Champions: The Mutant Chronicles

Chlorine For The Gene Pool

Campaign Dates: August 9, 2017
Sessions: 3
GM: Jason

  • Session 1: Wed, Aug 16, 2017 – 1800 PST
  • Session 2: Wed, Aug 23, 2017 – 1800 PST
  • Session 3: Wed, Aug 30, 2017 – 1800 PST

PC’s Involved:
Agent Storm
TK Kid

Notable NPCs:
Silver Avenger Webster

Genocide? Soldiers
Genocide? Specialists
Genocide? Agents
Mystery Sharpshooter

Session 1 – Narrative:
The day started out chill enough, I was hanging out in the lounge watching the tube. Nicole and Storm were playing pool. You know, just a relaxing day. I should have known that the shit was going to hit the fan.

First I got up to take a leak and while I was gone Amber came in and changed the channel to some of her conspiracy theory bullshit. Next, Zeke walked in and said that Daphne called him and would like some help with a Genocide cell. He explained that she sounded out of sorts and said that it would probably be better that the Knights handled this rather than IMAGE.

Everyone came into the lounge and Zeke shared what Daphne told him. Jeremy was so excited for action that he flew out of the lounge toward the Sky Cruiser. The rest of us went back and forth on if this was something we should do and finally decided to head out to see what it was all about.

When we got to the address Locks (Daphne) was there and said that we had to do it immediately. This struck my as odd because normally she wants a plan for everything and charging in like that was a bit out of character. I had to physically stop Jeremy from rushing in. For someone so smart the kid is very reckless.;..and this is me talking.

Storm tried to recon the building but it was apparently blocked from his mental senses. Locks got tired of waiting and moved to the doors with Jeremy right behind her. She disabled the security system and slammed open the doors. Nicole, after setting up mental communication with the seasoned members of the team, scrambled up the wall to check things out. She has changed since our adventure in the mental plane. She is now much more stealthy and prefers to strike from hiding rather that duke it out up front. I moved up behind Jeremy and told him to blast the wall where Nicole said there was an agent.

Jeremy let loose and destroyed a section of the wall so that we could see inside. I leapt in and grabbed the agent, flinging him back out to the street. I didn’t mean for him to hit the telephone pole but I got lucky. Amorph flew up to the wall as a bird and all of us began to realize that there was some type of power suppression inside.

Amber gave Storm one of her shimmering shields and Zeke flew above the wall and blasted an agent with his vortex taking him out. Locks moved in and absolutely smashed an agent nearly killing him as he hit the wall. I was beginning to worry about Locks’ state of mind about that point. Amorph flew at another couple of agents hitting them but not taking them out. Amber used her power this time and gave Jeremy a boost to his defenses. Twister let out another vortex, knocking another agent out. Zeke’s gotten a lot more powerful recently. I think it might be something to do with the new costume. Or maybe he’s just been practicing.

Locks moved into another area and took out two more agents. I was really starting to worry. I lept into the area and tried to grab Daphne but that damn hair kept me from getting a hand on her. Jeremy blasted another couple of agents sending them flying and seriously hurting them. Kid was out of control. If he’s going to be out here with us I’m going to have to do something about that.

Nicole snuck up on the last of the agents and put him down. I tried to grab Locks again but her hair again blocked it. I started to think I had to get rough. Storm interrogated one of the agents and found out that our way in was below the red door. Jeremy flew over to the agents he trounced to make certain they weren’t going to die and stabilized them.

Amorph proceeded to seep underneath the trapdoor and found that there was even stronger suppression down below which made him come right back up. Jeremy ripped the door open and both Daphne and I headed down the passage. We found that there were more Agents down below. Daphne took one out quickly and I tried to hit another, missing of course. Jeremy caught two of them in his telekinetic bonds while Amber and Nicole moved in. Daphne hit another soldier and stunned him while Amorph came down the stairs. The Agents tried to attack back but did nothing to me and missed Daphne altogether. With the whole team down there it didn’t take long to take out the rest of the Agents.

Session 2 – Narrative:

We knew that there is more to the base and we were determined to get to it. Locks stayed back to download the information that seemed to be so vital. She promised to send it to Storm’s PRIMUS email when she finished. Twister, Storm, Amorph and Psi-Kick who were probably all really feeling the Mutant Suppression in the base stayed back as the rest of us made our way down an elevator to the level below.

Amber, Jeremy and I immediately encountered resistance and took out two more agents near the elevator. Amber shot ahead. As she did she went through an area that seemed to glow and told the rest of us that it nearly sucked the breathe out of her. I took off after her and while the area seemed to do very little to me I saw what she meant. It was as if the area was literally sucking the air straight our of my lungs. Amber and I engaged agents and Jeremy followed suit.

Meanwhile, upstairs reinforcements were coming in and Twister, Psi-Kick and Amorph moved in to deal with them. Storm took control of one of the Agents and made him assist us against his group. All of us were becoming very aware that these agents were very well protected. They had decent armament too as they managed to take down Twister, Amorph and nearly Psi-Kick.

Down below, Jeremy nearly sent one of the soldiers through the wall while Amber stuck one to the floor so I could administer the coup de grace. We tried to take down the field but it seemed to be part of the base rather than some tech. I finally smashed through the door and came out in a large area with a circle that had strange markings on it. Jeremy deduced that it must be some kind of teleporter. In this area I finally realized what the others were going through and felt my powers begin to ebb

The group upstairs were finally able to take out the reinforcements but Locks warned that more were on the way. She also informed us that we had to save the scientist that Genocide had captured The team finally came downstairs braving the suppression that was sucking the power right out of them. Storm and Jeremy deduced that the only way to activate the teleporter would be for someone to stay back to operate it. Fortunately Storm was still in control of his pet Genocide agent. We all took our places on the teleporter pad and the agent threw the lever.

Session 3 – Narrative:

We found ourselves in some type of airlock and could feel the pressure of the ocean depths. The team took a moment to collect their thoughts and regain their strength. The Mutant Suppression was now at a level where even I was seriously diminished.

Nevermind that, we had to move on. It was my turn to act rashly and I smashed through the airlock door into the chamber beyond. I continued to smash them until we finally hit a hallway. We discovered a computer system that was in a language that none of us could make out. I kept smashing.

We finally came out in a long hallway. Amber and Twister moved ahead and found two women in a room along with the unconscious scientist. Amorph and I followed. One of the women touched the ground and sent an electric shock through much of the facility. Psi-Kick was knocked unconscious by the attack and it hurt many of the other members that were on the ground.

Jeremy put a field below the women hoping to shut down any further attacks like the first. I swung out with an arm sweep and hit both of the women, seemingly without much effect. Storm moved up and Jeremy managed to shut down the attack from the other woman. Amber put a shimmering shield on Storm and we prepared to really get into it. With our powers diminished it was obvious, in spite of the numbers, who had the upper hand.

Amber again used her shimmering shield, this time on Twister but it didn’t seem as thick as usual. The Mutant Suppression’s effect was clearly evident. The first woman this time let off her electrical attack in the air. Amorph had come into the room disguised as water on the ceiling and he, Twister and Jeremy were shocked by the attack. Quite literally.

The other woman again lashed out at Jeremy this time hitting him and knocking him for a loop. Twister lashed out with a concentrated air blast but missed wildly. I screamed out at the woman who had hit Jeremy and caught her right in the chest returning the favor she had given to my cousin.

Psi-Kick rushed to get to the battle while Amber again tried to boost the shield on Twister. Storm wisely moved to the other side of the room where the scientist lay and jumped onto the bed. The electric woman again touched the floor which seemed to start to burn Jeremy and further injuring others on the team. I have my invulnerability to thank for not being in the same condition. Twister tried again to hit the electric woman but he must have hurt his head because he missed again. She returned the favor on Zeke and hit him knocking him to the floor.

The woman with the whip lashed out at Nicole. I was amazed that she hit her and I watched as the woman I loved was knocked to the floor. I turned back around and yelled, “Amber, help me out here!” Amber knew exactly what I was talking about and gooped up the legs of the whip woman.. I saw my opportunity and jumped at it, digging deep into my reserves for more strength. I hit her with everything I had and thankfully it was enough, the whip woman fell to the floor.

I screamed out, “You’re next Lightning Bitch!”. Storm reached out and touched her this time taking her sight away. Unfortunately she didn’t need it to again send a shock through the floor. The team was not doing well. Only Amber, Storm and myself were conscious and we had to put an end to this.

I again yelled to Amber to set her up for me which she quickly obliged. The goop kept her immobile as I again reached down for more strength. I lashed out with two hooks, both of which found their target. I yelled out again as the Lightning Bitch hit the floor.

I scooped up Nicole into one arm and roughly grabbed the whip woman with the other. Storm grabbed the scientist and as the other members began to regain consciousness we headed back to the airlock. It was a tense moment and we wondered how we were going to get back. I think that we were all relieved when the teleporter whirred to life and took us all back where we came from. I don’t think we would have much liked life at the bottom of the ocean.

As we appeared on the deck of the teleporter we saw a very large robot that was clearly in the midst of blowing up. We rushed to the surface and found Webster and the blue crew mopping up. There was no sign of Locks anywhere Storm debriefed Webster quickly on what had happened and explained that we needed to find out what the scientist knew of what was going on. Webster commented that if this was Genocide they obviously hadn’t gotten the memo that they had upgraded their equipment. Suddenly the scientist’s head exploded into fine red bits and we all took defensive postures. Jeremy and Storm deduced that the shot had come from far off as a way of getting rid of any evidence.

We headed back to the base with Storm promising Webster that he would receive his full report shortly. I think we were all pretty pissed that the data that Locks had promised hadn’t been sent. All she left was a smiley face and the anecdote, “C-ya later”.

XP and Rewards

Agent Storm receives 3 XP
Amber receives 3 XP
AMorph receives 6 XP
Hardcore receives 3 XP
Psi-Kick receives 3 XP
TK Kid receives 6 XP
Twister receives 3 XP

Deadman receives 3 GMXP for the Adventure Log


Hardcore is voted MVP receiving 1 additional XP.


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