Champions: The Mutant Chronicles

Tech Gone Wild!

Mechanon Attacks

Campaign Date: 4-5-2016
Actual Dates: 4/6/16, 4/13/16
Sessions: 2

PCs Involved:

Crimson Lake
Street Angel

Notable NPCs:

Silver Avenger Webster
Victory Girl



Game Synopsis

It was another crazy day in the lives of Hollywood Knights. Twister was playing cards and not doing too terribly well. Street Angel was approached by a woman who wanted him to heal her son of his homosexuality. Psi-Kick was paid a lot of money to “dance” for a kid that didn’t seem all that into it. Crimson Lake was trying hard to figure out why the whole internet seemed to have gone down all at once. Mr. Motion was off visiting his old buddy Captain Stalwart. Yep, another day in the life of our intrepid heroes.

Across town, Hardcore’s sister had a recent breakthrough with her Cyberkinetic powers. She had devised microscopic nanites (tiny robots) who could purify water. While she seemed very excited, the breakthrough and its impact on society seemed lost on Hardcore. He was much more excited that James, his old buddy, had asked him to be part of his band. Things didn’t go so well. When walking through the mosh pit at the club a kid ran into his back and busted open his face against Hardcore’s invulnerable skin. The crowd started catching wind of what went on and he was getting a lot of heat for his “freakness”. The band said that it was better if he didn’t go on with them. Poor Hardcore. Good thing that Nicole (Psi-Kick) showed up to help console him.

As he and Nicole were leaving the club Hardcore received a frantic call from his neighbor and immediately headed home calling the Knights on his way. When the team showed up at the apartment building was a shambles and a robot was attacking people on the street. The team moved to defend the civilians that the robot was targeting and Hardcore immediately made his way to his apartment. When he got there he found his sister seemingly reverted to her previous autistic state and his neighbor, Mrs. Harrington dead. The apartment was destroyed and when Hardcore got his sister outside he recognized the killer robot as Tate (T-8), Sarah’s housekeeping and security robot. The Knights were able to take down the newly aggressive robot. A group of PRIMUS agents showed up and took Sarah into custody. Hardcore tried to accompany them in vain.

The Knights and Hardcore then headed to the local PRIMUS office where a favor from Silver Avenger Webster got them to the detention level where Hardcore’s sister was being held. As they approached the cell block the door suddenly slammed shut cutting off the cells. The other door opened and a robot, who looked decidedly like an older version of Mechanon, appeared. The Knights made there way into the cell block but stopped short when the Robot forced their surrender by using Sarah as a hostage.

Locked up in the other cells the Knights plotted their plan using Nicole’s mind link. When they were finally presented an opportunity Street Angel escaped his cell and hit the button on the wall releasing the rest of the Knights and Hardcore. While Mechanon was powerful he was not fully functional. Hardcore and the Knights were able to destroy the robot and end his plan.

They were able to piece together Mechanon’s plan with PRIMUS’s help. Mechanon had reprogrammed Sarah’s nanites to return her to an autistic state with a limited mind control suggestion that she build her killer robot again (something she was already prone to doing when she was autistic). His plan was to get Sarah sent to Stronghold where his body parts would also be shipped once he was defeated by the Champions. He then used the nanites in Sarah’s system to fry her inhibitor collar, once free of the collar Sarah did what she was programmed to do, she built a killer robot out of the nearest parts in the prison which happened to be Mechanon albeit an incomplete one thankfully. Mechanon’s larger plan was to use Sarah’s water purifying nanites to kill all the algae and microbes in the world’s oceans of the world thus wiping out 70% of earths oxygen recycling ability, as well as THE base food supply for all ocean life therefore wiping out all life on earth.

XP and Rewards

Twister and Psi-Kick are both over the 40XP level and receive 2XP each.
Crimson Lake, Street Angel and Hardcore each receive 4XP each.


Street Angel won MVP and receives 1 additional XP



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