Character Guidelines

The Character Balancing Act

When designing characters it is necessary to try to balance them with the campaign average. This will hopefully keep the characters close in power and prevent the players from feeling that they are under (or others are over) powered.

Campaign Baselines

Base Points: 450 – At this level you should be able to construct a well rounded, fleshed out character. You should attempt to include some out of combat abilities and interests to make the character well rounded.

Matching Complications: 100 – This should be enough points to flavor your character without making it too cumbersome. Out of the 100 points 5 of them will need to be 1-point Quirks. These are little tidbits about your character. For example:

  • Bites his fingernails when nervous
  • Dislikes Muzak
  • Irritated by people who talk a lot
  • Laughs when scared
  • Speaks with a southern accent
    And so on…

Balancing Characters

In an effort to balance the combat capabilities of characters I will break down combat abilities into the following five areas.

  • Damage (DAM) – Overall Damage Classes in the character’s most powerful attack, though there could be a number of attacks at that level
  • Offensive Ability (OCV) – Total OCV of the character with their most powerful attack. This could fluctuate with use of Martial Arts, Levels, etc.
  • Passive Defense (DCV) – Total DCV of the character when not using a maneuver that takes the place of an attack (Martial Dodge). This could fluctuate with use of Martial Arts, Levels, etc.
  • Active Defense (DEF) – Total PD/ED of the character when not using an ability that takes the place of an attack. Resistant Defenses are not included in the totals nor are Advantages that increase the usability (Hardened, Impenetrable, etc.)
  • Speed (SPD) – The SPD of the Character.

For purposes of this campaign the Average is assigned 3 Balance Points. Each 10 points or 2DC increases or decreases this value by one. Half points are allowed but further divisions are not. All Characters are limited to 15 total Balance Points to start.

Averages are as follows:
DAM – 12DC Attacks (Each level is 2DC or 10 Points)
OCV – 9 (Each level is 2 OCV or 10 Points)
DCV – 9 (Each level is 2 DCV or 10 Points)
DEF – 30 (Each level is 5 PD/ED or 10 Points)
SPD – 5 (Each level is 1 SPD or 10 Points)

If you want to bump one area you will need to subtract from another area. To a certain extent I am going more on Real Points than on Active but I’ve been around long enough to spot abuse. Don’t even try to slip in something like taking Not in Vacuum or Not in High Magnetic fields…these don’t come up enough to be worth a limitation.


~Brickman wants a higher STR than the Campaign Average and wants a higher DEF. He decides on the following.

  • 4 – 14DC (70 STR)
  • 2.5 – OCV 8 (OCV 6 and 2 levels with HTH OCV)
  • 1.5 – DCV 6 (DCV 6)
  • 5 – DEF 40 (He decides to actually have a 42 PD and 38 ED)
  • 2 – SPD 4

~Ninja Guy wants to be fast so he does the following

  • 2 – 10DC (20 STR and Martial Arts with +4DC so a 10DC Martial Strike)*
  • 4 – OCV 11 (OCV 9 and two levels w/ Martial Arts)
  • 4 – DCV 11 (DCV 9 and +2 DCV from Martial Strike)
  • 1 – DEF 20 (10 PD/ED and 10 PD/ED Armor)
  • 4 – SPD 6
    *Yes Ninja Guy does have an Offensive Strike which means he can do 12DC but it is at a -2 OCV to bring him into the campaign average.

~Blaster Boy wants more damage so he breaks his out like so…

  • 4 – 14DC (70 Point Multipower)
  • 3.5 – OCV 10 (OCV 8 and two levels with MP)
  • 2.5 – DCV 8 (DCV 8)
  • 2 – DEF 25 (5 PD/ED and a 20 PD/ED Forcefield)
  • 3 – SPD 5

~Speed Girl wants to be really quick so she assigns her points as follows…

  • 2 – 10DC (3d6STR + 2d6HA + 50m/10d6 = 10d6 Passing Strike)#
  • 3.5 – OCV 10 (OCV 9 and +1 OCV From Passing Strike)
  • 4 – DCV 11 (DCV 9 + 2 Levels with DCV)
  • 0.5 – DEF 18 (8 PD/ED and a 10 PD/ED costume)
  • 5 – SPD 7
    #She can also do a Move Through of 13d6 but is at 4 OCV and 8 DCV. Also has 50 Active Point Multipower of Speedster Tricks which fits in the DAM level.

Note: This is just for balancing and is not a hard and fast rule. I will be taking everything into account when I make a decision to allow or disallow a character’s abilities. Keep in mind that Martial Arts are part of your character while Standard Maneuvers are not. Therefore martial arts abilities are taken into account for your character’s power level.

I will also be looking into other Characteristics, Powers or Abilities which give the character an unfair advantage. No fair loading up on STUN and REC to compensate for your relatively low defenses. I strongly adhere to Character Conception.

There is some trade off with certain Archetypes. I will allow Bricks to have higher STUN and REC scores but won’t allow that combined with High DEX scores. Conversely I will allow Martial Artists to have higher DEX scores. Blasters and Mentalists have the benefit of variety with their capabilities which is an asset unto itself.

Character Guidelines

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