Former member of PEACE with powerful regenerative abilities


Lazarus is an enigmatic mutant of indeterminate age. He first became prominent when he was recruited into the organization PEACE by Nigel Fairchild in 1983 in an effort to rescue the teenagers in his organization who were captured by the villainous Overlord. After successfully completing the mission Lazarus and the other recent recruits acted as a superhuman task force for the U.S. Government. The entire team was wiped out in a series of car bombings in Syria when investigating Aelaa Damagh (Supreme Brain). Lazarus, unknown to anyone at the time, survived the assault and has spent the past 30 odd years tracking down those responsible.

Lazarus has mutant regenerative abilities which can even bring him back from death. His healing factor dramatically slows the aging process so he may be nearly 200 years old even though he only looks to be in his late 20s or early 30s. His many years of experience have given him ample time to learn many fighting disciplines and perfect them.



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