Champions: The Mutant Chronicles

Blame It All On My Roots

Five Decades of Influences

Campaign Dates: July 1-3, 2017
Sessions: 5
GM: Tom

  • Session 1: Wed, Jul 12, 2017 – 1800 PST
  • Session 2: Wed, Jul 19, 2017 – 1800 PST
  • Session 3: Wed, Jul 26, 2017 – 1800 PST
  • Session 4: Wed, Aug 2, 2017 – 1800 PST
  • Session 5: Wed, Aug 9, 2017 – 1800 PST

PC’s Involved:
Agent Storm
Amber (Missed Session 2)
Psi-Kick (Missed Sessions 1 & 2)
TK Kid (Missed Sessions 1, 2, & 3)

Notable NPCs:
David Brody
Deputy Robert “Bobby” Turlsom
Dr. Albert Jackson (aka Black Thunder)
Dr. Wraithe of The Protectors
Lt. General Leland Montague
Peter “Ol’ Pete” Gottman (Twister’s Grandfather)
Sheriff John Lewis
Silver Avenger Frank Hartigan
Silver Avenger Robert Webster
Special Agent in Charge Terrance Fisher
Victory Girl

Amok (aka Warren)
DEMON Agents (Brothers, Devil Dog, Evil Eye, Initiates, & Morbanes)
Genocide Agents (Brick Busters, Dampeners, Eradicators, Swatters, & Trackers)

Session 1 – Narrative:
So, Webster is planting a new super in the midst of the Hollywood Knights, tomorrow, for them to take under their wings. Amber will love this! At least Webster didn’t blind-side me on it. I don’t agree with keeping the Knights in the dark, but I’ll say nothing, as ordered. Leaving a picture from the dossier in a place where it will be noted in the morning, however, is wide open … and should spark some interest.

[The next morning]

As expected, the reprobate found it first. Quite the distraction, too, as it kept her busy enough that she forgot to siphon away all of the coffee; clearly I need to add ‘attention deficit’ to her profile. Today’s meeting ought to be interesting since Twister’s on vacation and Psi-Kick is mentally indisposed — which means … Hardcore … is in charge. Well, at least he makes reasonably sound decisions, unlike Little Miss Trouble. Why the hell is he staring at me like that?

“I know what you’re thinking,” Storm say to Hardcore. That got his attention…

“You do?” Hardcore asks, after which Storm proceeds to tell Hardcore exactly what is on Hardcore’s mind, followed by a smug, “How am I doing?”

A quiet, private conversation between Hardcore and Storm ensues on the topic of Storm’s mental abilities, their inobvious nature, and the fact that Storm has been secretly using them to assist the Hollywood Knights all along. Something in Hardcore’s demeanor toward Storm changes.

Hours later, a quick dispatch to PRIMUS HQ to advise of inbound transport, and Hardcore, Amber, and Storm arrive for their scheduled meeting with Webster — which is stupidly brief because of a super mess downtown. A 12 foot tall homeless man named Amok is apparently yelling and violently throwing cars all over the place. Victory Girl and AMorph are already on site but need assistance, so the Knights will get to see their new flunky first-hand. Storm straightens his tie — just another day at the office.

Teleporting to the scene, Storm observes that Amok’s mind is a steel trap that’s clamped shut in single-minded fashion. Attacks only seem to make him stronger, so Storm blinds him while Amber works with the on-site PRIMUS agents to get innocents off a bus and out of harm’s way. Meanwhile, Hardcore, Victory Girl, and AMorph work together to repeatedly hold and subdue Amok. A huge pothole, a broken bus, and a shockwave later, the massive homeless man shrinks down to an emaciated version of himself in a confused daze. Agent Storm introduces himself and convinces him to accompany the PRIMUS agents to Stronghold where he’ll be fed, provided a place to clean up, and clothed. The man, whose name is Warren, agrees.

Twister and Dana arrive at his grandparents’ house in Thomaston, Georgia to find police tending to a home invasion. A blast that left a sticky residue appears to have gone off in the dining room, and Twister’s grandfather, Pete, is being tended to by EMTs. Three man-size impressions can be seen in the drywall of the dining room, and a cuckoo clock that was knocked from the wall reads: 10:34.

Deputy Bob finds a Galaxy S7 and suggests to the Sheriff that it be sent to the lab. Twister and Dana accompany Twister’s grandfather to the ER.

Session 2 – Narrative:
Eventually, after Pete is stabilized, a hospital room is assigned. Twister and Dana camp out in the room to provide support and after what seems like an eternity, Pete fights for breath and says, “Hey boy, they took your Gram. There is some stuff you should know about your Grandma. Check the gun safe in the barn by my workbench, combination is your birthday. Dunno who they were but they had some pretty crazy ordinance and a patch with a white king, like from chess. Don’t do anything crazy just get the information to the law.” Hey, boy. They took your gram. There’s some stuff you should know about her … in the gun safe … combination’s your birthday.” And with that, he was out, again.

Leaving Dana to attend to his grandfather, Twister returned to his grandparents’ house, located the gun safe in the barn, opened it, and discovered a full-size M1911, a Smith & Wesson Model 19 .357 Revolver, a Remington 700 bolt action 30-06 with a brand new Bushnell Trophy Xtreme scope, a Colt M-16, a Winchester Model 101 12 gauge over-under, the Marlin Model 60 .22lr that Zeke learned to shoot with, several neatly labeled ammo containing an estimated 8,000 rounds, and an accordion file labeled simply ‘NAM’. Within the file were photos of a young Pete with members of the Freedom Squad (Mr. Motion, Captain Stalwart, Major Flagg) as well as some independant heroes like Wind Dancer, Lynx, Black Thunder, Rocket Man, and Lady Wonder.

Twister calls Bob and Silver Avenger Webster and tells both that his grandmother is Wind Dancer, that she’s missing, and that he’s looking for assistance. Bob indicates his only lead is the burner phone and that it’s still being worked, while Webster suggests working through military channels to learn more about Wind Dancer’s past … and then reminds Twister that Agent Storm is a retired full bird Colonel.

Twister then calls The Keep and informs the Knights of what has happened, after which he proceeds to search the house for things the local police might have missed. With Psi-Kick still mentally indisposed and Amber MIA after scrapping with Amok a day earlier, Hardcore and Storm board the skycruiser with AMorph in tow, and make a beeline for Georgia. While in route, Storm assembles a quick mental profile of the known facts surrounding Wind Dancer, old Pete, and the individuals in the photo, best summarized as:

  • Captain Stalwart – recently deceased (killed by a supervillain called Carcass)
  • Major Flagg – Deceased (KIA – Operation Desert Storm) by Saddam Hussein’s military arm
  • Wind Dancer – Only active during Nam and never made domestic appearances (wartime superheroine – quit after Tet offensive
  • Lynx – MIA
  • Black Thunder (Dr. Albert Jackson) – Became a black rights activist
  • Rocketman – Deceased (KIA – Battle of Detroit)
  • Lady Wonder – Not seen in 3 decades
  • Mr. Motion – Deceased (KIA – by Carcass during Hollywood Knights activities)
  • SHOC – Super Human Operations Contingent
  • SAG – US Army Security Agency Group – department which coordinated and escorted superhuman assets during the Vietnam War. Now called the ASA. If anyone has knowledge of SAG activities during the era where Wind Dancer was active, it would be Lt. General Leland Montague (Ret.), as he was active from 1960 to 2009.

A quick call by Storm to Dr. Albert Jackson (aka Black Thunder) yielded no leads. A follow-up call to General Montague urgently requesting a visit resulted in a call-back an invitation to meet at his ranch in Texas. Storm, Hardcore, and AMorph diverted to the ranch and, after being verified by General Motague, were rewarded with a full set of date-organized SAG records on a thumb drive.

Twister’s search turns up a ring-bound phone/address book that isn’t in its proper place. It contains names/addresses kept by his grandparents, and he observes that no pages seem to be missing. Hardcore, Agent Storm, and AMorph arrive on site and share what they’ve learned. Twister shows the book to Storm, who quickly reads it and notes that a different number for Dr. Albert Jackson (Black Thunder) than the one they used … is in the book. AMorph sniffs the pages and requests permission to remove the white-out from one entry; Twister agrees.

Deputy Bob calls back and informs Twister that the burner phone has only one text and nothing else. The text lists Twister’s grandma and her address … and also lists the following: David Brody, Decatur, GA. A quick Google on a smartphone reveals that David Brody is a kid who is uncannily good at sports — so good that he’s become a local celebrity in the paper due to his winning streak.

The team locates Brody’s house using some cross-references, flies there, sets down nearby, and learns from the baby sitter watching his sister that neither David nor his parents are home; they are, instead, at an award ceremony taking place at the school. The group packs up, again, heads for the school, does a single fly-over, and observes that there are armed men on the rooftop of the school.

AMorph becomes a dragonfly and exits the vehicle to fly into the school and do some recon. He observes there is an out-of-place, empty UPS vehicle that is clearly an urban troop transport — suggesting a squad is on-site. Storm radios PRIMUS indicating the currently known state of things at the school and requesting covert backup on site.

Session 3 – Narrative:
The skycruiser’s teleportal shimmers and Psi-Kick appears. Another shimmer takes places as Amber materializes. Storm provides a sit-rep and Amber notes the rooftop sentries have spotted the skycruiser. Hardcore zips away to a field approximately 5 miles away and lands, after which Twister flies the team back to the school…. except, of course, Amber, who runs … because she just has to be difficult, like that.

Combat ensues when one of the rooftop Genocide agents spots Twister and attacks. Despite being outnumbered and outgunned by some absolutely amazing technology produced by TechnoSmith… the fight is over almost as quickly as it begins, and the Hollywood Knights manage to preclude David Brody’s abduction. Psi-Kick’s telepathy reveals that an abandoned warehouse (Lewis’ Auto Parts ) in Atlanta is where Wind Dancer was dropped off … and where David Brody was to be delivered … and that this effort by Genocide was a paid engagement … funded by Devos, a DEMON cell.

Session 4 – Narrative:
“Aggregate and catalog all of their gear in the van in which they arrived, but do NOT remove any of it from the scene,” Agent Storm barks at the PRIMUS field team as it arrives to mop up the scene at the school. “We may yet have need of it. All of it – so lock them up in PRIMUS-provided smocks. And keep the media off the scene until after I’ve given an all-clear — including aerial coverage.” Before any of them can protest about freedom of the press, he adds, “Cite the usual safety and national security reasons. We have an opportunity here to leverage the media for some disinformation, and we need that option on the table or we may lose a life … and one of our heroes from Vietnam.” Special Agent in Charge Terrance Fisher, being relatively new to his position, acquiesces to Storm’s orders given both his presence and persuasiveness, even though Fisher technically outranks Storm. It is 4:35pm.

As the Genocide agents are stripped of their gear and processed, Agent Storm delves into the minds of each and determines that the trackers are the leaders (first and second in command). Probing both deeply with Thought Transference while performing the usual field questioning to bring deep thoughts to the surface, Storm learns their names, ranks, meeting and resupply locations, and orders, which entail delivering David Brody to an abandoned Lewis’ Auto Parts warehouse at 2556 S. Sunset Ave. by 6pm … alive.

With this information Storm hatches a plan entailing the Hollywood Knights wearing the Genocide agents’ equipment … with AMorph in their ‘custody’ posing as young David Brody … while the Brody family is safely under PRIMUS protection … and the media reports an abduction. Immediately following a briefing wherein he shares what he’s learned with the Hollywood Knights and one Silver Avenger Frank Hartigan, Storm proposes his plan to the Knights. “Why beat down the doors of an abandoned warehouse when we can drive right in wearing helmets and body armor … and deliver the expected package?”

The Knights, having no better option, agree that Storm’s plan will do, and by 5pm the team is suited up, in the Genocide agents’ van, and on its way to the abandoned warehouse. They arrive at the warehouse with 5 minutes to spare, and Hardcore pulls the van to the back of the warehouse and backs it up to the right-most loading dock. No sooner than the engine is cut than the roll-up door at the loading dock opens, and someone from within mutters, “Well, at least you’re punctual.”

The team shoves AMorph (posing as David Brody) forward, and he makes a good show of resisting and being frightened while one of the people within the warehouse mutters something and gestures at the boy. Seconds later, a cry emanates from within the warehouse, “We’ve been duped!” and the individual slams AMorph with some sort of spell. The gig being up, Psi-Kick, Amber, Hardcore, and Twister spring into action, with all but the last of these piling into the warehouse.

Amber, noting a pentagram on floor and an altar in the center of it to which Wind Dancer is chained, defiles the pentagram, drawing the ire of the DEMON agents. Most of the DEMON initiates and brothers attack, the Eldritch Blasts from their wands crisscrossing the warehouse in a hail of spell-driven, laser-like fire. Those who don’t have a clear shot move in for a better one. Storm waits for an opening and darts into the center of the warehouse, dropping a Mental Paralysis that freezes all but 3 of the Knights’ opposition in their tracks while AMorph shapeshifts into a demonic, insect-like creature proceeds to break the chains confining Wind Dancer’s unconscious body to the alter on which it rests. This draws the ire of one unparalyzed Devil Dog, who runs up to AMorph and hammers him so hard that he is momentarily KO’d.

Outside, a telekinetic force shoves the van away from the loading dock as if it were a Tonka Truck, taking Twister with it. Amber immediately grabs Wind Dancer’s body and bolts from the warehouse, radioing PRIMUS for a pickup once she’s far enough away to feel safe to do so. Storm rapidly exits the warehouse, as well, in order to create an opening for Twister to use his area wind powers. The Knights then proceed to pick off the DEMON agents, most of which offer no resistance due to the Mental Paralysis. A lone, unaffected DEMON Brother drops his wand and surrenders without a fight…

Session 5 – Narrative:
While waiting on PRIMUS to both show up and mop up, Hardcore confronts the individual who shoved the van out of the way — a boyish figure dressed in a raggedy, homemade costume. He demands of the kid, “Who the hell are you?!” as he’s about to attack, but Tweaker stops him, indicating that she brought the kid and he is their cousin, Jeremy Harding. She notices Agent Storm removing a Genocide uniform and inquires as to why the team is wearing them. Without waiting for an answer, she immediately changes the topic by noting aloud that there is a body camera sending a signal back to Genocide.

Raggedy Andy surmises that the camera signal can be traced back to Genocide, but before anyone can investigate further, two of the still-conscious DEMON agents break loose from their holds. Both Morebanes, gesturing and incanting, cause a portal to appear and then dive through it, tossing two figurines on the ground as they disappear. AMorph attempts to follow but isn’t quick enough to make it to the portal before it closes.

The team suddenly finds itself confronted by two large, troll-like creatures where the figurines came to rest. Each smells horrible and wields a massive club. Without hesitation, Psi-Kick and Hardcore attack one of the trolls while Twister fires a Pneumatic Lance at the other. All three immediately note the unusual toughness of their targets as the trolls retaliate in unison against the closest Knight, Hardcore. AMorph blocks one of the trolls’ clubs while Agent Storm blinds the other troll mid-swing. The latter grunts out, “Can’t see!” as it misses Hardcore, scoring a home run with the Evil Eye — piling her into a wall. The new kid on the block unexpectedly lets forth a pair of telekinetic punches that both land on the blinded troll, sending it careening through a wall and into the next room. It doesn’t get up.

Psi-Kick switches to the blunt end of her weapon, striking the remaining troll solidly three times while Twister rips into it with another Pneumatic Lance and Hardcore lands another hook kick. The combination is devastating enough to drop the remaining troll into unconsciousness.

Twister quickly turns his attention back to the crime scene and finds some official-looking papers which he asks Storm to read and summarize. They turn out to be financial in nature and suggest that the warehouse is presently abandoned due to a long-term mismanagement of funds that ultimately resulted in bankruptcy.

While delivering the financial info to the Knights, Agent Storm nonchalantly picks up and pockets the surrendered Brother’s wand, questioning him immediately after finishing his summary report. The Brother offers no resistance and informs the team that the warehouse was chosen because it is on unholy ground — land Tweaker reveals was once home to a slaughter house. Storm continues his inquiry while casually traversing the warehouse to the altar, unwrapping the fingers of a DEMON Initiate from around the dagger that was nearly used to kill Wind Dancer, wrapping it up in the financial papers, and pocketing it. The surrendered Brother, watching this, indicates that the Knights know not the power that they wield, after which his brooch glows and then consumes him in a ball of green fire.

Concerned that there might be another escape by the remaining DEMON agents, the underoo-wearing boy who introduced himself as ‘TK’ wraps the still-frozen agents in some sort of telekinetic chains and holds them until PRIMUS finally arrives. As the PRIMUS investigative and processing teams fan out to do their work, Silver Avenger Frank Hartigan again makes an ass of himself ordering Storm and the Knights around, almost as if he’s overcompensating in order to mask or hide something. However, upon Storm’s introduction of Twister as the leader of the Hollywood Knights, Hartigan’s demeanor softens and becomes almost acquiescent, much like most women behave when they meet Twister.

Hartigan, of course, demands a debrief, so Storm provides a ~2 minute sitrep on behalf of the Knights that appears to satisfy him. The Silver Avenger then barks, “Get the hell off my crime scene! And leave that gear!!” to the Knights, receives a crisp “Yes, sir.” from Storm, and the Knights remove the Genocide uniforms in compliance, as ordered, and depart. Twister ferries the team to the skycruiser — except for Amber, who insists on getting there on her own. Once arrived, they board, and Tweaker checks to make sure there are no audio or video transmissions from within. The Knights’ privacy confirmed, Storm removes the wand, dagger, and papers from his inner suit pockets, places them on the floor of the skycruiser, and tells the team that the objects might be useful for further investigation and that, absent any volunteers, Twister will be their new steward, as a) he is the leader of the team and b) it was his grandmother’s life that was almost taken by the dagger. No one volunteers…

The Knights then fly to Twister’s grandparents’ house where most of them await Mrs. Gottman’s return. Twister and Psi-Kick visit Mrs. Gottman at the Atlanta PRIMUS HQ where they find her tightlipped and awaiting debrief. They return to the farm house shortly thereafter, and Mrs. Gottman shows up a few days later – glad to be home, thankful for the Knights’ help, and as hospitable as one would expect a well-mannered southern woman of her generation to be. Zeke has a heartfelt discussion with his grandmother, and a bit later the same day, the whole team enjoys a rare, homecooked meal — even Raggedy Andy.

Soon after, the Knights fly back to L.A., saying little more to one another about the exhausting ordeal. Upon arrival they pay Dr. Wraithe of The Protectors a visit, show him the wand and the dagger, and ask a pile of questions about DEMON. In doing so, they learn that the genes that give mutants their powers are generally dominant, but can also be recessive … and that DEMON is considered to wield real/actual magic – although one man’s magic is always another man’s science. Interestingly, the magic in question is apparently based on the premise that mutants carry powers that are descended directly from ancient gods … and that they pass these powers on generationally via their blood lines.

Dr. Wraithe also speculates that with the proper ritual, the horned dagger may be able to release magical energy contained within one mutant in a way that allows it to be be transferred to another individual. i.e. The genetic material possessed of magical abiliaties moves from one corporeal body to another … but the original mind and body remain otherwise unaffected by the transfer. More than likely, this was what the DEMON Morebanes had planned for Wind Dancer and David Brody.

Psi-Kick shudders at this last bit of information, recognizing that her abilities stem from a long and unbroken line of Osbournes who had abilities similar to her own. At the same time, Storm takes an unusually long look at the Harding family standing before him, each of which have their own gifts. And then there is Wind Dancer and Twister’s common connection which was just revealed to all of the Knights. While not definitive, the anecdotal evidence all around the Knights suggests to each that all are DEMON targets … and that no mutant is safe.

Worse, the outstanding matter of the camera feed to Genocide, remains. What did it capture and who was learning from it? Presumably it transmitted both the school fight with the Genocide agents as well as the warehouse fight with the DEMON agents – right up to th point where the Knights shed their Genocide uniforms per Hartigan’s order. If Genocide continues a for-profit bag and tag operation leveraging DEMON as a mutant disposal unit, the symbiotic relationship would make both organizations far more dangerous than either of them operating independently. And Genocide just gained a pile of useful information about the Knights – especially the Hardings.


XP and Rewards

Agent Storm receives 5 XP
Amber receives 3 XP
AMorph receives 10 XP
Hardcore receives 5 XP
Psi-Kick receives 3 XP
TK Kid receives 4 XP
Twister receives 5 XP

Surrealone receives 5 GMXP for the Adventure Log


Amber is voted MVP receiving 1 additional XP.


966deadman surrealone

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