Champions: The Mutant Chronicles

Speedy Trial

Campaign Dates: January 24, 2018
Sessions: 2
GM: Tom

  • Session 1: Wed, Jan. 31, 2018 – 1800 PST
  • Session 2: Wed, Feb 07, 2018 – 1800 PST

PC’s Involved:
Agent Storm
Psi-Kick (Missed Session 2)
TK Kid
Witch Hazel

Notable NPCs:
Silver Avenger Alex Richardson

The Blur

Session 1 – Narrative:
Over the last few months PRIMUS remodeled The Keep’s roof to provide an outdoor kitchen, swimming pool and basketball hoop. Work was also done in The Pit by equipping it with TK Kid and Tweaker’s latest development – holographic technology utilizing force fields to generate realistic and challenging practice experiences. During this same time, the media at large unilaterally dropped ‘Hollywood’ from the ‘Hollywood Knights’ moniker, referring to us only as the ‘Knights’. Frankly, I would have preferred the media not call us, at all, but if they’ve got to call us something, ‘Knights’ seemed a lot less juvenile than ‘Hollywood Knights’.

Now established as a Genocide Task Force, the folks in charge also made it clear they didn’t want us focused solely on Genocide. Clearly we had all been made GTF agents, but apparently the ‘G’ had just been changed from ‘Genocide’ to ‘Government’. Or maybe ‘Generic’ would have been more appropriate? The more I thought about it, the more it made sense; that was my angle, and I planned to stick to it…

As I gave myself a mental back-pat for the acronym, Merlyn announced we had an incoming call from Silver Avenger Richardson. Psi-Kick had Merlyn put him through while I silently lamented the loss of Bob Webster as our local contact. Richardson was a good man, but Bob Webster-level good he was decidedly … not. A moment later Richardson’s voice was heard by all: “Well do you want the good news or the bad news?”

I responded that we preferred our dessert, first, so Richardson continued: “The good news is that the Masters of Speed resurfaced. The bad news is that they managed to free Fullbore, Whirligig and SloMo. Fullbore was broken out of a Canadian lockup by The Blur, last night. Then, this morning, Cheetah and Hellbent attacked a transport from Stronghold carrying SloMo, Whirligig, and Whiplash. They grabbed SloMo and Whirligig, but I guess they didn’t like Whiplash all that much, because they didn’t break him out. That might be a good place to start, as he’s likely so pissed he’ll sing like a canary.”

Richardson then explained that he wouldn’t be able to help with Whiplash because he needed to look into a new hero that had been playing Mr. Boy Scout all over town – someone who was extremely strong, capable of flying, and could project energy form his eyes. Apparently the newcomer had saved a plane from a bird strike and kept a crane operator from falling to his death by welding the broken crane with his eyes. Lorelei Lawrence of SSN, the parent company of Super Hype, had apparently obtained an interview with the guy who was going by ‘Capital’. During that interview, Capital indicated he was just here to help. I found myself wondering where he was a few months ago and why he had suddenly appeared … but I suspected we’d find that out, eventually. Psi-Kick observed that Capital’s powers seemed extraordinarily similar to those of Vanguard, the “World’s Most Powerful Superhero”, who was supposedly killed in 1997 during the Battle of Detroit.

A quick teleporter trip to the L.A. PRIMUS facility had us staring at Whiplash within minutes. I took the interrogative lead with him, but he seemed more interested in Psi-Kick’s tits than any deal I could broker for him – so Hardcore and I made a good showing of bad/good cop and then excused ourselves to let Psi-Kick work her magic. Unfortunately, we found that oozing sex appeal was as depreciable a skill as shooting; one must use it or lose it. In Psi-Kick’s case, she hadn’t used it in a long while … and appeared to have lost it. However, she did manage to clue into the fact that the guy was horny as all Hell and that porn might get him talking – specifically Lisa Ann porn.

I returned to the interrogation room and offered to pull a few strings to get Whiplash what he wanted … as well as some better meals … and it was enough to get him talking to Psi-Kick after I exited the room, again. As he began to sing, we learned that Hellbent had sent SloMo’s cousin to Stronghold to tell SloMo, Whirligig, and Whiplash they wouldn’t be there long. Whiplash also mentioned Hellbent had been investing in Darkside Industries, a KC, Missouri-based electronics manufacturer who didn’t seem to manufacture anything. Apparently Cheetah had also sent him a letter suggesting their attorney’s fees, relocation costs, and the cost of a new RV had left the group strapped for cash. In need of cash and with Hellbent being the vindictive type, it was obvious their next score would likely be less-planned than usual … and in our back yard in order to give us a black eye.

Leaving Whiplash to his porn and one-handed fun, we headed back to The Keep and attempted to figure out likely targets for the at-large MoS members. A few hours later, just as we had narrowed the possibilities to three local banks, an alarm sounded at Pacific Western Bank of Woodland Hills on 21600 Oxnard Street. Hazel got us on the scene within seconds … where we saw Fullbore standing guard outside.

Given how effective it was the last time I faced him, I induced hallucinations in Fullbore, but his mind shrugged off the effect – likely the result of something I noted strengthening his willpower and mental defenses … and that of his teammates. He immediately alerted the MoS that we were on the scene, careened off two walls, and flung himself into Nuke who he knocked a good 30 feet just as Capital showed up.

TK Kid advanced and generated a ball of telekinetic force behind Fullbore that sent him flying toward our group. As he did so, Capital spoke up and said: “Very powerful young man. I think that you need to use a bit more restraint against your opponents until you know their capabilities.”

Sensing opportunity, Hardcore and Psi-Kick coordinated their attacks against the poor bastard, stunning him while sending him flying backward like a ping pong ball. Not letting up, Hazel teleported Fullbore from his landing spot to a location within reach of Psi-Kick, who struck him twice and knocked him out.

In the midst of this, Hellbent, Blur, Whifligig, and SloMo emerged from the building with a funnel cloud of cash whipping about Whirligig. Hellbent made a beeline for Psi-Kick and stunned her with a single hit that siphoned off some of her agility. Meanwhile, Whirligig attacked Nuke with a whirlwind that entangled him. Nuke immediately broke out and advances on Whirligig while Capital offered up more irritating commentary: “You know you’re giving off trace amounts of radiation, don’t you? That could prove quite hazardous to normal humans over an extended period of time…”

As Hardcore leapt into the fray yelling his signature, “Bring it, bitch!”, Capital spoke again: “Young man! Vulgarity in public is completely disrespectful to those around you.”

If I could have penetrated his mind, I would have ordered Capital’s useless ass to shut the fuck up, but his mind appeared to be completely beyond me. Apparently sizing him up earned me an annoying slur, too, as said to me, “So do you always stand idly by and let the rest of them do all of the heavy lifting. You have a sidearm perhaps you should use it.”

Meanwhile, Hazel teleported inside the building as TK Kid launched another telekinetic explosion at both Whirligig and SloMo. Whirligig saw it coming and sped out of the way, but SloMo ate the full brunt of the attack and immediately took a dirtnap. Cheetah, unseen until now, hauled ass from around the far side of the building. She sped directly for me and retracted her claws at the last second to slam a fist squarely into my jaw, stunning me. As SloMo recovered, Hazel pummeled him with two baton strikes through one of her portals, earning her a snide comment from Capital: _"Batons? You may want to think about using a weapon which isn’t so easy to take from you."

Session 2 – Narrative:
Cheetah then swung around to pick up speed and coordinate with Hellbent against Psi-Kick, who dodged them both. Witnessing the double-team on Psi-Kick, Capital moved in and struck both Hellbent and Cheetah once, each – knocking them both out and causing them to go tumbling through the facade of the building. He spoke again: “I have to tell you Miss, you are quite pleasing on the eyes. However, I think your bondage theme is a bit much for today’s impressionable youth, don’t you?”

Whirligig swung by Blur and SloMo, picking both of them them up in his whirlwind while heading for Cheetah and Hellbent. Hardcore leapt in front of him to cut him off and jabbed Whirligig in the jaw, nearly knocking him out. Capital followed up with a passing strike to Whirligig took him down.

Deciding to bug out, Blur headed away from the Knights while Hellbent recovered, picked up Cheetah’s limp body, and sped off in the opposite direction. Hazel, having none of it, teleported Cheetah out of Hellbent’s arms as Nuke and Capital pursued Blur. Doubling back, Hellbent picked up Cheetah, once more, and sped away until I stopped him in his tracks with a mental paralysis.

Both Hazel and Hardcore went to retrieve Hellbent and Cheetah as Psi-Kick gathered up SloMo, Fullbore, and Whirligig so that she could easily keep an eye on them. Hellbent stalled for time in the face of both Knights, recovering enough to easily give them the slip – at the cost of leaving Cheetah behind. Nuke, unable to catch Blur as he fled underground, was overtaken by Capital, who began tunneling into the ground after Blur. Eventually he overtook Blur, knocked him unconscious, and brought him back to the rest of the unconscious MoS members – just as the media showed up. Capital then spent time taking more credit than he deserved, revealing himself to be a gloryhound. We were happy to let him have all the glory he could handle – knowing that no attention is generally the best amount of attention.

XP and Rewards

Agent Storm receives 2 XP
Hardcore receives 2 XP
Nuke receives 4 XP
Psi-Kick receives 1 XP
TK Kid receives 2 XP
Witch Hazel receives 2 XP

Surrealone receives 2 GMXP for the Adventure Log



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