Champions: The Mutant Chronicles

Possession Is Nine Tenths of Ownership

Head Trip

Campaign Dates: Apr 24 – May 21, 2017
Sessions: 5
GM: Tom

  • Session 1: Wed, May 03, 2017 – 1800 PST
  • Session 2: Wed, May 10, 2017 – 1800 PST
  • Session 3: Wed, May 24, 2017 – 1800 PST
  • Session 4: Wed, May 31, 2017 – 1800 PST
  • Session 5: Wed, Jun 07, 2017 – 1800 PST

PC’s Involved:
Agent Storm
Street Angel (KIA)

Notable NPCs:

Hollywood Knights
Shadow Dragon

Session 1 – Narrative:
Psi-Kick awoke unusually early … drenched in a cold sweat after having having dreamt of Nevermind attacking the Hollywood Knights. She jotted it down in her journal and then headed to the kitchen for breakfast — and said nothing of it over coffee with Agent Storm.

Meanwhile, Street Angel, who was on patrol, heard an alarm coming from Jake’s Jewelry Store. Eager to be the hero, he entered invisibly and found Shadow Dragon busily stuffing a duffel bag full of merchandise. He moved in close to Shadow Dragon, became visible, and asked, “Found anything interesting?” Shadow Dragon replied, “Quite a bit, actually. You’re so predictable…”

Immediately thereafter, Bulldozer stepped from one of Shadow Dragon’s shadow disks and said, “You know that Agent Storm is just a pawn of the government, and they are working with Genocide to destroy mutant kind. Why would you ever let such a person into your group? He is also a very powerful Mentalist and has taken control of Nicole and Amber. Hardcore and Twister know the truth as well. They will meet you tonight at 6pm to take down the insurgents. You know that this is the only way.”

Street Angel left the jewelry store with the alarm still going. No theft was halted. No arrest was made. He simply went about the rest of his day as usual … with no thought of having met Bulldozer.

Twister while out and about, received a call from Jake’s stating the place was being broken up. He and Hardcore met at Jake’s, soon after, and from outside they heard a scream from Jake. Rushing into the establishment, both saw Jake standing behind the bar protecting his face with his hands …from nothing. Bulldozer stepped out from behind the bar, and Jake stopped screaming long enough to look at Bulldozer, and demand, ‘Who the fuck are you?’

Courteous, as usual despite ignoring Jake, Bulldozer replied, “Zeke. Tommy. It’s good to see you.” He then hit Twister and Hardcore with a mental paralysis, stopping both in their tracks. Looking at Twister, Bulldozer said, “How could you abandon your friends and let them be controlled by Agent Storm? You must protect them. Psi-Kick and Amber are under Storm’s mental control. Tonight at 6pm you, Hardcore and Street Angel have to strike back.”

Turning his attention to Hardcore, Bulldozer then said, “You were supposed to protect her, and now that PRIMUS goon has taken control of her. You have to team up with Street Angel and Twister tonight at 6pm to take them down. It’s the only way to save Nicole.”

The rest of the day was uneventful … until 6pm, when the post-hypnotic suggestions kicked in. Twister attacked Amber in the AV room without warning. Soaking the damage, she entangled Twister and made a beeline for The Keep’s exit. Street Angel went after Storm in the hallway, while Hardcore attacked Psi-Kick in the hanger.

Merlyn locked down The Keep as the three battles raged …until Hardcore knocked out Psi-Kick. Immediately afterward, Storm noticed a non-corporeal Nevermind descend the elevator shaft … and settle into Psi-Kick.

Session 2 – Narrative:
Psi-Kick seemed to regain consciousness just as Nevermind’s post-hypnotic suggestion lost its grip on Hardcore. However, the relief was short-lived, as it was Nevermind’s poisonous words leaking from betwixt Psi-Kick’s lips that lashed out at Hardcore, questioning aloud what Psi-Kick saw in Hardcore.

Recognizing she wasn’t herself, Hardcore immediately opened comms and called for support against Nevermind in the hanger. Storm replied indicating that The Keep was on lockdown, to which Hardcore retorted, “Use the damn stairs!” Merlyn, overhearing Hardcore and Storm’s dialog, brought The Keep off lockdown with exception to Psi-Kick. He then flooded the hanger at Amber’s request, who then made her way to it from (underwater) outside.

Nevermind, as Psi-Kick, quickly took control of Hardcore and directed him to defend her, go to the first floor, and beat down anyone who got in his way. Complying, Hardcore entered the elevator as Street Angel invisibly exited it. Storm, seeing that Hardcore was again under Nevermind’s influence, radioed to inform the team of the situation … and waited in the elevator with Hardcore — prepared to act, if needed. The elevator ascended to the first floor and both exited — with Storm heading to a guest room while Hardcore made his way toward The Keep’s entrance/exit.

Back in the hanger, Amber had Merlyn open the hanger’s outer doors while Street Angel overrode the vestibule door between the hanger and the elevator — flooding the vestibule. Nevermind, as Psi-Kick, quickly opened up on the pair, readily dispatching both in a matter of seconds. Sensing the fight through his bond with Psi-Kick, and with Storm helping to counter Nevermind’s hold on him, Hardcore broke free of the mind control and headed down the stairs with Twister to save Psi-Kick. Storm elected to remain on the first floor and monitor the situation remotely.

Before Hardcore and Twister could even enter the hanger, Nevermind detected both, induced pain in each, and instantly dropped them into unconsciousness. Sensing this, Storm hit Nevermind with a psychic crush … and he and the rest of the non-conscious Knights suddenly found themselves standing in a Japanese garden — which Storm gathered to be a construct on the mental plane.

Moments after the Knights’ arrival, the disembodied voice of Nevermind echoed from within the garden and condescendingly welcomed the Knights to such an unexpected occurrence within Psi-Kick’s mind. … and then condemned them (again) for aligning with PRIMUS. Storm shouted back, “Kiss my PRIMUS-clad ass!”

Session 3 – Narrative:
Nevermind continued… “Your firs’ time in Ne’zach I assume? It is known by many names; Talatala, Svarloka, Manas but to mos’ I’ is simply the Plane of the Mind. It is a wonderful place as once you mas’er it you can mold it to your will. As so”….He raised his arms and eight Ninjas seemed to grow and appear out of the foliage. He said simply, “Good Luck.” and vanished.

The ninjas advanced on the Knights, resulting in an immediate and severe response from Amber, Hardcore, Psi-Kick, and Storm that ended with the quick dispatch of all eight of them while Twister and Street Angel remained frozen in place. Ansatsusha, Psi-Kick’s old master, appeared shortly thereafter, taunting Psi-Kick as Twister faded from visibility.

“Well the prodigal daughter has returned. What is the matter blossom? You do not recall your master? Surely you have asked yourself about the tattoo? I am known by many names; Ansatsusha, Kuroi Ryu, Black Dragon. We trained you, and you were ripped from our grasp before you could fully become one of us. It is of no consequence; we will now see what you and your protectors are capable of. Take care little one; I am sure that you can imagine that dying here will have severe repercussions on your prime self. Defeat me and you may exit the garden.”

Amber and Storm took up defensive positions behind Hardcore, as Amber conveyed shimmering shields to both Psi-Kick and Storm. Hardcore moved to attack and was rewarded with a flurry of focused attacks that nearly KO’d. Ansatsusha turned his attention to Psi-Kick, taunting her, again. She successfully defended herself and then responded in kind, but couldn’t connect. Her old master unleashed another flurry of kicks that dropped Psi-Kick in her tracks and sent Street Angel flying into a wall. Street Angel’s body immediately dissipated into nothingness, prompting Storm to alter reality in a way that left Psi-Kick able-bodied and conscious without any sane explanation as to why or how.

Ansatsusha belted out a proud, “Well done!” to Storm and then gave him a dirt nap for his trouble. Amber and Hardcore both fell within seconds, too, leaving only Psi-Kick and her former master to continue. Psi-Kick went full-defensive, but eventually she, too, succumbed to her former master’s prowess. Impressed with her new skills, Ansatsusha applauded Psi-Kick, telling her she had learned much, gained powerful allies, and judged them worthy to pass. A door appeared in a section of the garden, disjoint and out of place, and all of the Knights except Street Angel passed beyond its threshold after licking their wounded pride.

On the other side lay a flat, within which dishes could be heard clanking from the floor, above. It felt familiar and inviting to Psi-Kick, who recognized it as her childhood home. Psi-Kick ascended to the second floor with Hardcore, Amber, Twister, and Storm in tow. There, they found Psi-Kick’s mom, Mrs. Osbourne, in the kitchen.

“Comin’ in a wee bit late are we lass? Sit back while I put the Barmbrak in the o’en. I’ve missed you mah baybeh. `T seems so long ago tha raht bastahrd took ye’. Ah guess tha good news is tha’ this is your opportuniteh ta be done wit hem once an’ fur all. Ah see ya have some friends wit’ ya. Thass good, as it will nah be an ehazy task. "

Psi-Kick introduced each of the Knights to her mom. As if on command, Hardcore’s headstrong swagger instantly vanished, leaving only polite, nervous discourse in its wake. Amber and Twister made themselves at home at the table while Storm nervously cased the points of ingress/egress, ever the government snoop.

Mrs. Osbourne went on to explain, “Cullen is powe’ful heah an’ takin’ hem down will take all of ya workin’ as one. En Natzach each of ya has a wakeness tha’ con be taken advantage of. S’good thing tha it is na all tha apparent. I am aware of Cullen’s weakness here as we do ba’elle daily. Y’see, when in Netzach the landscape changes based on the host mind, an raht now you are tha host, love. A‘parently you an’ Cullen spenta good deal o’ time in Japan, an’ much o’ the landscape reflects thaht. Ya be’er ge’ a move on lassy, hea won’ be in this state for long. Ya need to hi’ `em in tha solar plexes righ’ under his sternum if a’ all possible; tha’ll be the quickes’ way ta bring hem down. In order to trap him heah, you will haveta kill him, though. Take off his armor and tha’ shouldn’ be much o’ a chore. Tha’ will trap his mind within is’self, an since tha’ is all he has, he won’ exis’ anywhere bu’ Netzach. I love you baybeh, don’ e’er fo’get ya mum…”

Sessions 4 & 5 – Narrative:
Upon exiting Psi-Kick’s childhood home, the Knights found themselves outside the gate of a Japanese house from within which Frank Sinatra’s “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” could be heard playing. Agent Storm sat down on the bench and cracked his knuckles loudly while Psi-Kick stared at the home, noting it was both compelling and oddly familiar.

Impatiently, as usual, Amber opened the gate and passed through it, causing a chime to ring out and announce the Knights’ presence. She found herself in a small, well-manicured garden with a pond, and noting two doors, opened one that lead into a mud room. Worried about the little deviant, Storm got up and followed with Twister close behind; Psi-Kick and Hardcore also followed, hanging back a bit.

Continuing into the hallway beyond the mud room, Amber noted a staircase leading up and some sliding doors that led into a courtyard. Curious about the courtyard, she moved closer to it while Twister, Storm, Psi-Kick, and Hardcore assumed positions nearby. Uncomfortable with the surroundings, Agent Storm excused himself and seemed to disappear.

As the team fanned out, Nevermind’s voice echoed throughout the house, “Well I’s abou’ time yauv come, I’ been wai’in’ ‘round fureveh. Di’ ya bring ya playmates, I’d be an awful shame if they were to miss ou’ on the fun. I’ll say iam sorry now lass for once you are dead in here your mind forever belongs to meh. Play wi’ meh frien’s the shou’ sof’en ya up a bit.’”

Immediately thereafter a small horde of flying gargoyles appeared in the courtyard and began streaming into the house. Amber granted a shimmering shield to Psi-Kick, and two of the gargoyles crashed through the sliding glass doors, attacking Psi-Kick and Twister as they flew by. Psi-Kick blocked her attacker and Twister’s attacker simply missed. Two more followed suit, smacking both Amber and Hardcore as they flew past. Psi-Kick retaliated with her psi blades and missed. A third pair flew inside and hit both Amber and Hardcore, again. Amber took a moment to recover while Hardcore landed a frustrated jab on the last gargoyle that injured him.

Sensing a tough fight, Agent Storm invisibly moved to a position granting him cover from the fields of view of most of the gargoyles and then focused on his avatar to add accuracy, speed, and stamina to it. A final pair of gargoyles flew into the house, one attacking Psi-Kick as the other attacked Hardcore — neither of which seemed to do any harm to their targets. Psi-kick retaliated again with her psi blades, ripping into two of the gargoyles right before Twister formed a wind vortex in the middle of the hallway that sent Psi-Kick and most of the gargoyles crashing in all directions through the walls of the house, wounding a number of them

Obviously annoyed with Twister, three of the gargoyles ganged up on him and gave him a beat-down that left him bloody and unconscious. Two more flapped back up to Hardcore and raked angrily at him, irritating him more than anything else. Amber, having regained her bearings, was struck again by another pair of the gargoyles. Meanwhile, in another room, Psi-Kick got up, dusted herself off, and re-engaged, nicking one gargoyle with her psi blades.

Taking close aim at one of her attackers, Amber unleashed a barrage of shards that obliterated it … causing its form to fade into the mental plane’s ether like a red mist dissipating in a strong wind. Frustrated at being outnumbered, Storm imposed his will on the reality at hand, bending it to make a friend of the nearest gargoyle foe. He fixated again on the one nearest Amber, making a turncoat of it, as well. Once done, he yelled to the team, “I’m handling the one closest to me and the one closest to the plant in the foyer.” Amber followed her shards with a burning hot splat to a nearby gargoyle, massively injuring it just before it barreled into Storm, stunning him.

Meanwhile, Storm’s first turncoat gargoyle flew past one of its injured brethren, hammering it hard enough to send it back to its place of origin … and then it slammed full-on into another gargoyle in the courtyard, knocking massive chunks from its target’s body. The injured target immediately retaliated, and eliminated its attacker with its talons. The remaining turncoat went after the gargoyle that stunned Storm, destroying its charred body with wing slams as it flew by.

Psi-Kick and Hardcore ganged up on the gargoyle closest to them, quickly carving it into red dissipating mist while Amber granted a shimmering shield to a recently-awakened Twister. A gargoyle close to Amber tried to hook her with a wing as it flew past, but missed. The remaining turncoat gargoyle laid into Amber’s attacker and finished it off, then returned to Storm and hovered protectively as he added accuracy, speed, and stamina to his avatar, again.

Laughing, Nevermind appeared in the courtyard wearing a suit of samurai armor; a translucent, protective dome phased into existence about him within moments of his appearance. Storm’s turncoat gargoyle instantly attacked, ripping through the dome almost casually, to which Nevermind let out a surprised, “What?!”

Sensing an opportunity and remembering Mrs. Osbourne’s advice, Hardcore told Psi-Kick that Nevermind would make an easier target if he could grab and control him. He launched himself at Nevermind intent on doing just that, but couldn’t get the better of his foe. Working together, Twister and Agent Storm coordinated the impacts of a pneumatic lance and blast on Nevermind, injuring him only slightly. Psi-Kick attacked with her psi blades, as well, but did no damage.

Almost as if to make a statement, Nevermind turned and punched Hardcore with a telekinetic fist attack, knocking him backward through a wall and stunning him for the first time in his life. He then turned his attention to Storm’s friendly gargoyle, destroying it in a single shot with a telekinetic lance attack. Sensing an opening, Agent Storm advanced on Nevermind and set up for a called shot while Psi-Kick attempted a leg sweep and Twister took a recovery. Amber, realizing what Storm was up to, covered Nevermind in sticky goo to try to make his shot easier.

Unable to break free, Nevermind found himself stuck squarely in Storm’s sights. Storm, desperate to end things quickly while Nevermind was vulnerable, called his shot on the solar plexus, pushed his blast, and unleashed a near-perfect hit that blew through Amber’s sticky goo, knocked Nevermind back into a courtyard wall, and stunned him. Psi-Kick immediately followed up with called shots of her own using her psi blades, rendering Nevermind unconscious.

Storm let forth another blast into Nevermind’s unconscious form just to make sure he wouldn’t get up … and then reminded the team that Mrs. Osbourne warned them Cullen would need to be killed in the mental plane in order to be defeated. He then focused on the Samurai armor and willed it to be as protective as paper armor. Noticing the armor’s change and untroubled by the idea of killing something that wasn’t real to begin with, Twister let loose a pneumatic lance that devastated Nevermind’s body. His armor … crumbled … and from it arose the hazy but recognizable form of Cullen … which then dissipated into the mental plane much like the gargoyles had.

Looking around, it soon dawned on the Knights that they had won … but were stuck on the mental plane with no idea how to leave it. Amber went to the study and began flipping through its books. Most were empty, something Amber took to be a sign of what’s typically going on in Psi-Kick’s head. Psi-Kick, on the other hand, ascended the stairs and took a look around on the second floor. Drawn to a familiar-seeming bedroom, she entered it and took stock of its contents. A small, locked chest caught her eye, and when she touched it to pick it up, it released a blast of energy that sent her flying across the room.

Through her mind link with Hardcore, Psi-Kick told him she needed everyone’s help, which resulted in Hardcore fearfully telling the team, “Psi-Kick needs our help!” and bolting up the stairs. The rest of the Knights followed suit and found Psi-Kick picking herself up from the floor. With a worried look on her face, she explained what happened when she touched the chest. While the team pondered what to do, Little Miss Trouble grabbed the box without any reservations or fear and began tinkering with its lock. No longer worried what the box might do to others, Agent Storm focused on the box and willed its lock into a simpler rendition of itself in order to help Amber get it open.

Seconds later, a ‘click’ was heard from the chest, and Amber cracked a knowing smile. She opened it and from it flew bolt of energy that slammed into Psi-Kick’s forehead, cold-cocking her. She awoke a few moments later and shouted, “What the hell?! Fuck! That hurt!!!” And then her jaw nearly hit the floor…

Curse words? She could curse? And what was she doing back in the house she lived in for more than two years while working for the Black Dragon cult? The memories came flooding back … and with them … the memory of how to leave the mental plane.

The Knights awoke in The Keep exactly where they were prior to their activities on the Mental Plan — except for Street Angel, whose body was found to be braindead. Twister had Merlyn take The Keep off lockdown, and PRIMUS was contacted to effect repairs. Psi-Kick also contacted Dr. Wraith regarding Street Angel, and Wraith referred her to Dr. Kine, a mentalist working for Angel Stone Laboratories. Dr. Kine visited The Keep, listened as Psi-Kick described how Street Angel came to be in such a state, and expressed an interest in Street Angel’s case because of the challenge of it. Contacting Street Angel’s mother because she was his listed next of kin, Psi-Kick determined his mother’s preference would be for Street Angel to be housed and treated at Angel Stone Laboratories, so his body was released to Dr. Kine.

Following up on other fronts, Storm learned that Bulldozer was hospitalized for dehydration and arrested once his treatment was complete. Claiming no knowledge of his recent actions, he is arraigned, exonerated by telepathic expert testimony arranged by his attorney, and released. Boa Constrictor, Esper, Freon, and Oculon are also similarly-arraigned and they, too, try to claim no knowledge of their actions, but telepathic expert testimony shows that they were paid for their actions at the Hilton, and all of them are imprisoned except Esper, who apparently could not be read by the telepathic experts.

Psi-Kick did some research on things experienced within the mental plane and learned that the Black Dragons date back centuries, possibly even millennia. Only recently did their dealings become insidious: they have sought to overthrow the Japanese government since WWII. Looking into ‘Ansatsusha’, Psi-Kick was unable to find any information…

Hardcore reported that Edge is settling into a leadership position within the Mutant Underground and that his sister, Tweaker, is pleased with this, as she’s the thinker of the group and never wanted to be the leader. He also informed the Knights that Maquillage is helping mals moved by the Mutant Underground better fit in with society, at large.


XP and Rewards

Agent Storm receives 4 XP
Amber receives 4 XP
Hardcore receives 4 XP
Psi-Kick receives 4 XP
Street Angel is apparently Brain Dead
Twister receives 4 XP

SurrealOne receives 4 GMXP for the Adventure Log


Agent Storm is voted MVP receiving 2 additional XP.


I went through and edited it for accuracy and added some of the dialogue that was missed. Great Job Frank.

966deadman surrealone

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