Champions: The Mutant Chronicles

Mind Games

Campaign Dates: Mar 14-25, 2017
Sessions: 2
GM: Tom

  • Session 1: Wed, Apr 19, 2017 – 1800 PST
  • Session 2: Wed, Apr 26, 2017 – 1800 PST

PC’s Involved:
Agent Storm
Street Angel

Notable NPCs:
Dana Rupert

Boa Constrictor
Shadow Dragon

Session 1 – Narrative:
Early on the evening of Tuesday, March 14, 2017, Dana Rupert of SyperHype contacted the Hollywood Knights to invite them to a gala being held at the Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles. The planned date was for March 25, 2017, and the unofficial purpose of the soiree was to honour and thank the Hollywood Knights for all they have previously done for the city. She went on to explain that SyperHype CEO Timothy Preston and the mayor of L.A. would both be present to express their personal gratitude … and that SyperHype reserved the rights to any/all exclusives during the event. His interest piqued, Twister graciously accepted the invitation, and made sure it was on each of the Knight’s calendars: “4:30pm – March 25 – Rupert, pickup at Keep.”

The next day passed surprisingly uneventfully given that it was Psi-Kick’s 21st birthday. Unlike most people who take a now-drinking-age friend on a bar crawl in order to get him or her sloppy drunk, the Knights gathered at The Keep and made a quiet day of enjoying an obligatory birthday cake, a few alcoholic beverages, and one another’s company. Bars apparently aren’t terribly interesting to someone who regularly worked a pole in one…

Storm, as usual, remained fairly detached. He and Honey Chylde had been spending a lot of quiet time in the library, and were slowly growing accustomed to one another’s presence. She was studying material for a Director of Operations role, while he was clearly engrossed in some PRIMUS-specific research about which he said absolutely nothing. This went on for the better part of a week, with Tweaker stopping by occasionally to monitor and adjust some bots she had created and set loose in The Keep.

Interesting news was sparse that week; only two things caught the Knights’ eyes. The first item was the arraignment of the Masters of Speed: it was held as scheduled and entailed a failed escape attempt by the MoS team which, of course, made national news. The second item was more significant but less detailed; an escape from Stronghold that was only mentioned in a Friday news dump, suggesting the authorities wanted to meet their duty to alert the public while burying their embarrassment under the usual Friday fluff.

Looking into the escape, Storm learned that Blaze, Cybermind, Esper, Frost, Psimon, and Requiem had managed a breakout. The initial PRIMUS-restricted report indicated that Cybermind came out of his coma and overcame Stronghold’s power inhibitor system. This, in turn, allowed Psimon to take control of Dr. Mosby while Esper made sure the guards didn’t interfere. Using Mosby without interference meant that Psimon was able to walk the villians right out of Stronhold, unimpeded. Another PRIMUS-restricted after action report noted that Cybermind had also shut down the Stronghold security system, which further explained the villians’ ease of exit. The same report also suggested that Blaze may have flown the villains to Albuquerque, NM where they likely split up to go their separate ways.

Agent Storm shared this news with the Knights and then dug deeper, learning the following (which he also shared with the Knights) about the escapees who were new names to him:

Blaze: Class B female pyrokinetic; member of Anarchy, a group the Knights got into it with on their very first adventure
Esper: Class B female mentalist who can control minds but is not a true telepath; shares her body with an alien mind (the source of her powers) that took control of her over a decade ago
Frost: Class B male cold/Ice controller; co-founder of Deathstroke and brother of Requiem
Psimon: Class A male mentalist/psionic with telepathy and the ability to manifest psionic powers into a ‘psi titan’
Requiem: Class B male sonic projector; co-founder of Deathstroke and brother of Frost

At 4:30pm sharp on March 25th, a black stretch Navigator arrived to pick up the Knights. Dana waved from within, her upper torso popped out of an open sunroof at just the right angle to accentuate her assets as she bounced excitedly around and welcomed the Knights to the beginning of a fun-filled evening. John had other ideas. He knew this kind of event would make the Knights a target, so despite Psi-Kick’s welcome into the fold, Storm elected to behave like the help; the bimbo reporter certainly wouldn’t know the difference. Thus, Storm opened and held the door for the Knights before the driver had a chance to exit the vehicle. Once all were inside, he entered, himself, and closed the door behind him with a reassuring thunk.

After approximately an hour and a half of excited, seemingly never-ending bimbo chatter amidst more traffic than he cared for, Storm was relieved to exit the Navigator and again hold the door for the Knights. They exited the vehicle onto a red carpet, sized up the place, and took their first unaccustomed steps toward celebrity, the reporter yammering all the way. Storm closed the limo’s door, sized up the guards, and noted they were obviously from Executive Control Solutions, which let him breathe a little easier.

As the Knights entered the Hilton they were greeted by the Mayor, who showed them to their table while ingratiating himself all the way. Storm didn’t follow. Instead, he stepped just to the right of the guards inside the door and made himself a part of the scenery, just as they guards were trained to do. As the evening dragged on, a fine meal was consumed, after which the mayor commenced a speech to show his and the city’s gratitude for the Hollywood Knights and all they had done.

As the Mayor’s speech was nearing its end, Storm spotted Brad Powers (aka ‘Bulldozer’) at the bar. Moving in for a closer look, Bulldozer was observed to be uncharacteristically dressed in a suit. Worse, he was speaking with an Irish accent and was nearly charming the dresses off five (yes FIVE) highly attractive women. On his lapel was a pin, something Storm noted to be a family crest of some sort. Its position above his heart suggested to John that this was somehow important to the man, as it was exactly where Storm would have placed his American Flag pin on his own lapel.

Backing off, Storm informed the guards via his earpiece that Bulldozer was on the premises — knowing full well the Knights would be apprised, too. The nearest guard confirmed Storm’s observation and confronted Powers, challenging him for an invitation, which Powers readily produced. Dumbfounded, the guard indicated that Powers was not on the guest list, but Powers insisted he was, so the guard left with the invitation, returned shortly thereafter, and rendered his apologies, confirming that Powers was, indeed, on the list.

Storm also noted that something was mentally wrong with Bulldozer; there were two minds present behind his eyes when there should only be one. The second mind, Storm noted, was exceptionally powerful — unlike anything he’d ever seen. In order to avoid any uncomfortable questions, John kept this information to himself while endeavoring to disrupt the connection between the two minds, an attempt that was ultimately shrugged off like a dog might scratch at a flea — i.e. no real effort was applied to deal with a simple surface nuisance.

Shortly thereafter, Bulldozer, or whatever this was, went into action; it initiated a telepathic connection to Hardcore and began rooting around in his brain for something, with Hardcore none the wiser. Storm instructed the guards to clear people out while Psi-kick reacted to the mental attack on her lover by informing the Knights that Nevermind was present in Bulldozer.

Bulldozer, still noodling around in Hardcore’s brain, got up from the bar and left his harem to approach Psi-Kick, telling her aloud that she could have done better when choosing a mate. Irritated by his words, Hardcore moved to deck Bulldozer but found he could not. Psi-Kick, now angered at the attack on her lover, informed the Knights she was about to attack, to which Storm suggested she should mentally blast him. Psi-Kick agreed and commenced the attack on a three-count from Storm, not knowing Storm was going to try to augment her attack. However, the target mind … or whatever it was … was so elusive that only one of their attacks landed, and the entity behind Powers’ eyes made Powers’ mouth tsk Psi -Kick for bothering to resist.

Strangely, rather than fight back, the thing controlling Bulldozer made a smarmy exit, but not before mocking the Knights by telling them they needed to be tested to see if they were worthy, and not before Psi-Kick confirmed Nevermind’s identity via the pin bearing the Osbourne family crest on Bulldozer’s lapel.

Just as things were about to return to normal, a portal opened up on the west end of the hall. From it emerged six figures: Boa Constrictor, Esper, Freon, Oculon, Shadow Dragon, and ViperX. A quick mental run-down by Storm of those not covered by information provided after the Stronghold breakout revealed the following:

Boa Constrictor: brick with grab/squeeze powers
Freon: cold/ice controller; able to create ice barriers
Oculon: blaster with alien eyes from which blast powers emanate
Shadow Dragon: martial artist
ViperX: Kevin Armstrong; a defected Silver Avenger employed by Viper; leads the Dragon Branch; uses a jetpack and a futuristic rifle

A battle ensued with Freon erecting an ice wall, Shadow Dragon laying dibs on Street Angel while dropping areas of darkness, Oculon taking pot shots at Street Angel, and Esper controlling two guards such that they are protective of her. Psi-Kick fired back and dropped Oculon on his ass, while Storm mentally assaulted Esper, Street Angel teleported behind Esper, and Amber provided a shimmering field to both Psi-Kick and Storm.

Session 2 – Narrative:
The battle continued with Boa Constrictor moving into range of Hardcore, who promptly decked him, knocking Boa Constrictor back into the ice wall. Meanwhile, ViperX shot at Street Angel and missed, while Esper yelled for her newfound guards to ‘Do Something!’, which resulted in both chucking flashbang grenades at Storm, who was blinded by one of them.

Boa Constrictor got to his feet, moved back to Hardcore, and grabbed him while Freon ice slid past his own ice wall in order to hit Twister with a deep freeze, searing him with frozen pain. ViperX and Psi-Kick commenced hand-to-hand combat but missed one another, while Amber slung a burning hot splat at Freon which dropped him (into unconsciousness) like it was hot. Oculon recovered …only to be slammed into unconsciousness by a pair of elbow strikes from Street Angel after he activated a blinding light. Hardcore struggled to get loose but could not escape Boa Constrictor, despite Twister’s use of Boa Constrictor as an air punching bag.

Esper, her ‘guards’, and Shadow Dragon, also blinded by Street Angel, began to act. Esper released a unimind and then established a mind scan lock on Street Angel as her guards groped their way out of the effect of the light toward Agent Storm. Shadow Dragon teleported away and enveloped Twister in a wall of darkness. At the same time, Agent Storm informed PRIMUS of the situation and then informed the friendly ECS agents that two of their number were under Esper’s mental influence. Boa Constrictor applied a crushing squeeze to Hardcore.

ViperX failed to connect again with Psi-Kick who, worried about Hardcore, ignored ViperX in favor of stabbing Boa Constrictor with her Psi Blades. At the same time, Street Angel stopped emitting bright light in order to hurl three bolts at Esper, one of which connected and stuns her. Her unimind retaliated by mentally paralyzing Street Angel, a situation which Agent Storm promptly mitigated. Attacking again after moving for position around the ice wall, ViperX lost his grip on his sonic rifle, which was handily snatched out of reach by Psi-Kick using her chain. Amber, concerned with the unimind, hit it with a burning hot splat, knocking it through a window.

Free from the paralysis thanks to Storm, Street Angel knocked the daylights out of Esper with three more bolts; she went down for the count. Storm, however, had to unzip his proverbial fly to free Street Angel, and the ECS guards lobbed more flashbangs at Storm, blinding him again. Boa Constrictor continued crushing Hardcore, who headbutted him while Twister and Street Angel focused fire on Boa Constrictor, knocking him out.

His weapon in Psi-Kick’s possession, and with Oculon, Freon, Esper, and Boa Constrictor unconscious, ViperX moved to meet Shadow Dragon so that the two of them could make a tactical retreat by teleporting away. While waiting for PRIMUS to mop up and take possession of the captured hostiles, Storm dug around in Freon’s mind and learned that the attack was a job — paid for by Bulldozer (under Nevermind’s influence). He conveyed this to the team and with this info, Psi-Kick suddenly realized Nevermind was doing something unusual: these villains already had it out for the Knights because of their disruption of the recent VIPER online training endeavor (see Serpentine School Daze) — and Nevermind had leveraged that!

PRIMUS arrived to mop up and take possession of the captured hostiles…


XP and Rewards

Agent Storm receives 2 XP
Amber receives 2 XP
Hardcore receives 2 XP
Street Angel receives 2 XP
Twister receives 2 XP
Psi-Kick receives 2 XP

SurrealOne receives 2 GMXP for the Adventure Log


Street Angel is voted MVP receiving 1 additional XP.


You forgot Esper in your list of bad guys you fought. Other than that looks great.

Nevermind, I see what you did there.****************

Mind Games
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