without (or with inadequate) government sponsorship. He suggested the Knights make their choice (and to choose wisely) … a message the Knights actually took seriously … largely because of their impending legal troubles.

Thus, after much debate, conspiracy theory, and general back/forth, all members of the Hollywood Knights agreed to Silver Level sponsorship by PRIMUS except for Street Angel, who had misgivings and needed to take some time to himself.

Session 2 – Narrative:
On Tuesday, Feb 7, 2017, after provision of the Knights’ official PRIMUS IDs to them, John Storm was settling into his room when he stopped and surveyed the punitively-assigned space, considering it for a moment. From its small size and distance from the Knights’ rooms, it was obvious the Knights neither trusted nor liked him, but he didn’t take it personally. He was the new guy they believed had been forced upon them by the United States federal government, so all they saw was his age, his suit, and his badge. If this group of kids was incapable of seeing the numerous benefits and upside to involvement with PRIMUS, so be it — because only the mission mattered. Frankly, such behaviour was expected, since the Knights were all impetuous, unseasoned, idealistic types, anyway…

Storm mentally chuckled to himself. The room, while small for The Keep, was sheer luxury compared to the on-base domiciles to which he’d grown accustomed. As an officer, Storm always had opportunities for nice on-base housing, but he consistently chose the options nobody else wanted — much like this assignment to the Hollywood Knights. There was, of course, always a silver lining, if one bothered to look for it. Take Storm’s room, for instance: it had storage right next to it and a library with twin terminals less than 10 feet away — perfect for John’s operational needs. And working with the Knights? Well, time would tell as to what silver lining might present itself.

Throughout the week, John got to know The Keep’s layout and began to get a sense for some of its occupants. Honey was the perfect receptionist while Merlyn played the part of a useful but snarky butler. Except to rib someone, Hardcore mostly kept to himself, while Amber busied herself behaving like an entitled child doing its best to act like a grown-up. The other adults of legal drinking aged looked the other way when she drank, so Storm would, too. This was, after all, their home … and it was easy enough to do given that she was obviously unnerved by Storm’s perpetual note taking.

That left Twister, whose narcissism was obviated by how accustomed he was to ladies fawning over him. The kid would probably be crushed if a more attractive male ever stole his thunder for even a moment, but he was ‘pretty’ enough that the possibility was, at most, remote.

Psi-Kick was away attending PRIMUS-mandated legal training for telepaths, while Midnight and Street Angel were apparently out and about attending to personal matters. Storm suspected Street Angel might be sulking … which was the nicest way he could think of to describe a Millennial with trust issues taking a moment to come to grips with joining the grown-up world. John hoped he’d come around, soon enough.

On the evening of Sunday, Feb 12, 2017, Special Agent Dixon from PRIMUS called to request the Knights’ assistance with the Masters of Speed (MOS), a seven-man villain group that recently robbed a bank in Reseda. Dixon indicated that the MoS membership consisted of: Hellbent, Cheetah, Fullbore, Whiplash, Whirligig, Blur, and Slo-Mo.

Storm’s training as a profiler and propensity for note-taking yielded the following one-page synopsis of the MoS [which has been steadily updated by Storm as more info was learned]:

Masters of Speed

Hellbent (leader)

  • Real Name: Drake Zarik
  • Known Aliases: Devon Savik
  • Known Skills: Financial/investment genius, gifted electronics engineer
  • Known Powers: Super speed, vampirism (a la life force absorption)
  • Criminal History: Patricide, breaking & entering, grand theft, evading arrest, breaking out of prison, conspiracy
  • Notes: Among the fastest of the group, Cheetah is his girlfriend


  • Real Name: Dyan Sagan
  • Known Powers: Super speed, claws
  • Criminal History: Breaking & entering, grand theft, evading arrest, conspiracy
  • Notes: Fastest of the group in short bursts, Hellbent is her boyfriend, has never killed an innocent


  • Real Name: Harry Coyle (wanted by Canadian government for desertion)
  • Known Powers: Super speed, increased strength & toughness
  • Criminal History: Breaking & entering, grand theft, evading arrest, conspiracy, desertion
  • Notes: Poor control of speed, crashes into things, Sergeant in the Canadian Army who volunteered for a classified military experiment, only survivor of experiment, experiment triggered latent mutation within Coyle’s genome and is the origin of his powers, Coyle ran rather than become a government lab rat


  • Real Name: Jackson Sieber (Classified by CIA)
  • Known Powers: Super speed, clinging
  • Criminal History: 7 homicides, breaking & entering, grand theft, evading arrest, conspiracy
  • Notes: Former CIA asset, government training, was slated to be retired by CIA for unnecessarily taking orders too far; caught wind of CIA setup and went off reservation before CIA could aggressively terminate his employ, most violent member of MoS, has issues with other MoS members


  • Real Name: Carl Winsong
  • Known Aliases: Kid
  • Known Powers: Super speed, whirlwinds
  • Criminal History: Breaking & entering, grand theft, evading arrest, conspiracy
  • Notes: From Germany, has a German accent, loves hockey


  • Real Name: Jake Fenton
  • Known Powers: Super speed, desolidification, vibration-based attacks
  • Criminal History: Breaking & entering, grand theft, evading arrest, conspiracy
  • Notes: Among the fastest of the group, always emits a low hum, potential earthquake abilities, is a construction worker from NC, comes off as a prankster, wants to be normal, convinced a meteor that fell near him while operating a jackhammer is the source of his powers, has parents James and Sue Fenton, has a sister Jennifer who is married to David Nesmond and has two kids (Teddy and Tammy), is from Stallings, NC


  • Real Name: Johnny ‘Fasthands’ Blue
  • Known Powers: Slows others, flight (via jetpack)
  • Criminal History: 2 homicides, breaking & entering, grand theft, evading arrest, conspiracy
  • Notes: Only member of the group without super speed, sometimes carried by others if needed, former professional boxer

After Dixon’s call, Hardcore, Amber, Twister, and Agent Storm put on their thinking caps and reached out to both CACTUS and their collective contacts to formulate the beginnings of a team profile for the Masters of Speed. Storm’s profile notes on the subject were as follows:

  • 23 bank robberies total, with only 6 of them involving super groups other than the Masters of Speed
  • Each of the past robberies was tied to armor deliveries — such that the banks were at their most flush with cash
  • MoS never hits safe deposit boxes or individuals; they go straight for the safe, clean it out, and depart
  • MoS does not bother with subtlety or stealth, they simply trip the alarm and are in/out of the vault and building before police can respond
  • MoS hits a localized area for a brief period and then moves on to another major city; so far, they have ravaged the southeastern US and major metro areas and appear to be moving west
  • Blur likes to brag about potential bank hits online before they occur

Blur’s need to brag was a tip learned from CACTUS, which had previously had a run-in with MoS that ended badly. This tip resulted in detection of a recent online post by the Knights that led them to believe the California Bank & Trust in Hollywood would be hit by the MoS on Feb 14, 2017 — approximately late morning or mid-day. This suspicion was strongly supported by the bank’s scheduled receipt of an armor delivery on Feb 13 … and by its relative proximity to a major highway. Twister and Storm cased the bank late Sunday afternoon, and Storm planned to speak with bank manager early Monday, Feb 13 — while the Knights prepare to intercept MoS when they hit the bank on the 14th.

Session 3 – Narrative:
During the wee hours of the morning of Monday, Feb 13, 2017, Agent Storm’s search for information regarding named members of the Masters of Speed revealed some new information about Fullbore and Whiplash that storm added to his one-page synopsis (above).

Later that morning over breakfast, Amber, Hardcore, Psi-Kick, Twister, and Agent Storm discussed options regarding the MoS. Storm presented a profile to the Knights that strongly suggested the thieves might be relying on a mobile safe house — one that would easily blend into an urban environment, such as a tractor-trailer truck. Merlyn was engaged by the Knights to monitor L.A. traffic cameras for all such vehicles that entered and remained within a 5-mile radius of the targeted CA B&T branch for any length of time, especially those near overpasses of the 101.

Two trucks were identified by Merlyn as potential matches. The northernmost of the two was a Peterbuilt tractor-trailer with a sleeper cab, a ‘ROADWAY’ branded trailer, and CA plates. The southern-most of the two was an unmarked tandem-trailer truck with a sleeper cab and UT plates. The team decided on a three-pronged, plain-clothes investigative approach, and Psi-Kick offered a Mind Link to Agent Storm to allow for communication while the team was split up. Storm declined and noted the irony of a masked woman expecting others to trust her with mind-to-mind contact when she won’t trust them with her real name or a glimpse of her face. Psi-Kick acknowledged and responded by dropping her mask and introducing herself. Moments later, after tuning his earpiece to the team’s comm frequency, Zeke & Amber were off to check out the CA truck, John was off to meet with the bank manager as planned, and Tommy & Nicole headed out on Tommy’s bike to check out the UT truck, with Storm reminding all that Blur always emits a low humming sound.

The CA truck was, in short, a bust: a Hispanic man had been snoring in the sleeper cab until Zeke caused a foul gust of wind to overwhelm the vehicle, awakening the driver who, cursing, fired up his rig and drove off to find a less odious place to park and sleep. Similarly, Nicole and Tommy’s inspection of the tandem-trailer truck with UT plates bore no fruit; someone was sleeping within the sleeper cab, but Nicole could only sense wanton dreams of female company … with nothing seemingly untoward going on in the truck or its tandem trailers.

John’s meeting with Mr. David Epstein, the bank manager, was quick, businesslike, and high-level. Storm informed Epstein of a credible threat to banks in the area that matched the known MoS pattern of robberies that follow armored car deliveries … and asked Mr. Epstein to take precautions that might help reduce losses, slow a robbery, and track the perpetrators should a robbery occur. Epstein confirmed Storm’s identity, agreed to comply with the requests, and thanked Storm for the heads-up. As their meeting was adjourning, Epstein informed Storm of a ‘glitch’ the bank’s security personnel were investigating in the security camera footage and, after a quick review and discussion, Epstein gave Storm an unofficial copy of the camera footage for Storm’s use.

Upon returning to The Keep, the team shared their findings and the camera footage was reviewed by all. The team agreed that it appeared the cameras had been put on a loop for a short window of time — something unusual for the MoS, since they typically did not bother trying to tamper with or defeat security systems. During the review, Merlyn expanded his search radius and reported that a truck stop was approximately 8 miles away from the bank. Tommy & Nicole headed to the truck stop to try to determine if potential vehicle might be located there, but came up empty-handed. Shortly after they had completed their round trip, Storm’s mobile number rang and he was informed by David Epstein that a listening device had been found in his office. John thanked him for the call.

Suspecting all that was discussed with the bank manager had been overheard by the MoS, Storm informed the Knights of the problem and suggested the team stake out the bank that night, as the Masters of Speed might accelerate their time table. The Knights agreed and positions were taken up at the bank. Shortly after 2am on Tuesday, Feb 14, 2017, a tremendous noise was heard from within the bank — specifically on the side closest to the vault, where a contiguous dry cleaning business existed.

The team moved toward the noise, with Psi-Kick, Hardcore, and Agent Storm heading to the alley-side door of the dry-cleaning business … which Psi-Kick found unlocked, with the interior security gate open. Meanwhile, Twister and Amber went for the street-side door, the lock to which Amber picked. Both groups entered the dry-cleaning establishment to find Slo-Mo standing in a wall’s opening that lead directly into the bank vault. The team engaged Slo-Mo, apparently without attracting the attention of the other MoS members — Blur, Fullbore, Whiplash, and Whirligig — all of which were in the vault.

Session 4 – Narrative:
The Knights continued to attack Slo-Mo. Noticing something was amiss, Blur verbalized to his teammates that Slo-Mo was behaving strangely and then generated a shockwave from within the vault. Slo-Mo, Psi-Kick, and Agent Storm were affected by it, with Storm landing on his ass. Twister immediately entered the vault and let loose a wind vortex that knocked out Slo-Mo and knocked down the rest of the MoS members. Blur then bolted from the vault while informing Hellbent the gig was up, with Twister shortly behind him. Meanwhile Storm got to his feet while Hardcore, Psi-Kick, and Amber intercepted Whiplash, who was quickly dispatched. Whirligig soon followed after Blur, a tornado of Benjamins in tow. He cruised past the blockade, raced out of the dry-cleaning establishment, and unexpectedly collapsed into unconscious in a heap of cash before Twister.

Twister used his wind control to scoop up Whirligig and the loose cash, which he carried back into the dry-cleaning establishment as Merlyn informed the Knights that a truck was approaching the bank. Street Angel, who was arriving on the scene, chased after Blur and, upon noticing Blur was headed for the inbound truck, he moved to intercept it.

Psi-Kick entered the vault and covered Fullbore while he stood at parade rest and stared at the vault wall. Whirligig had been playing opossum and tried to escape but was quickly put back down. Hardcore grabbed both Whiplash and Whirligig to prevent another potential escape. Back at the truck, Street Angel opened fire on it and caused its engine to cease functioning. Hellbent exited the truck to engage Street Angel — who promptly disappeared. Concerned, Hellbent elected to flee the scene and instructed Blur to do the same.

As Blur fled, Agent Storm got a psychic lock on him and probed him for memories pertaining to the names of the Masters of Speed, their operations, safe house(s), and the like. Apparently each MoS member is a millionaire in his/her own right, as a direct result of Hellbent’s financial investments and use of off-shore accounts. In addition, the MoS currently have a headquarters set up in Kansas City, Missouri under a dummy company. A nearby safe house is set up at 6520 Aura, Reseda, CA — which Storm radioed in to PRIMUS as soon as he lost the lock.

While Storm was probing Blur, a self-destruct sequence activated inside the semi truck, slagging the vehicle. Twister, who had hung back with Psi-Kick to debrief with PRIMUS as the captured MoS members were put into nullifiers for transport to Stronghold, elected to inspect what was left of the truck for clues. All he found was a stamp on what remained of the robotic driver that read: TechnoSmith CQR7.

PRIMUS showed up at 6520 Aura, Reseda, CA soon after — but when they arrived, they found the place hastily emptied…

The next day, Storm updated his one-page synopsis (above) on the MoS and added the information to the dossiers of each MoS member within the PRIMUS database.


XP and Rewards

Amber receives 5 XP
Psi-Kick receives 3 XP
Street Angel receives 3 XP
Twister receives 5 XP
Agent Storm receives 5 XP
Hardcore receives 5 XP


Twister is Voted MVP for his quick action against The Masters of Speed.

Professor Paradigm and the Paradigm Pirates

Campaign Date: 29/12/16
Actual Dates: Wed, Jan, 25, 2017 – 1800 PST
Sessions: 4 of 5

PC’s Involved:
Street Angel

Notable NPCs:
Kinematik (MLF)
I.Q. (Genowa) – 9yr old Mutant w/Mimic Superpower w/Supertechnology
Frederic – Teleporter
Holocaust (Independent) – Street Angel’s Dad?
Lux (Mom)

Professor Paradigm
Avant Guard

Game Synopsis:
The Team returns to IQ Laboratories then next morning for a meeting with with IQ and Kinematik.

IQ presents a possible solution. Professor Paradigm and Paradigm Pirates possess Dimensional Travel Powers. Their modus operandi is unpredictable, but they show one pattern, the film series Celestial Conflicts. Professor Paradigm is a big fan.

The Celestial Conflicts III premier at is tomorrow evening at The Chinese Theatre. Kinematik recommends the Hollywood Knights interact with them. IQ will give them Scanning Devices, Commlinks, and a teleport from Frederick to the Keep (Home of the Hollywood Knights).

Afterwords Street Angel and Holocaust have a man to man discussion about leaving Lady Blue alone. Being very respectful and careful he manages to get Holocaust to agree to leave Lady Blue alone. Street Angel has to politely remind him not to give away her secret identity.

Frederick teleports the team back to the roof of The Keep. The make a plan for getting the team on site and will improvise from there. Twister’s girlfriend gets 4 press passes for Twister, Midnight, PSI-Kick, and Hardcore. Street Angel set up outside on overwatch.

The event is underway and Professor Paradigm and the Paradigm Pirates arrive by Limo. As the LAPD move to take them into custody all heck breaks loose.

Tesseract’s constructs entrap everyone at the center of on the Red Carpet. The team moves to protect the innocents. As the team attacks many of the cosplay extras in the attack the Hollywood Knights. Only later we discovered that Avant Guard was hiding among the extras with Dimensional Duplicates dressed as film extras.

Displacer’s attack manages to hurt Hardcore. Then he opens a gateway over the center of the entrance. An intense heatwave stuns the crowd.

Avant Guard’s duplicate cosplay extras attack the LAPD and the Hollywood Knights with Blasters set to Stun and Laser Swords to kill the them.

Hardcore determined assault is slowed, but not stopped by the Professor Paradigm or the Paradigm Pirates.

Midnight trades energy blasts with Displacer.

PsI-Kick draws the attention of many of Avant Guard’s duplicates attacks and is nearly killed before Street Angel heals her.

Twister attacks Avant Guard’s duplicates. Then tries to stop Professor Paradigm from stealing the Celestial Conflicts III film, but is forced to retreat from Displacers attack.

Street Angel blasted Displacer, healed PSI-Kick, and as Professor Paradigm and when Paradigm Pirates retreated with their prize. He managed to knockout Avant Guard and Displacer. Professor Paradigm and Tesseract managed to recover Avant Guard and escape, but left Displacer in our custody.

IQ’s shout of joy “We got it!” means mission accomplished.

Street Angel heals those in need and takes Displacer into custody. Calling IQ for transport back to Genowa and containment for Displacer.

IQ Laboratories

Work In Progress

Campaign Date: 28/12/16
Actual Dates: Wed, Jan, 18, 2017 – 1800 PST
Sessions: 3 so far

PC’s Involved:
Midnight (Missed 3rd Session)
Street Angel
Twister (Missed 3rd Session)

Notable NPCs:
Kinematik (MLF)
Murdock (IMAGE)
I.Q. (Genowa) – 9yr old Mutant w/Mimic Superpower w/Supertechnology
Holocaust (Independent Mutant Mastermind)
Lancer (Formerly of PSI)
Lux (Street Angel’s Mom)
Ambush (Independent Supervillain)
Tachyon (Independent Supervillain)
Cheshire (GRAB)
Portal (Mutant Underground)
Shatter (Stronghold Prisoner)
Nox (Street Angel’s Uncle)
Pooka (Sanctuary)

Kinematik (MLF)
Holocaust (Independent)

Game Synopsis:
PSI-Kick interrogates the MLF members we defeated at The Reef Nightclub in Genowa before the GPD arrived to take them into custody.

The Hollywood Knights walk the few blocks to I.Q.’s Research Labs and location of Kinematic and the missing Teleporters.

Upon arrival the Team tries to ring them bell. When that fails they try to break in, but we later learn the door is made of Questionite.

Before they can decide what to try next they are attacked by members of the MLF. After a short exchange the Hollywood Knights are victorious.

Then Kinematic appears, after a brief scuffle Holocaust appears and calls for everyone to stand down.

Everyone goes inside and we find most of the Teleporters walking around free while a few others. We also find I.Q., Murdock, and a few others.

I.Q.’s mutant powers it to Mimic mutant powers with technology.

Kinematik wants to return to his Dimensions Earth. He want to assemble a Mutant Army to free mutantkind from extinction.

Street Angel offers his assistance in saving mutantkind from extinction on Kinematiks’s Earth.

Holocaust asks Lux about Street Angel’s parentage. (Note: Apparently Lux got around 25yrs ago.)

The Teleporters are set free and Kinematik’s threat has been neutralized.

When Murdock, Kinematik, and Holocaust ask where the Hollywood Knights stand on APSAR?

Street Angel’s reply is he will never register.
Amber reply is she is an ex-con and is already preregistered.
Street Angel

Street Angel asks if they will answer the call if The Hollywood Knights locate Genocide.

Mission accomplished, but what next? In just a few days the APSAR comes into effect.

Teleporter’s could not travel to other Dimensions.

Professor Paradigm and the Paradigm Pirates.
Mysterious goals, Random attacks, and Unexpected appearances.

Street Angel help Kinematik and the others get home.

But, possesses power of Dimensional Travel.

Where will we stand? Where will you?


Teleportation Trouble
Kinematik's Master Plan

Campaign Date: 12/28/16 –
Actual Dates: Wed, Jan, 04, 2017 – 1800 PST
Sessions: 3 so far

PC’s Involved:
Midnight (Missed 3rd Session)
Street Angel
Twister (Missed 3rd Session)

Notable NPCs:
Silver Avenger Webster (PRIMUS)
Doc Sonic & Huntsman (Protectors)
Lady Blue (Independent Supervillain)
I.Q. (Genowa)

Sanctuary Staff
Charcoal (Daughter of Hyperion) –
Pooka – Teleporter
Strikeforce – Duplicator
Dayna Watson – Normal
Rush II (Daughter of Rush) – Speedster
Corona – Body of Energy
Metalla – Body of Metal
Peacekeeper (Reprogrammed Mechanon Robot) – Chef


Red Racer

Game Synopsis:
The Keep, Santa Monica Bay, Los Angeles County, California

Hardcore, PSI-Kick, and Twister are at the bank to cash their action figure residual checks. Unfortunately Tachyon decides to rob the bank at the same time. Just as the super battle really got started the super villainess Ambush teleported next to Tachyon and they teleported away.

Later the Hollywood Knights investigation revealed that Tachyon and Ambush appeared several blocks away. The camera shows that the pair is whisked away rapidly west. PSI-Kick correctly identified the powers as Gravity, not Super Speed based. They suspect the culprit as Kinematik, a mutant supervillain, a mutant supremacist, and leader of the Mutant Liberation Front.

Street Angel chuckles when he checks his action figure residual figure for $2,100 (Note: Roll a “3” made by 11). Myrlyn’s by the book rules hinders our investigation. As does PSI-Kick’s reluctance to us her Mental Powers openly , but I will continue to respect their positions and try not to hassle them.

Myrlyn puts through a call from Stronghold Prison. A woman asking for Mr. Motion. I regretfully informed her that he was killed in action several weeks ago. She informs them that “Shatter” has broken out of his special cell. Security cameras recorded a figure, grabbed Shatter and teleported out of the cell. Outside, they were again seen whisking away rapidly west.

Street Angel’s theory is that Kinematik is collecting Teleporters. He contacts Lady Blue and assures her they are continuing their pursuit of her stalker, Holocaust. He asks her if she can contact GRAB and inquire if Cheshire was alright… Apparently he is on a job.

Street Angel contacts the Protectors and informs them about about Kinematic is collecting Teleporters. Doc Sonic and Huntsman report that innate (Mutants/Mutates/Magic) Teleporters have superior accuracy compared to technological Teleporters. Technology as it exists needs a transfer device and long range teleportation commonly requires both a transmitting and receiving device.

Street Angel’s mother Lux calls and informs him Nox (his adopted uncle) has gone missing from their bungalow at the Sanctuary Resort on Kiritimati Island (Christmas Island). I offer her the teams assistance, but she declines.

Afterwords Street Angel contacts Silver Avenger Webster and informs him of his suspicion is that Kinematik is collecting Teleporters.

We deduced Kinematik’s westward direction triangulates towards Kiritimati Island. Street Angel tries calling his mother, but she does not pick up. Unable to reach his mother he calls the Sanctuary Resort, making reservations for for the Hollywood Knights and asking for clearances for the Skycruiser.

Myrlyn’s database information on Kiritimati Island reveals the it to be a former nuclear testing ground, but the radiation levels are almost normal. It is also home of Genowa, the mutant city state.

Street Angel assembles the Hollywood Knights, boards the Skycruiser, and has Myrlyn charts their course for PSI-Kick. Racing across the early morning sky. They arrive local time in the early morning.

They are met on the airfield by Strikeforce, a member of the Sanctuary staff, with a transport vehicle. We get in and takes us to the Resort. Informing Street Angel that Lux and Nox are missing from their bungalow. We can review the security records at the Resort. On arrival we are met by a duplicate of Strikeforce, and by another as we enter the lobby.

The receptionist at the desk is introduced as Dana Watson. We check in and then Street Angel informs them of their secondary purpose. Teleporters have been disappearing and our prime suspect is the mutant supremacist Kinematik of the Mutant Liberation Front.

At Lux and Nox’s bungalow they find it empty and Street Angel finds his mother’s cellphone with 12 missed calls from his number. Unfortunately he cannot unlock it.

When Strikeforce learns this he tries unsuccessfully to contact Sanctuary staff member Pooka, a teleporter. It appears that he is missing too. He assembles the Sanctuary staff. Including Peacemaker, the chef, a reprogrammed Mechanon Robot.

List of Missing Teleporters:
Tachyon (Independent Supervillain) – Aided by Kinematik
Ambush (Independent Supervillain) – Aided by Kinematik
Portal (Mutant Underground)
Shatter (Stronghold Prisoner) – Suspect Kinematik
Cheshire (GRAB) – Reportedly on a solo job. (Lady Blue)
Nox (Street Angel’s Uncle) – Reported missing by Lux (Street Angel’s mother)
Pooka (Sanctuary) – Discovered missing upon arrival.


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